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Healing the Eye of the Soul

The blind beggar on the road to Jericho did not let Christ Jesus pass by. He cried out and cried out louder. Jesus stops and the life-changing meeting occurs. 480 mots de plus

The Implications of Natalie Sudman's Unusual Near-Death Experience in Iraq

Although every near-death experience is unique and profound, Natalie Sudman’s NDE after hitting a road-side bomb in Iraq was radically different from most. Natalie didn’t go through a tunnel, talk to God or see the beautiful vistas of heaven.  3 720 mots de plus

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I'm Dying

So many signs:

  • the cats
  • the crows
  • the owl
  • the clock
  • the near-death experience
  • my friend who died in his sleep
  • little pin pains in my heart…
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Healed by Angels... Part 2

AngelicView: The beginnings of Tricia Barker’s NDE (on AngelicView titled, « Healed by Angels – Through Surgeons« ) was amazing in itself. However, as many of you noticed, it ended in a cliff-hanger! 265 mots de plus

Human Evolution


The last thing I heard her say was « Pensez à quelque chose d’agréable » (« Think of something pleasant »).  Then she slipped me the Mickey Finn.   327 mots de plus


First published Mon Dec 26, 2005; substantive revision Thu Dec 18, 2014

Parapsychology and Near Death Experiences:

During the heyday of logical positivism in the twentieth century, it is interesting that while Moritz Schlick proposed that its demands for empirical verification would render propositions about God as meaningless, it would not rule out as meaningless propositions about life after death so long as they involved subjects having experiences.

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37 Seconds by Stephanie Arnold

I like reading books about near death experiences and examinations of consciousness.  So far, I’ve read twenty one books by folks from different religions and parts of the world about their NDE (near death experience) and what they’ve brought back with them to their normal, every day lives.   403 mots de plus

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