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Nine Lives...Nine Days, Day One

On March 1, 2017, my life changed.

I would like to say that my life changed because Ed McMahon came back from the grave and awarded me that big Publisher’s Clearing House check, with the balloons…and that I answered the door in my robe, with makeup perfectly done, squealing with excitement! 869 mots de plus


Mad at the World - A Trip to Hell and Back

David was an angry young man. He was mad at God because he was gay and a multitude of other reasons. He had lived in Hawaii, but was now stateside in the East Bay area of California. 36 mots de plus


My Lucid Death

So today I am sharing probably one of the most pivotal points of transformation that occurred throughout any state of consciousness I have experienced thus far: My Lucid Death. 872 mots de plus

Lucid Dreaming

Famous Cardiac Surgeon’s Stories of Near Death Experiences in Surgery

Dr. Lloyd Rudy, a pioneer of cardiac surgery, tells stories of two patients who came back to life after being declared dead.


The NDE of Ronnie - The boy who was ran over by a car

Ronnie was a young boy when his NDE occurred. Ordinarily, his accident would barely receive two paragraphs in the local paper. All of his neighbors would know of the tragedy which either killed or maimed the boy for life. 53 mots de plus


A Walk-in Experience

Walk-ins are experiences where a new soul walks in your body. This new soul is normally a more experienced soul, more able to succeed in whatever mission you have set prior to your current incarnation. 572 mots de plus

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