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Nicolas Cage, The Oscar-Nominated Actor And Nicolas Cage, The Meme Are The Same Person In 'Mandy'

Nicolas Cage, the Oscar-nominated actor, is not a fan of Nicolas Cage, the meme. « The issue is, with the advent of the internet, doing these mashups, where they pull these choice moments without the context of the whole film around it to support it, has created this meme-ification, if you will, » … 765 mots de plus

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Sick Sense Reviews - Mandy

Where: Limited Release in Cinemas, also available On Demand
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough
Director: Panos Cosmatos
Vomit Incidence: Minor blood spewing, also cheddar

A couple living an idyllic life in an isolated woodland cabin run into a bunch of drug-addled cult members. 394 mots de plus



There will be those wanting you to believe that this sophomore feature from Panos Cosmatos (Beyond the Black Rainbow) is a profound examination of everything from religion to masculinity to grief and loss, but don’t be fooled by proclamations that… 709 mots de plus

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HipZOMJoint Movie Review: Mandy

Director Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy is a acid-trip of a film drenched in dreamscape colors and blood.

The film stars Nicolas Cage and Andrea Riseborough 259 mots de plus


Released: 21st September
Seen: 21st September

There are some horror movies that work best if you’re already a fan of the genre. Movies like… 1 220 mots de plus


"A Closer Look at Bill Duke's 'Mandy' Moments"

The poster for Mandy has basically zilch to do with Bill Duke – his face is blended in that ectoplasmic cast sketch in its background – but it should, I think. 125 mots de plus