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William H's NDE - Mind to Mind Communication

William H had an NDE in 2003 and he found himself in surrounded by beings made of light, who could communicate by thought. What does this mean to us and how it should change your thinking is explained.

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Clarification (12 IMAGES)

I must make something very very clear to all of you.  Somehow some of you thought that I « believe » there is nothing beyond death when I wrote the post titled, … 749 mots de plus


Actual Science Confirms: Your Consciousness Continues After "Death"

A major study at the NYU Langone School of Medicine seems to confirm what near death experience (NDE) researchers like Kenneth Ring have been saying for many decades: human consciousness seems to go on after all bodily activities (including that of the brain) have ceased. 289 mots de plus


Early results from AWARE II?

Thanks Eduardo for sending the link to this article last night.

The article starts out moderately interesting, discussing the case of one woman’s NDE thirty years ago, then mentioning Jeffrey Long’s database, and Eben Alexander. 492 mots de plus

DOORS - Chapter Seven

Working With Symbols

“On the one hand there is the real world and on the other there is a whole system of symbols about that world which we have in our minds. 3 733 mots de plus


Thoughts on god (1)

Maybe the most life-saving aspect of AA and all the 12-step programs it has spawned is that we get to pick our own higher power. We don’t have to consider anyone else’s views of an HP — certainly not religion’s — as we generate an idea of the source in which we’ll place our trust. 1 157 mots de plus


Life After Death, the Persistence of Consciousness

ANYONE who believes in reincarnation accepts that life can continue to exist without a visible physical form. And that consciousness can exist without a neuron filled physical brain. 1 384 mots de plus

Reincarnation & Karma