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Part 3; Sick Like You Wouldn't Believe !

There comes a time when the ‘doctor is in’ but not as the doctor; instead — as the patient.  In the early morning hours of Nov. 1 659 mots de plus

Want to Know What is Spiritism and What it can do for you?

An introduction to Spiritism. What you should know about the beginnings and the doctrine of Spiritism before you decide to become a Spiritist. Next, determine what Spiritism means to you and how it can help you survive your trials, the rough parts and the good ones. 29 mots de plus


Other Death Experience – Nicola and the son of her friend

This is a most unusual story of a friend of a woman who was pregnant, had a baby boy and the recollections of the boy just before his birth. 35 mots de plus


Aplikasi untuk infrstuktur pengolahan data & Studi Kasus

Action analisis meliputi aplikasi (apps) yang menggunakan pemikiran desain, disiplin user interface, dan alur kerja strategis untuk meningkatkan analisis wawasan mudah untuk mengkonsumsi, menarik, dan format sangat bermanfaat untuk membantu administrator, penasehat, fakultas, dan bahkan siswa berinteraksi dengan data ini untuk membantu memahami resiko dan keberhasilan faktor, target dan uji intervensi, dan pilihan panduan, penjangkauan, dan aktivitas. 684 mots de plus


Can You Heal Yourself? – A Radical Way of Healing in the New Year 2017

Can you actually heal yourself just by using your MIND?

Does it sound “unscientific” and almost “charlatan” (some people call it “wooh-wooh” or “mumbo-jumbo”) to think and believe that one can “heal oneself” just by using your MIND? 1 637 mots de plus


Become a Certified Tester by Getting Trained in Dye Penetrant Testing at TXNDT Academy

NDT or Non Destructive Testing is broadly applied in several industries to verify the reliability of materials devoid of any damage to the testing material. In this process, it is assured that the product on which… 450 mots de plus


3D-Immersive Therapeutic Art Gallery For Emotional Healing - Proposal


#Immersive Colour Experience (in relationship with) #Technology and #Feelings

#Therapeutic Art #LEDscreen #ColorDesign #Projections #Color Psychology #Color TimeBased Immersive Experience  #VisualArt #Huamnity #Infinity mirror  2 227 mots de plus