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Vita: un’esperienza prossima della morte

Vita: un’esperienza prossima della morte

“Non perseguire il passato. Non perderti nel futuro. Il passato è la storia. Il futuro deve ancora arrivare. Guardando in profondità la vita così com’è nell’ hic et nunc, il praticante rimane incrollabile e libero nel cuore. 1 697 mots de plus


A Place of Total Harmonic Perfection

AngelicView: I found this Near-Death Experience today on the website near-death.com. If you are interested in the subject of NDE’s and you’ve never seen this website, I highly recommend a visit there. 1 583 mots de plus

Human Evolution

Revelations Bring Together Heaven, Earth

Published in Woonsocket Call on July 17, 2016

Approaching their twilight years, aging baby boomers might occasionally think about their impending mortality, even contemplating what happens after their last breath is taken, wondering what lies beyond the veil. 1 252 mots de plus


A Simple Tale

Two days ago I had a quick tale to tell. Now I have a simple tale about miracles and perspective. I am sharing this not only to inspire you , but to remind myself that all is well, somehow… 611 mots de plus


Sudden Death

A bad accident . . . a sudden transition.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this amazing photo virally making its way across the Internet, but here it is taken by a trucker’s passenger as he passed by an accident. 820 mots de plus


NDE's - What People Were Told

In reading about different NDE’s, it is interesting to read what people were told by the Spirits they encountered. Below are some of the stories. The general theme is that people are told to improve themselves. 34 mots de plus