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Nick Cave Addressed His Son's Death And The 'F*cking Disease' Of Grief In His First Interview In Years

Nick Cave didn’t talk to anybody around the release of 2016’s masterful album Skeleton Tree. This makes sense on several levels. For one, Cave had just gone through one of the most tragic things a human being can experience — his teenage son… 681 mots de plus

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the song that's been stuck in my head for too long.

lie there, lie there, little henry lee
                till the flesh drops from your bones
         for the girl you have in that merry green land
can wait forever for you to come home


Going For A Song

Dirty Projectors – Cool Your Heart

Anybody can sing about being happy in love. A great love song is not actually singing about being happy, they’re not the ones that sell.

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Going For A Song

Contemporary Artists 'Re-framing' Perspectives of the Past.

An archive is defined as a store/institution that acts as a repository of information about a place, time, civilization, etc. Archives play a valuable, unique role in society. 1 928 mots de plus


"she remains..."

I never noticed that before, that ceiling, she thought to herself. All this time, she hadn’t noticed the fabric of her security. But she had never floated like this before. 67 mots de plus


One More Time with Feeling (2016)

« But what happens when an event occurs that is so catastrophic that you just change? »

What painful, earth-shattering ramifications are born from the loss of a loved one? 603 mots de plus