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Heeding Haiku With HA: In Flight

Greetings! This is Paloma, filling in for HA.

Anyone who has visited my blog knows that I am a huge fan of Nick Cave. So for this week’s inspiration I offer you one of my favorite songs – accompanied by a beautiful video.   198 mots de plus


The Death of Bunny Munro

Bunny Munro is not a good guy, at all, so it is reassuring perhaps that we know from the very outset how judgement falls on him.   565 mots de plus


Band Tees: Avon

For the purpose of this post, I counted how many band t-shirts I actually own: 30 band t-shirts, 4 festival t-shirts and 2 band sweatshirts. That seems like an awful lot to me, especially since I have a cap of 250 items on how many clothes I own (that’s clothes, pjs, jackets, everything except underwear basically) but I can guarantee some people will have collections numbering in the hundreds. 550 mots de plus

Opinion Post

Whatever happened to Nick Cave? Lorraine and Fernie might know

In 1988, as a young gentlewoman, I bought a copy of Nick Cave’s ‘King Ink’ from Dillons bookshop in Nottingham. A collection of his song lyrics from the early days of the… 586 mots de plus


Nick Cave: Here Hear

Nick Cave: Here Hear

The solo exhibition Nick Cave: Here Hear opened Last week-end, July 20, 2015, at the Cranbrook Art Museum.

Nick Cave, Ever After, 2011. 396 mots de plus