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'Paper Face' by Greg Gilbert

Paper Face (a Sculptural Wish for the Hands)

This led to this led to this led to this

I’d grown afraid of the pains in my body… 221 mots de plus


'Graduation' by Warda Yassin

As home dinners kids, we were there
when you become a wizard in your maroon cloak.
Our primary only a few feet across from the halfway house. 170 mots de plus


'Teaching Tabitha to Knit' by Carole Bromley

See, I haven’t done this for years.
Take one knitting needle in each hand.
No, hold it nearer the end, that’s it.
Now wind the yarn round that one. 186 mots de plus


My poem 'Drone-Boys' in The Spectator

I’m delighted to be in The Spectator again. A big thank you to Hugo Williams for choosing my poem about lambs, drones and lads on the South Downs. 142 mots de plus

Claire Booker

Two Poems by Richard Price

Personality test
with worked examples

Are you made of
or cogs?
Son: dogs.
Father: fogs.

Are you made of
or rats? 1 078 mots de plus



Sa isla ng Talim aking nakilala
Isang dilag na nagtataka
Tila nakakulong sa munting kubong
Ang lapad ay isang dipa

Musmos man ang pag-iisip
Kanyang nasambit… 30 mots de plus


'The Very End of Old Delph Will' by Jean Atkin

All Saddleworth was plagued
by boggarts in those days.
Such beings stumbled by like woolsacks.
And they were wide as a lane and
their eyes were blazing dinner plates and they… 173 mots de plus