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Artist Nick Cave and the sounds of racial discontent

Nick Cave crosses disciplines like a dancer in mid-leap.

There is so much happening in a performance by the American artist, with dance, visual art, fashion, music, tribal motifs, and more. 899 mots de plus

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How would Drenge come across as a three-piece? The answer: pretty bloody good actually.

Date: April 10, 2015

Venue: Rescue Rooms

Since we last heard of Drenge, two more brutal rock duos have grabbed the limelight.

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A Completely Subjective List of the Best Vocal Ad-Libs in Music

One of the great joys of music is its sense of immediacy — sure, there are songs that are painstakingly planned and produced, and benefit from being so, but there are also tracks that sound like they really were recorded live, and are all the more thrilling for it. 814 mots de plus


Earworm 20 May 15: 'Into My Arms' by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

I did not post yesterday, but I did want to share this one, cause I went to bed yesterday with this song in my head. 22 mots de plus


Nick Cave: I Wanna Tell You About A Boy

I wrote a feature article about Nick Cave around the time of the release of his « The Boatman’s Call » album in the late ’90s. 3 939 mots de plus

Boogie Woogie Beach House…hanging out with music legends.

The main purpose of our road trip up the Central NSW coast was to visit the Doessels who together with close friends the Craig family have purchased and transformed a Café, Bar and Backpackers at Old Bar, Taree. 541 mots de plus


#74 - 20,000 Days On Earth

One of the most original and unique documentaries I can remember, Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard’s 20,000 Days On Earth is a chronicle of Nick Cave’s life and career told through his own words and those around him.   71 mots de plus

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