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3Novices:North Korea breaks silence as South’s leader Moon Jae-in floats three-way summit with US

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said a three-way summit with North Korea and the United States was possible as Pyongyang broke its silence on the recent diplomatic thaw. 70 mots de plus


3Novices:China sends carrier through Taiwan Strait after Xi Jinping warning against separatism

China has sent its sole operational aircraft carrier the Liaoning through the narrow Taiwan Strait that separates China from the self-ruled island, Taiwan’s defence minister said on Wednesday. 63 mots de plus


Navarro: GOP once opposed cozying up to dictators

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro criticizes President Trump’s congratulatory phone call to Vladimir Putin after he was elected to another six-year term as Russia’s president. 8 mots de plus


One killed in motorcycle crash in Saratoga Springs

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah – One person is dead after a motorcycle and SUV collided in Saratoga Springs Tuesday night, shutting down several roads in the area. 104 mots de plus


Pakistan can play critical role to bring Taliban to talks: US

WASHINGTON: Sticking to its do-more mantra, the United States (US) has said Pakistan has taken some positive steps in the right direction, but a lot more needs to be done in terms of cracking down not just on the Taliban, but the Haqqani Network and other terror networks as well. 317 mots de plus


3 killed as train hits covered van in Feni

Feni Correspondent: At least three people were killed and three others injured when a train hit a covered van at a level crossing in Feni early Wednesday.

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