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Instagram Styled Pictures

Hello everybody!

As promised, Im back with another Photography post.

Having an ‘Instagram Styled’ profile is what everyone aims to achieve these days. To my dismay, mine isn’t really one (as much as I’d want it to be). 234 mots de plus


Malham Cove

Excerpt from a work in progress travel book, detailing adventures across England. Here I describe the first part of a visit to Malham in the Yorkshire Dales during the Easter holiday break. 909 mots de plus


Soul Nourishing

I’ve wanted to swim in the river for so long, but been too anxious to go off by myself and do it, so when I spotted a post on social media, I jumped at the opportunity.   48 mots de plus

Out earth

We were not given this earth to plunder,

This natural beautiful place of wonder,

We were put here to nourish and cherish it,

Not to exploit and pollute it and put it at risk.