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Ecstatic Vision - Raw Rock Fury

 With every generation, there always seems to be a wave of nostalgia for everything from the cultures of decades past. The 70s was an absolute landmark decade for rock music like no other, and many bands today are still paying tribute to those years and performing their own takes on the various styles from the 70s in the own special ways. 399 mots de plus


Butcher Babies Begin Recording Third Album, Post Brief Snippet Of New Song

Butcher Babies are done with the pre-production process for their new album, and are now working on recording the effort. The album is expected to be released later this year, and a brief snippet of new music can be found in the below Instagram post: 114 mots de plus


Papa Roach Announce New Album, ‘Crooked Teeth’

Papa Roach have announced the details of their new album, ‘Crooked Teeth’. The album will be released on May 19th.

‘Crooked Teeth’ follows on from their 2015 album, ‘F.E.A.R’.  48 mots de plus


Moribund Mantras - Into Nothingness

 I’ve always coveted doom metal as being as much of a creative breeding ground much like black metal, albeit the latter being much more fleshed out and explored. 461 mots de plus


The Shape of Ed Sheeran’s Career is on Fire

Divide is #1 on Billboard

By: Victoria Ifatusin

From hooking up in the bar, to flashbacks of childhood memories, Ed Sheeran displays a great amount of enjoyment and motivation in his new album, Divide, which has reached the top of Billboard 200. 603 mots de plus


New Album "At What Cost" from Rising Artist Goldlink drops today (Hip-Hop)

I’ve been low-key listening to Goldlink for a while now, and always knew he was going to get big. Today marks a mile stone for the rapper, as he drops his first studio album titled « At What Cost ». 88 mots de plus

New Music

Conor Oberst: Salutations

Salutations is the latest release of long established artist Conor Oberst. Releasing his first album in 1993, the 37 year old played in a string of bands, before recently settling for an exclusively solo career in around 2012; though how long this phase will last is anybody’s guess. 516 mots de plus