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Mark Lanegan - Nocturne (single) review

Mark Lanegan has returned with the dark and brooding ‘Nocturne’. 248 mots de plus


The Sly Persuaders "S/T

The Sly Persuaders « S/T

We’ve never really believed in the old adage that you should never judge a book (album) by its cover. Certainly, the cover of this self titled debut matches the terms we’ve seen used to describe the band. 377 mots de plus

Album Review

Skeleton Tree

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Nick Cave’s son died. That’s very sad. This album is not Nick Cave’s son. Therefore, I’m going to analyze it like a piece of art and not a deceased person, because if I did, I’d be tippy-toeing around a complicated subject I have only brushed with briefly before. 721 mots de plus


Poetry, Nick Cave and Whipped Cream

It is with much trepidation that I have decided to release out into the open some of my rarely seen poems. You can find them on my… 35 mots de plus



All photographs are an expression of absence, wrote John Berger in his 1975 book, The Seventh Man, which surely makes photography the saddest of all art forms. 327 mots de plus

Soundsuit artist switches up, opens new exhibit at Mass MoCA

NORTH ADAMS – Nick Cave, an artist famously known for his explosively colorful, wearable sculptures called Soundsuits, has a new exhibit at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. 599 mots de plus

Berkshire County

Behind the Song: Henry Lee

For some years now I have had a fascination with folk songs, particularly with the American ballads and songs that originated in the 19th into early 20th centuries. 1 067 mots de plus