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Into the Wild (Sri Lanka)

Actually, the german tv programm is tortuering us with the tv show jungle camp and a lot of c, d, and maybe also z celebrities (peoples we have never seen or even heard before and hopefully will never see or hear again). 32 mots de plus


Previously - New Zealand

Just some of my memories, trying to catch and hold on to a glimpse of something that could be called perfection

After my studies and being stuck in Germany way too long I made my way to New Zealand with one of my best friends. 269 mots de plus


Gulls as kleptoparasites

Some time ago at Roath Park Lake I was intrigued to notice Black-headed gulls using Coots as their personal fishers, and I have since noticed this behaviour between the gulls and… 211 mots de plus


Taking a Tumble... Off A Mountain (A Trilogy: Ben Nevis Edition)

This is the story of when Mother Nature almost took a fancy to the girl who wanted to get ‘just the perfect shot’ of the tallest mountain in the British Isles. 1 045 mots de plus


Man in the Forest (Kids Poem)

A poem I wrote for my kids.

Deep in the forest,
Lives a man without a name.
He counts all the animals,
and loves them all the same. 113 mots de plus



Rain water collecting as puddles on the boards around a swimming pool (not mine) and reflecting the eucalyptus.


South Asia in one minute 

Asia is an entertainment, Europe is a dream, America is an imprisonment and Rest is a nightmare. Santosh Kalwar