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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - We Know Who U R (2012)

You can never get too much of Nick Cave. I’ve previously posted a stone cold classic here.

The random number generator on the iPod turned this up the other night and it’s a showstopper. 65 mots de plus

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85 Jesu/Sun Kil Moon: Jesu/Sun Kil Moon

Firstly, there’s an elephant in the room here: what the heavens to murgatroyd is Sun Kil Moon’s name supposed to be? Is it a pun?? A pun on Ban Ki Moon?? 380 mots de plus


Nick Cave w Pięciu Odsłonach

Za kilka dni Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds zagrają w Warszawie. Ich koncert to jedno z najbardziej wyczekiwanych przeze mnie wydarzeń muzycznych tego roku. Aby skrócić czas oczekiwania, wybrałam kilka ulubionych muzycznych momentów Nicka i jego zespołu (zdjęcie znalezione… 262 mots de plus


Violence against women - with lyrics by Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Robert Browning

Do you remember a song that was top of the charts in 2008?

It went:

They call me The Wild Rose 
But my name was Elisa Day  1 490 mots de plus

90 Hinds: Leave Me Alone

I don’t think there was an album released in 2016 that I more desperately wanted to love than Hinds’ debut. Apart from Damien Lazarus’s. And… 709 mots de plus


"Hands Up! Who Wants To Die?!" There's a Nick Cave Graphic Novel!

Thanks to the wonderful, surreal-fun blog, </span>">Dangerous Minds, Aether Ore just found out that author and illustrator, Reinhard Kleist, has created a 328-Page graphic novel based on the life and work of Nick Cave,  « … 411 mots de plus

From Small Beginnings

From Small Beginnings –
A stage in the poet’s progress – from song to stanza
By Sean Notyeats
The Book Guild Ltd – £7.99

We discover so much about the world… 437 mots de plus