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Nicolas Cage Breaks Ankle While Filming In Bulgaria

Nicolas Cage has broken his ankle while shooting the York Alec Shackleton. He was taken a hospital very close to the shooting location in Bulgaria. 40 mots de plus


Nicolas Cage breaks ankle in 'freak accident' and is undergoing emergency surgery forcing him to take two weeks off from action film #211

Nicolas Cage has broken his ankle.

The 53-year-old actor was in Bulgaria shooting his new bank heist film #211 when the ‘freak accident’ happened, his reps confirmed to Deadline on Wednesday.  176 mots de plus


Nicolas Cage Breaks Ankle on Set of Heist Movie in Bulgaria

Nicolas Cage has broken his ankle on the set of heist movie « #211 » in Bulgaria, a source confirms to Variety.

It’s currently unclear how the accident happened, but he was transferred to a hospital near the set before heading back to Los Angeles for treatment. 236 mots de plus


Nicolas Cage Breaks Ankle On Movie Set In Bulgaria

In what was described to Deadline as a freak accident, Nicolas Cage broke his ankle while filming the York Alec Shackleton-directed Millennium Films bank heist action film… 103 mots de plus

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