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Lawrence’s OBE and His Trip to the Universal Library

Lawrence, after reading about Jesus’ last night at the Garden of Gethsemane, spent hours trying to imagine how Jesus felt. The certainty of the upcoming crucifixion. 72 mots de plus


Lori's NDE; An Astrological Assessment

Lori’s Near Death experience was not as dramatic as some published stories but it seems to me to be more common in its nature.  Accidents bring trauma, trauma is not always deadly but it can cause upsets that the physical body and our consciousness have to react to, invoking a ‘crises level’ set of conditions.   505 mots de plus

Karma and Reincarnation Alone Can Save Humanity

LOOKING beyond our relatively short physical lives on Earth, Theosophy teaches that the soul and spirit alone are eternal.

Further, the perennial wisdom tradition declares we don’t just ‘have’ a soul, we are Souls. 1 186 mots de plus


Substance K, Baby

I crave that numbing sh*ts and all of that calming f*ck,

or maybe that euphoric state that uncontrollable manic,

that transpires you into some sort of sexual maniac. 394 mots de plus


Doorway To Paradise (2 IMAGES)

I’m not too sure if I will be able to answer any comments because of my breaking Heart.  Yet  I will do my best. Just in case my Mom is still viewing my Petals and for her pleasure, I will keep on posting at this time in my Life, even if it is difficult for me to do.   659 mots de plus


Lori's Own Words . . .

The following are Lori’s own words describing the accident and her NDE.  This is a story that any of us could experience.  Following these words, I will again post her Advanced chart for the date of her accident so that we may ‘see’ her life within her chart. 450 mots de plus

Our Spirit Assistants

(Re-blogged from 2012)

AngelicView: I have been looking for this particular NDE to share with you. I remembered reading it a long time ago, and didn’t remember where to find it. 885 mots de plus
Human Evolution