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  1. USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (2016) Nicolas Cage – Behind the Scenes

2.Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Official Trailer 1 (2017)


I Love Nicolas Cage?

So, I recently decided to start searching for new bedding for my daughters. Finding too many similar options, I typed the term « cool pillowcases » into Google, hoping something unique would spawn an idea. 204 mots de plus


The Wicker Man

Other than catching up on good movies, I also decided to catch up on some all-time meme-spawning stinkers, starting with this honest-to-goodness terrible remake of the 1973 cult horror classic. 605 mots de plus


USS Indianapolis: Man of Courage Movie Review

I cannot contemplate how much this film had touched my heart. It did in so many ways and thus I’m extremely glad I’d taken time to watch it. 506 mots de plus

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So. What's happenin'?

Hiya, guys!

I know, it’s been a couple weeks. But there have been some interesting things going on since I last posted.

First of all, I… 809 mots de plus

The Rock (1996)

100 Films’ 100 Favourites #75

Only one man has ever broken out.
Now five million lives depend on two men breaking in.

Country: USA… 975 mots de plus

4 Stars

Snowden Review & Analysis : Selamat Datang Kembali, Oliver Stone!

« Stone memberikan beberapa jawaban apa yang saya tanyakan; menghadirkan dimensi dan tekstur yang lebih berwarna terhadap subjek utama cerita yang amat mudah kita temui di era internet.

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