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World Cup of Cover Versions Group F

Kirsty MacColl, Arctic Monkeys, an enigmatic string quartet from Manchester and Australian Oasis? It’s the World Cup of Covers of course! Group F today peeps… 617 mots de plus

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Review: Nick Cave - Distant Sky

Born out of the ashes of unspeakable tragedy, Distant Sky charts the Bad Seed’s ascension to unprecedented heights.

Possibly one of life’s greatest challenges is finding applicable adjectives deserving of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. 542 mots de plus

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Nick Cave Is A Real Grinderman Thanks To His New Skateboard

When Nick Cave started his band Grinderman in 2006, the name was inspired by the Memphis Slim song « Grinder Man Blues. » Let’s imagine, for a minute, though, imagine that the name came from somewhere else. 279 mots de plus


Distant Sky - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Live in Copenhagen (screened 12 April 2018)

This was such an amazing concert… Sadly I wasn’t there in real time but wow 24 hours after watching this movie event I am still going over it in my mind and have Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds playing on repeat. 971 mots de plus


Stagger(ing) Nick Cave concert film

This is one of those « I wasn’t expecting that » moments. A distant appreciation of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds has just become a fixation. 297 mots de plus


484. Junkyard - The Birthday Party

(Original album is tracks 1-11)

Brief Background: Junkyard is the third album by Austrailian post-punk band The Birthday Party, which featured Nick Cave on vocals. 209 mots de plus

The Ramones: "Blitzkrieg Bop"

Tune du Jour: « Blitzkrieg Bop » – The Ramones
THE CLASH of Cover Tunes: Nick Cave vs. Glambeats Corp featuring Chepito vs. Yo La Tengo… 109 mots de plus
THE CLASH Of Cover Tunes