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Chosen One: Warren Ellis

Interview with Warren Ellis.

“I like to work and when I’m not working I find a lot of things quite difficult to deal with. And actually the more work I’ve got the better I feel in certain respects.” 3 875 mots de plus


Funny Quotes from Musicians

“All music is folk music. I ain’t never heard a horse sing a song.”

Louis Armstrong

“My music is best understood by children and animals.” 146 mots de plus



Instead of doing any running or cycling today given the shitty weather, I’ve decided to flip-flop my training routine with Thursday’s plyometrics/weights session.  This keeps me inside and warm (dry…not so much) and not missing any of my planned workouts – weather pending, of course.  625 mots de plus


'Fatal Ennui' starring The Horrors!

Twenty and crazy… about The Horrors… They came to Geneva and we were dying to meet them.
Check out the end credits where we are TELLING THEM!!! 18 mots de plus


4.18.16: Preserving the Person and Persona: Yinka Shonibare and Nick Cave on Fashion Art

What to wear? This is one of the most profound decisions we will make in a day. Clothing choice is an act both highly specific to an individual and a reaction to the greater context that that individual inhabits. 1 800 mots de plus


Nick Cave

Spent a weird hour once at the Wiltern utterly bored by Nick Cave while in every direction around me women had orgasms. He would sing about death and drunkenness and being naked and they would squeal and gasp and want him. 145 mots de plus