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Shawnee's "Ur the Only One" Evokes a Powerful Sense of Loving Devotion

Two Spirit singer-songwriter Shawnee has written a luminously soulful ballad in “Ur the Only One.” With multiple vocal styles woven deftly into one song the love song has a level of emotional and sonic depth that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. 113 mots de plus

New Music

A Beacon School - "Algernon"/ "Glue"

The particular page in my notebook that I’m referencing at the moment to write this post has many, many ink marks, each one expressing the extreme frustration I felt over this past week in picking just one track to feature from the recent reissue of Cola, the absolutely brilliant debut album from A Beacon School – also known as Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Patrick J Smith – that was released last year. 300 mots de plus


Vansire - "Metamodernity"

As someone leaving soon to begin studying the overlap of literary modernism and postmodernism for my graduate degree, the relatively recent emergence – and now rising prevalence – of metamodernism is something I greatly enjoy. 325 mots de plus


Hibou - "Inside Illumination"

Through his meticulous compositions and signature breathless vocals, every single moment of Hibou’s music sounds like it’s perpetually reaching towards the divine. Simultaneously bright-eyed and melancholic, Peter Michel’s sophomore studio album Something Familiar strove to convey more personal, introspective observations, which, in turn, often resulted in catharsis – the fervid guitar laden outro of “Fall Into” broke away from his signature dreamy instrumentals to something far more vigorous and new wave inspired. 225 mots de plus


Surf Curse - "Disco"

This week, Nevada indie duo Surf Curse – made up of Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck – announced their third full length Heaven Surrounds You, described as a “coming of age epic” inspired by cult cinema and the fleeting nature of youth. 126 mots de plus


Floral Shop - "Around"

Earlier this month, German indie quartet Floral Shop released their debut EP Parasols in an attempt to discern just how much the concept and execution of dream pop can be manipulated and detailed without losing touch with the genre completely. 181 mots de plus