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The Probable NDE of Sara A

Sara A is an interesting case. She hit her head, after overdosing on different types of medications and woke up a changed woman. She remembered, via lucid dreams what she experienced while she was unconscious, but she didn’t have the usual all in NDE white light type of experience. 13 mots de plus


"We are All Afraid, and it's ALL OKAY"

AngelicView: I ran across this amazing NDE today in a public Facebook Group, and got permission from the experiencer to share here. The message that this woman has… and what she learned during her NDE is one that could be very inspirational to every one of us living this life here on Earth.  3 041 mots de plus

Human Evolution

A Child’s NDE – A Date with Destiny

A five-year-old child drifted off in a coma and journeyed to the spirit world. Years later the little girl grew up and wrote about her episode. 13 mots de plus


Second Chances for Life 

I woke up to the sound of a little girl calling for me and then hiding when I went into her room. Her giggles made me giggle. 479 mots de plus

Letting Go

Quick Thought - The OA

Netflix has been doing an amazing job at smashing out Original series lately, all of them seem to be huge successes. But there’s so many, it’s hard to know what to watch! 506 mots de plus


Get Trained in Non-Destructive Testing Courses and Know the Intricacies of What is NDT

You may be au fait with non-destructive testing which in short is NDT and are fascinated in promoting your training, or perhaps you have learned of… 432 mots de plus


Boost Your Career with Visual Inspection Training From TXNDT Academy

A visual inspection conducted with or even without visual aids is the unique and still very efficient technique of NDE. A lot of defects can be discovered by cautious direct visual inspection. 417 mots de plus