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Berlin: Nicolas Cage to Star in 'Vengeance: A Love Story' (EXCLUSIVE)

Nicolas Cage will star in Hannibal Classics’ thriller « Vengeance: A Love Story, » with shooting starting in March in Atlanta, Variety has learned.

Hannibal is starting international sales this week at the Berlin Film Festival. 220 mots de plus



"What are you thinking, Joe?"
- Connie
"Nothing. There's nothing I can do and I hate it."
- Joe
Dir: David Gordon Green
DoP: Tim Orr… 48 mots de plus

National Treasure Drinkalong

Why did I decide on a drinkalong for a movie I haven’t even seen?  I swore to never do that again, but here we are.  I figured that since it’s a Nic Cage movie, it isn’t strictly necessary to pay a whole lot of attention, and that might even make it more enjoyable? 137 mots de plus


Nicolas Cage, The Real National Treasure

Years ago, a couple of things became readily apparent to me in regards to Nicolas Cage, Oscar winner and bizarre member of the Coppola family. The first was that the man was capable of turning his frequent toilet-dwelling roles into gleeful, over-the-top gold. 567 mots de plus

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Famous Faces in Cappadocia

Cappadocia has attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world. I have made a list of famous people that have visited Cappadocia (the ones I’m aware of). 52 mots de plus

Cappadocia ATV Tours

National Treasure: The Treasuring

Have you ever laid awake at night, thinking, « Man, I wish there were more Nicolas Cage comics »? Well, this is your lucky day. In 2007, a tyrannosaurus bataar skull was bought at an auction in the U.S. 111 mots de plus