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Dünya'da 20.000 Gün Filmi Tr Dublaj izle

Sanatın insan hayatındaki farklı açılarını yansıtan bu filmde,20.000 gün hayatta kalan bir insanın sanatsal yaşını sorgulamayı anlatıyor.İyi seyirler ailesi

The Curse of Millhaven

“I live in a town called Millhaven
And it’s small and it’s mean and it’s cold
But if you come around just as the sun goes down… 3 433 mots de plus


The Gons

Io non posso credere di aver passato tutto quel tempo l’estate scorsa a guardare Orange Is The New Black quando potevo vedermi Peaky Blinders.

Dunque non so se Peaky Blinders è arrivato in Italia, se si per piacere usate l’audio originale perché è uno spasso. 292 mots de plus


Vicki Heyman: Ties that bind

When Vicki Heyman was asked by a friend and classmate in university to work together on a school project, she agreed. When he asked her on a date, she mulled it over for a few minutes, and thought what the heck. 1 075 mots de plus


Brutal Aussie crooner Kirin J Callinan transcends

Kirin J Callinan may be the devil, but he seems like someone you’d like to have over for a dinner party. With a Cheshire Cat grin he appeared in a comically thick cloud of smoke at the start of his midnight Sunday set at Red Eyed Fly. 526 mots de plus

Things To Do


2008. The year of Boris Johnson and Barack Obama getting elected. And according to my Facebook ramblings the year I took on the might of British Gas, my crazy evil live in landlady and beat them both. 969 mots de plus

9 Songs

Nick Cave Is Releasing A New Book That He Wrote Entirely On Airplane Barf Bags

Nick Cave is getting ready to release a new book entitled The Sick Bag Song which is a collection of poetry, lyrics, musings and journal entries he wrote entirely on airplane sick bags. 197 mots de plus