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Benefits Of Working With Schlage NDE Locks | Silver Eagle Locksmith Henderson

Locks might all serve the same purpose of keeping the bad guys out but that does not in any way mean that they are all the same. 26 mots de plus

Features Of The Schlage NDE Lock | Silver Eagle Locksmith

10 Amazing Features Of The Schlage NDE Wireless Locks
In the security industry, locks are pretty much the first line of defense in any home or commercial building. 26 mots de plus

Actual Death Experience - "Teach Me Your Magic!"

In the Spirit I rose up out of my physical body, and became of the Afterlife.  I hovered in mid-air and beneath me I could see my lifeless physical body lying upon my bed.  564 mots de plus


The Great Force

A reflection from 2015 on the great force within and the power it has to shape all reality.

The Great Force

The force arises,
As if from nowhere. 328 mots de plus

R.J. Hudson

2,500 Years in the Spirit World in 8 Minutes

A young man had an asthma attack at 9:15 pm, at 9:23 pm the attack had passed, but only after he had spent 2,500 years in the spirit world. 24 mots de plus


Premature Death

We hear of premature birth but rarely of premature death.

What happens when someone dies prematurely?

Some remain in the afterlife and some are sent back. 545 mots de plus


Where Christianity went wrong?

During the last decades, the phenomenon of near-death experience (NDE) has become widely known all around the world. However, there are documented testimonies about NDE already in ancient Greece. 1 164 mots de plus