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Mom and Dad (2018)

Over-the-top Nicolas Cage performances are often conversationally boiled down to a single moment of absurdist novelty. Entire movies are remembered solely as “the one where Nic Cage yells about the bees,” “the one where Nic Cage angrily recites the alphabet,” or “the one where Nic Cage stares at imaginary iguanas.” By that measurement, … 904 mots de plus

Brandon Ledet

Mom & Dad (2018)

Είναι μερικές ταινίες που εμφανίζονται από το πουθενά, αλλά διαθέτουν « αυτό το κάτι που θελώ », όπως θα έλεγε και η μεγάλη αηδός Καίτη Γαρμπή, που σε κάνουν να θες να τις δεις άμεσα. 40 mots de plus


The Most Unhinged Nicolas Cage Movie Moment in Years

You don’t have to look very hard to find a movie where Nicolas Cage loses his shit for one reason or another, and in many instances no reason at all. 137 mots de plus


Sundance 2018 - Mandy

I feel inadequate reviewing this film so quickly as I have not yet dreamt about it, but in Sundance you must work fast. That’s the sort of feeling that the vision of director Panos Cosmatos gives you in Mandy – a surreal, vibrant and violent triumph. 624 mots de plus


HipZOMJoint Movie Review: Mom And Dad

Director Brian Taylor (Crank) gives us the fever static dream known as Mom and Dad. The film that is said to be Home Alone on bath salts lives up to that statement and more. 158 mots de plus


Mom and Dad (2018) [Dark Comedy Thriller]

Directors Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine have made some of the most fun and insane movies of the 21st century, starting with the action-packed Crank, following it with the batshit crazy Crank 2: High Tension, the enjoyable Gamer, and finishing their collaboration with the guilty-pleasure that is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. 439 mots de plus

Film Review

Sundance Film Review: 'Mandy'

Panos Cosmatos’ 2010 debut feature “Beyond the Black Rainbow” was the kind of movie that divides genre fans into two camps, the enraptured and the infuriated. 616 mots de plus