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A Very Important Fact Most Often Overlooked in Near Death Experiences (NDE)

A very important fact that is not stressed enough proving that NDE’s are indeed real events and not something fabricated inside the human brain is the fact that when you have a real NDE your living experience appears more real to you than the life you were living on earth. 115 mots de plus


Distressing NDEs; A Profound Personal Transformative Experience; Not Proof of Hell

For a long time, distressing, disturbing or so-called hellish NDEs bothered me.  That small portion of me that still harbored my Christian fear wondered if it was possible that Hell really did exist, and possibly I was going there.   1 442 mots de plus


The Lower Zone – Not Hell and Not Heaven

“The Lower Zone”, we have all been there, between lifetimes at one epoch or another. It’s a place where not horrible and not spiritual people go to after they leave their body. 68 mots de plus


Celebrity medium Hollister Rand guest speaker August 8th in Tustin

Date:          Saturday, August 8, 2015
Time:         1:00-4:00 pm
Place:         Unity of Tustin, 14402 Prospect Ave., Tustin, CA
(Drive to the back of the church, turn left, and park.  294 mots de plus

Near-death Experience


 MS.DIAGNOSED and her beautiful GORGEOUS younger cousin Juda.

BTW those are ANGELS flying by on CHRISTMAS. We were standing still. My Favorite St,Patricks Day Eye Make Up. 1 250 mots de plus

Why Jesus gave me a second chance

It is destined for man to die once and thereafter to face judgment. There are no second chances. Once we die our life is over, our opportunities are over and we will face judgment for what we have done while alive. 1 046 mots de plus

"See I've always hated unknowns, and now that I'm facing the biggest one there is, I want to know what to expect. I want to know what's going to happen to me after I die." - Ivan (Proof s1/ep1)

Originally, my plan for the second post on this site would be a continuation of sorts on the first. I wrote a draft in my email where I was brainstorming topics to write about and what logical order they should be presented in. 1 450 mots de plus