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The NDE of Hannah Robinson- Her Karma and Subsequent Trials Explored

Hannah Robinson experienced just the first few stages of a Near Death Experience (NDE), one of detachment from her body and a feeling of complete peace and love. 20 mots de plus


The Implications of NDE Messages to People of Different Vocations in Life

Contrary to some skeptics’ assessments, the near death experiences carry profound spiritual messages to humanity that can transform the individual and the collective. 1 055 mots de plus

THE HITCH-HIKER, Part 4 (final episode)

Rose is sitting cross-legged on the grass in the middle of a field of wild-flowers. She is still in her pajamas, but the cut on her forehead has healed. 5 449 mots de plus


Tuck & Roll

I jumped out of a moving truck last night. I wish I could say it was for a good reason or because I’m into stunts, but the truth is, I did it as a pure reaction to PTSD. 1 521 mots de plus

Separation from the Body

Separation from the Body

(freely adapted from Ken Ring: Lessons from the Light pages 286-91)

. . . . . the next thing – I’m standing in this dark room… 415 mots de plus


O coordenador e o Projeto Pedagógico do Curso (PPC)

Neste texto abordaremos o papel do coordenador diante da gestão acadêmica do curso, seu projeto pedagógico e o desafio das relações envolvidas.

O papel do coordenador gestor (ou seria coordenador mediador?) 612 mots de plus

We / Mi

We have a saying in my country ‘You are alike the people you hang out with’. It’s more than just a saying. You absorb the emotions, behavior, perspective of other people. 2 342 mots de plus