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Mandy and Suspiria on Halloween night

I found a theater in the city that had an early showing of the Suspiria re-make on October 31st. This particular theater was on the west side of town, where the rich people live. 688 mots de plus


Actor Nicolas Cage's Former SF Mansion Asking $10.9 Million

(San Francisco, CA-AP) — Actor Nicolas Cage’s former San Francisco mansion is now on the market for ten-point-nine-million-dollars. Cage’s four-story Tudor Revival home in Russian Hill features unobstructed views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. 53 mots de plus

Real Estate

Feature: Cult Cage

There is no actor working in contemporary film that operates so successfully between high and low culture than that of Nicolas Cage. Simultaneously an established member of the Hollywood elite (Cage won an Academy award in 1995 for Leaving Las Vegas) and a bonafide cult star, Cage’s reputation as a ‘mainstream maverick’ (Mathijs and Sexton, 2011) has been perpetuated throughout his career by his distinctive performance style. 169 mots de plus


6. Memes make you creative

Anybody remember this ancient artifact?

Yeah, that’s ol’ crazy eyes Nick Cage.

When I was at work with Drew the other day, the topic of Nick Cage came up in our conversation, and we eventually got to talking about this meme. 245 mots de plus

Don't Miss Mandy on Thursday Evening

Seriously, you don’t want to miss the chance to see (and hear) the brilliant cult madness of Mandy on the big screen on Thursday at the… 67 mots de plus


Knowing (2009) - reviewed by George

This sci-fi thriller has a score that magnifies the suspense and the destruction in the story very successfully, and it has really great FX. The story starts in Lexington, Massachusetts in 1959. 934 mots de plus