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Nathan Kilby, 31, Lauren Rickabaugh, 31, Killed in Motorcycle at Colebrook and Donegal Springs Roads

Lancaster Man and Holtwood Woman Killed in Lancaster County Collision East Donegal Township, Pennsylvania (January 22, 2018) – A motorcycle collision Saturday evening in East Donegal Township, Lancaster County claimed two lives, according to a police report. 38 mots de plus

Nathan Guel Facts

He’s once played in a Dallas chess tournament.

Nathan has a Flickr page.

He also has a Pinterest page.

You can find a lot of interesting things about him.

Nathan Guel

Nathan Kilby and Lauren Rickabaugh Killed in Motorcycle Crash on Colebrook Road in Donegal Township

Man and Woman Killed in Donegal Township Crash on Colebrook Road Donegal Township, Pennsylvania (January 21, 2018) – A man and a woman were killed when the motorcycle they were riding on collided with a pickup truck on Saturday evening in East Donegal Township. 32 mots de plus


I britannici ridussero propositatamente alla fame gli egiziani, al fine di rompere la loro economia e prendere il controllo del Canale appena costruito e finanziato dai Rothschild. 580 mots de plus

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Avalanche Review Game 44: Avs 5, Sharks 3, N8 MacKwinnin

It’s MacKinnon’s rink, everyone else is just skating in it. As MacKinnon ascends to hockey godhood, his church hierarchy begins to flesh itself out.

Colorado Avalanche

SMRT board 'has confidence' in management team


SINGAPORE: SMRT said on Friday (Jan 19) that its board has confidence in the company’s management team and the ongoing efforts to enhance management, operational and maintenance capabilities. 208 mots de plus

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Skinwalkers, I

Nathan’s watch beeped a warning chirp of impending tardiness; a friendly, authoritative sound. Frowning, he glanced down at its innocent display. He smoothed errant arm wrinkles near the expensive band, and returned to his mirror-task. 346 mots de plus

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