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William H's NDE - Interpreted by Spiritism

8/14/14 – William H had an NDE in 2003 and he found himself in surrounded by beings made of light, who could communicate by thought. What does this mean to us and how it should change your thinking is explained.

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My Life Purpose ... Playful as a Porpoise in the Sea

Today I’m feeling particularly grateful to be alive.

Having come as close to dying as I can remember getting … on Monday I walked away from being blindsided T-boned with just a bump on the noggin’, when the super-tank-sized white Bookmobile (of All things!) crashed into my driver’s door after I’d not seen it, somehow … I consider myself not only fortunate to be alive, but am more than ever aware of how much more there is for me to put out there before it’s « my time » to leave this earthly realm. 924 mots de plus


The Uncertainty Principle

I have embarked on sequences of new posts which examine a number of ideas from books I have recently read.  These ideas relate to where our society is heading and what we as individuals might be able to do about that. 30 mots de plus


Michael Joseph's NDE - Interpreted by Spiritism

Michael Joseph had one of the most complete NDE’s that I have seen. He was able to retain many memories from his experience. His revelations of the spirit world are fascinating. 38 mots de plus


What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences - featured at

My book, What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences – According to Spiritism – 12 NDEs Explored and Explained,   is being featured on Saturday April 11th 2015 at… 12 mots de plus


Is there proof of an afterlife?

TNT has a new show starting in June called “Proof”. I must admit, I am intrigued…from the little bit I’ve been able to find about it, it sounds as if it could be interesting. 570 mots de plus

Tricia Sullivan

PMH Atwater, the Near Death Experience and God

Since I had my experience in 2011 of being taken by the Teal’hia and Sawronde to merge with THE LIGHT, I have been immersed in NDE research and looking to see what others have to say about NDEs and NDE like experiences. 348 mots de plus