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Seeking Justice, The Hateful Eight

Seeking Justice

This is yet another New Orleans-based Nicolas Cage movie. I haven’t seen every movie in his oeuvre, but this makes at least four to be set there ( 462 mots de plus


World Trade Center Review

Welp, I’ve officially started my film countdown to the 15 year 9/11 anniversary, which just so happens to be the 10 year anniversary of this film, and of 2 other significant 9/11 films. 591 mots de plus


Kiss of Death (1995)

« You fuck with the bull, you get the horns. That’s what I did. »

—Little Junior Brown


Crime drama ‘Dog Eat Dog’ picked up by RLJ Entertainment

Today it was announced that RLJ has picked up North American rights to the fantastic looking crime drama DOG EAT DOG. Directed by Paul Schrader the flick stars Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe as a bunch of crooks on the run from everyone. 358 mots de plus

Horror News

Face/Off (1997)

« I’m ready…I’m ready for the big ride, baby. »

—Castor Troy


Nicolas Cage's 'Dog Eat Dog' Scheduled for November Release

RLJ Entertainment has acquired all North American rights to the action thriller « Dog Eat Dog, » starring Willem Dafoe, Nicolas Cage and Christopher Matthew Cook. 219 mots de plus


Paul Schrader's 'Dog Eat Dog' Acquired By RLJ Entertainment

RLJ Entertainment has acquired all North American rights to Paul Schrader-helmed Dog Eat Dog, starring Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe and Christopher Matthew Cook. The company plans to release the pic theatrically and on VOD in November. 160 mots de plus