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French Départementales: Winners, Losers, and the National Front

In the second and final wave of French départementales elections on Sunday, Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP has come out triumphant with 67 of the country’s councils. 264 mots de plus


Nicolas Sarkozy and his soon-to-be "Républicains" are back

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, his rightwing party, the UMP, and its allies emerged as the victors in France’s local elections over the weekend—taking 27 départements, or regional administrative councils, and bringing its total  285 mots de plus

France: as President, will Sarkozy abolish same-sex "marriage"?

As was generally expected, the local elections have ended with a desaster for François Hollande’s Socialist Party, and it now seems definitely unlikely that the President will get a second term. 540 mots de plus


Nicolas Sarkozy's Latest Win Set to be First of Many

Nicolas Sarkozy has a lot to be thankful for tonight, after his Union for a Popular Movement party came out first during local polls in France this Sunday. 367 mots de plus


23 March 2015 | Italy, Portugal, and France


(This is essentially an ad for a book, but there is some brief discussion of his ideas on creativity, which is distinct from other videos that are not adverts, but which deal with Morris’ more famous fixations.) 579 mots de plus


Sarkozy staves off surging National Front, France exit polls suggest

Ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy’s conservative UMP and its allies led voting in the first round of French local elections, exit polls suggest.

They pushed the far-right National Front into second, with President Francois Hollande’s ruling Socialists in third. 438 mots de plus


One of the key advisors to Nicolas Sarkozy called him a 'dwarfish Napoleon' behind his back

Nicolas Sarkozy’s once all-powerful adviser mocked him as « stack heels, » « the dwarf » and « dwarfish Napoleon » who « can do nothing without me, » according to a new book. 505 mots de plus