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Cherry Blossoms at High Park

Everyone in Toronto lives a fast life. That’s why I was caught off-guard by the amount of people taking a slow stroll through High Park mid-day today. 513 mots de plus


Schumann Resonance by Lisa Renee

All living organisms interact and interconnect with electromagnetic waves, and all of the earth’s inhabitants, have the memory of the original earth based DNA, which is resonant to the low frequency waves, known as the Schumann Resonances, in the earth’s atmosphere. 1 949 mots de plus


Hope Is The Essence

Painting displays hope as the essence.


Go Outside! (Reasons Why and Ideas for What to do While You're Outdoors)

OT Mom says, “Let’s go outside!”

Dr. Dad says, “Let’s go outside!”

Finally, something we can agree on. When it comes to spending time outdoors, we are completely on the same page.

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Occupational Therapy

Caught between Spring and Summer

I’ve been so busy over the winter time here sowing seeds of all types. I wanted to get ahead of the short growing season we have here in the north. 898 mots de plus


Destination: Zakopane, Poland


After a somber, but very educational day trip to Auschwitz the day prior, I took a *lighter* day trip to Zakopane the morning after from Krakow. 832 mots de plus