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Donald Penn: No contact with Raiders since season ended

Raiders left tackle Donald Penn is set to be a free agent, meaning he can leave Oakland with his two year deal expiring.

Penn initially wanted to remain with the Raiders, and the possibility still exists, but make no mistake, the Raiders haven’t shown initiative, and Penn is not happy about it. 355 mots de plus


Ryan Leaf Sees Own Struggles In Johnny Manziel: 'It's Like A Mirror'

Johnny Manziel clearly needs help, and if there’s anyone who can relate to the Cleveland Browns quarterback’s struggles, it’s Ryan Leaf.

The former second overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft behind Peyton Manning, Leaf had his career with the San Diego Chargers derailed by poor play and even poorer judgment that led to frequent confrontations with teammates and fans. 365 mots de plus

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Hines Ward says Snoop Dog for NFL Commmish?

TMZ caught with Hines Ward on the streets of San Francisco and they were asking him if Snoop Dog was the biggest Steelers fan ever. Of course being a retired Steeler’s wide receiver, Hines Ward had nothing but amazing compliments to say about Snoop Dogg. 183 mots de plus


Everson Walls: Bill Belichick Hasn't Changed Since Seasons With Giants

SAN FRANCISCO — The Bill Belichick fans see today is someone Everson Walls knows very well.

Walls spent the majority of his career with the Dallas Cowboys, but he did play in parts of three seasons with the New York Giants, too. 182 mots de plus

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Four things Roger Goodell could do to prove player safety is his No. 1 priority

Roger Goodell held his yearly Super Bowl press conference Friday, and in some ways it was less celebratory than usual. There were golden Super Bowl 50 logos, sure, and references to the nostalgia that has surrounded this week. 662 mots de plus


Who Will Lose the Super-BORE? The Dr. Loser NFL Big Game Preview

The Denver Broncos will lose the Super Bowl this weekend.


I don’t know.

Actually, let me take that back… the Carolina Panthers will lose the Super Bowl. 602 mots de plus