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Wonderful Near Death Experience

I’m doing translating work for Near Death Experience Research Foundation and today I translated the most wonderful Near Death Experience (NDE). Here’s the original experience description for you from David. 908 mots de plus


Bronwen’s Two NDE’s and her discoveries

Bronwen experienced two distinct near death experiences (NDE), separated by approximately three months. The first was the result of a head injury and the second was a spontaneous occurrence at a New Year’s Eve party. 13 mots de plus


Found: The All-directing Omnipotent God, Source of Life and Matter

REPORTS  of mystical or psychic experiences, of communion with realities that transcend the mundane, cannot all be mistaken.

Even every organ and cell in the body demonstrates its own energetic (psyschic) biofield, Theosophy teaches, and if so must use that matrix to network continuously and wirelessly with all other cells and organs. 1 614 mots de plus

Psychology & Human Nature

NDE Cartoon

Here is a NDE cartoon, I thought you may enjoy:

This does show that NDEs are getting known throughout our culture.


Want to know the Other Side of the NDE Judgment Experience - Swedenborg has examples

Many people who have had NDE’s report that they are judged in their conduct here on earth. Experiences that are replayed to them in the smallest detail. 23 mots de plus


UNTIMELY DEPARTURE, an excellent 2015 NDE documentary, full version

« This documentary brings together cardiologists, neurologists, anaesthetist-ICU doctors, doctors, and psychologists. They tell their tales uninhibitedly, lifting the taboo of what turns out to be a goldmine of knowledge for science and Mankind. 45 mots de plus

Should we talk about Near Life Experience? (Home, Los Angeles)

Post written on « Here » from Alessia Cara (This week song obsession due to the Glory Box notes)

This week I got shook up by a speech I heard about seizing Life. 192 mots de plus