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Let's Talk!!! Living Beyond Death with HMi Radio

Let’s Talk!!! Living Beyond Death

After attending a Sister/friend’s private screening for an upcoming film called, » Back From The Light, » I’ve decided to extend the conversation to the many that have had an NDE (Near Death Experience ). 120 mots de plus


Remember to read about our Spiritist interpretation of NDE Stories

There are many NDE (near death experiences) stories around the internet. I thought it may be useful for people if I took some of the more interesting recollections and provided what they mean seen through the context of the Spiritist Doctrine. 19 mots de plus


B's NDE and the Trip Around the Universe

B had a NDE or a near NDE experience. He had been praying for guidance. He had a date to be baptized and he wanted to make sure he was making the correct decision. 16 mots de plus


The Body, Our Vehicle

Current medical wisdom treats the body as if it were a robot, which follows a mechanistic, material view of health and wellness that fails to take into account much of the more modern view taken by not only holistic practitioners but also, increasingly fringe scientists who take a more complex view of the reality of man. 429 mots de plus

I understand, and I accept, thank you.

When you hit rock bottom, (whatever that may be for each of us personally), there really is no where else to go but up.

Now don’t mistake me, even though the firefly has attracted a few friends, and the living light is just a tiny bit brighter and easier to detect, that doesn’t mean we go from the lowest vibration to the highest vibration over night. 960 mots de plus

The NDE of Hannah Robinson- Her Karma and Subsequent Trials Explored

Hannah Robinson experienced just the first few stages of a Near Death Experience (NDE), one of detachment from her body and a feeling of complete peace and love. 20 mots de plus


Finding the Beauty

During my Near Death Experience I learned that, I can see the beauty of God so easily in others all around me but it is much more difficult to see God’s beauty in myself. 307 mots de plus