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A new question in the New Forest

The tree stands on its own,

branches high and wide,

with a broad twisted trunk

slightly leaning to the side.

The tree has no friends around, 135 mots de plus


Air apparent

Air apparent. Photo of forest through forest, Volcán Barú National Park near Cerro Punta, Panamá.

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© Harry Hull III and Mandalagraphs.com, 2017. 59 mots de plus


Spring has sprung so keep young!

I just enjoy saying and thinking it. After a seemingly endless winter its here … I swear it this time!

A quick 5 miler but done at a quicker pace – Nobody shout at me I’m doing this properly and keeping an eye on impact stress – its all about quick and light feet not overstriding and causing a braking effect. 117 mots de plus


Spring forward

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here, the clocks have gone forward an hour and we have been blessed with sunshine all weekend. Yesterday I could hear the humming of lawnmowers for the first time in months, the smell of freshly cut grass filling the air.   91 mots de plus



Four years.

You would have freckles,

A small button nose

and tiny teeth-

that scare me a little.

You would cry

when I said no to treats. 54 mots de plus

Creative Writing

16 snapshots - March '17

My destiny is not yet to settle down and as life takes me to unexpected places, I look at things around me with endless curiosity. There is so much beauty to be found in this world. 110 mots de plus

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Dealing with anger and hate

It is such a beautiful morning here in the UK. It was like this yesterday as well and I have always hoped that days like this make people feel happy and balanced. 366 mots de plus