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Sounds: Green Bananas // Undefeated

Got this track in from Madrid-based band Green Bananas—an indie-rock project fronted by basque musician Mikel Sagüés (Purr, Oso Miel Oso).

“Undefeated” is the first recorded track to off their upcoming 4 track EP (out on CD) coming in March. 83 mots de plus


Album Review: Murder Ballads - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Back in 1996, the legendary Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds released yet another masterfully dark album: Murder Ballads. Drawing on a musical tradition that stretches back as far as the mid-17th Century, a collection of ten songs, some traditional and some composed originally by Cave, paint a ghastly picture of the potential violence and essential vulnerability of human beings. 719 mots de plus

Transforming the apartment into a home

We’re in the middle of rearranging furniture in the apartment. It’s been the same way since we moved in 2015 and then we just crammed everything in haphazardly with no concern for well… how we actually want to live. 467 mots de plus


Nick Cave Is Releasing A New Concert Film Called 'Distant Sky'

In 2016, Nick Cave and his band, the Bad Seeds, released Skeleton Tree. The album and was written after the tragic, sudden death of Cave’s son, and along with the corresponding film… 297 mots de plus

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NICK CAVE and The BAD SEEDS - " The Distant Sky "

Last year, Nick Cave and his band, the Bad Seeds, embarked on one of the most emotional tours of his career, supporting an album recorded in the aftermath of the death of one of his sons. 397 mots de plus


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: "Straight to You"

Tune du Jour: « Straight to You » – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
THE CLASH of Cover Tunes: Adalitavs. Emm Gryner vs. Dee Madden… 185 mots de plus
THE CLASH Of Cover Tunes

We Call Upon The Author - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave season continues with a latter day cut that really does it for me. I have a good buddy called Doug ( I met him a life time ago, or just a few posts if you’ve just read the Ween one). 218 mots de plus