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Essential Sounds - Let go

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – I Need You (2016)

Oneohtrix Point Never – Animals (2016)

Nick Cave's Gripping 'One More Time With Feeling' Documentary Bridges Grief's Chasm

There is more paradise in hell than we’ve been told — Nick Cave, speaking in One More Time With Feeling

Grief is the only real chasm. 3 088 mots de plus

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Reinier Van Houdt – Paths of the Errant Gaze

Hallow Ground – HG1606 – 28th October 2016

Christopher Nosnibor

Reiner Van Houdt presents an interesting proposition: a classically-trained pianist who’s worked with John Cage and Luc Ferrari, he also plays in Current 93 and has worked in collaboration with Nick Cave, John Zorn and Antony Hegarty. 405 mots de plus


Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Skeleton Tree

닉 케이브 아저씨가 음악을 잘 한다는 사실은 삼척동자도 다 아는 사실이다. 다만 그의 음악을 좋아하고 즐겨 듣느냐는 질문에 선뜻 네, 라고 대답하는 사람은 찾기 힘들다. 나부터가 그렇다.


Lyrics of the Month: November 2016 - Nick Cave

They’re gonna lay me low (Lay me low)
They’re gonna sink me in the snow
They’re gonna throw back
their heads and crow
When I go… 344 mots de plus


Episode 53: All Beauty Must Die: Murder Ballads

Ballads are enduring relics of rich oral tradition. From literary epics like Beowulf, to the seedier broadside ballads sold at public executions; these story songs give us a glimpse at the practices and values of distant times and places. 406 mots de plus