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The Haunting

Week two is about atmosphere, about mood.

I want to complete first drafts of two short stories this week. The first is meant to be a dark, melancholy story, but it is set on a beautiful if remote New Zealand beach. 470 mots de plus

Innocent/Guilty "Until"

Having just heard the verdict about the policeman who murdered Philando Castile, seeing Nick Cave’s exhibit « Until » at Mass MOCA was not only timely but even more devastating. 337 mots de plus

Yoga Stretch

Four more days of « Iron Build » before the taper.  C’mon taper!  Sweet, sweet taper.

Today’s tasks involved another early morning 73k tempo ride with lots of strong pulls at the front of the group into the wind and later on, an 80 minute progression run – my least favorite of all my workouts, and my… 615 mots de plus


Episode 11

Better late than never, right, y’all?

The homework for the episode:
Pete: The Skeleton Tree by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the Pitchfork review… 517 mots de plus


Midweek music: winter songs, southern hemisphere special

by Zack Yusof

June 21, 2017

Today happens to be the shortest day of the year – or the winter solstice – in the southern hemisphere, an astronomical phenomenon that occurs the same time every June as the Earth orbits around the sun. 221 mots de plus


Summer Holiday 2017

As per the email I sent to clients and the news item I posted on the website at the beginning of June, I’m on holiday from Tuesday 20th-25th June inclusive.  43 mots de plus

Potato Power

What to do when you have loads to do, but it’s all internet related and the power is down? At 07h44  this morning a loud bang was heard from the vicinity of the sub-station down the road. 455 mots de plus