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Dream, thought and emotion

Trying to play with some metaphysics on dream or also known as astral plane.

Brain consists of (electrical) neural signal and (electromagnetic) brainwave activity, there are scientist working on decoding the brain, creating device like the  1 326 mots de plus


Penney Peirce - Pioneer in Intuitive Development Delivers Powerful Insight!

This is an incredibly powerful interview with Penney Peirce who talks about our currently reality of being swarmed with the information age and which is now turning into the time when me must turn to our intuition.  38 mots de plus

Conscious Creation

Chill'n with Music

The day has quieted down early. Fridays are my main day off, so depending on my inspiration level, I either post a lot or none at all. 949 mots de plus


David G.'s ADC (After Death Communication) - Spiritism Explains What Occured

David G. had an After Death Communication (ADC) experience which illustrates how the Spirit World communicates with us and the power they have to speak directly to our minds. 34 mots de plus


New Age in the Old World: Plato's Account of a Near-Death Experience

The Myth of Er is widely believed to be one of the earliest examples of a near-death experience in history.  In the telling of this story, Plato reveals much about classical spirituality and his own concepts of the eternal soul.  1 666 mots de plus


"In the Great Divine Cosmic Plan These are Times of Great Opportunity"

AngelicView: STE (Spiritually Transformative Event). It’s actually a rather large excerpt out of the story. Things were not going well in this man’s life and he was contemplating suicide when this event happened. 4 723 mots de plus

Human Evolution