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You’re Not an Employee, You’re an Owner

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I used to work at a gym during college as an intern which eventually turned into a full-time personal training job during grad school. 651 mots de plus



20 Days, 60 Follows, 500 Post Likes, 1,000 Hits…my little milestones…

It’s been 20 days since I started writing on poetry grief. This was born out of my personal loss that I am still trying to navigate through. 465 mots de plus

FEBRUARY 22nd 2017

Today is the day
Day you were to be born
Born to my waiting arms
Arms that cradled you in my belly
Belly that is shrinking… 272 mots de plus


I have lost myself in grief
Grief that has astounded my mind
Caused my soul to perish in disbelief
All known associations of reality
Shattered in the abys of grievous emotions… 135 mots de plus

Reynolds the little cowboy bear

This little cowboy bear came to me with « Pony in Pajamas; » I won them both in a raffle at the Browncoat Ball in Charlotte, NC in 2010. 82 mots de plus

Teddy Bears


I look at this photograph
That is you baby
Inside mummy’s tummy
Four months and growing
My hand could already feel you
Gently dancing in excitement… 192 mots de plus

Free Agent

For the past several years, I’ve worked hard to become a brand ambassador or part of a team in someway. I just wanted to belong somewhere, and being attached to a brand name gave me a sense of belonging. 1 301 mots de plus