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Thoughts on a Walk

when i take walks i think about what i’ll make for dinner and what i forgot to do this afternoon and why she made that off-handed comment and why do people insist that green grass is better than grass with wild clover and when did the clematis get so big and where did the egret go and why is the pup limping slightly and what time will i leave on thursday morning and what in the world will i make for dinner today…

Parallel universe

Parallel universe. iPhone 6 photo of cloud layer at sunrise from high altitude in a commercial airliner.

If viewing this in an email, click on the image to open it at higher resolution in your browser. 73 mots de plus

Full Bloom

on innocence
brief tender days


Today's Photo: The Rower

I was originally going to call this photo ‘Every Day Is Different’ but I decided to focus a little on the rower to the right instead. 110 mots de plus


Fine balance - ant and bottlebrush

Taken on the last morning in Malshej when I woke up earlier than usual and decided to go out . This ant on a bottle brush left me in awe. 18 mots de plus