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Zandalee (1991)

Nicolas Cage has never made a bad film. Not one.

That said, let’s take a look at Zandalee.

Directed by Sam Pillsbury, director of a couple of episodes of Joe Dante’s excellent… 1 903 mots de plus

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Nicolas Cage on Sex Scandals, Bad Critics and 'Superman Lives'

Over three decades into his big screen career, Nicolas Cage remains one of the most prolific actors working in Hollywood. At least in recent years, that quantity hasn’t always guaranteed quality, but his new movie, a political drama called The Runner that hits theaters on August 7, is one of his best in a while. 80 mots de plus

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Insists It's Better 'Superman Lives' Never Got Made

For a movie that died a sudden and painful death in Pittsburgh, we’ve sure written a lot about Superman Lives. We’ll never see what Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage intended, but that’s OK by Cage, because that means we can create a better movie in our hearts. 142 mots de plus



Really, Wanderer? Twins?! There’s got to be more out there than I was able to think of but I’m still drawing a complete blank. Well, an almost complete blank. 285 mots de plus


National Treasure (2004)

For many, Jon Turteltaub’s ‘National Treasure’ (2004) is like marmite that’s been neglected at the back of your food cupboard, gathering dust, for a total of two whole years- some people have a lukewarm taste for the film, believing it to be your run-of-the-mill Hollywood blockbuster, whilst others detest its existence. 532 mots de plus


The Death Of Superman Lives What Happened? Review


For years I had been fascinated by a story I heard while watching An evening with Kevin Smith about a script written by Kevin Smith for a Superman movie that was being directed by Tim Burton. 307 mots de plus

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All The Stuff Coming To Netflix In August Including 'Narcos' And 'The Hurt Locker'

Narcos. Everything is Narcos. If you haven’t gleaned it already, drug trafficking is popular in pop-culture right now, with the wild tales of… 567 mots de plus