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Why Nicolas Sarkozy Wants To Reverse The Brexit Vote.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s announcement on Wednesday that, if elected president of France in May 2017, he would give Britain a chance to reverse the Brexit vote, has raised eyebrows across the European Union. 1 801 mots de plus


The Donald Trump of France: How far right will Nicolas Sarkozy go to become his country's president again?

PARIS — He is straight out of Shakespeare, driven by the desire to recapture the throne and, at the very least, his dignity.

After a humiliating defeat in 2012, Nicolas Sarkozy — a very French blend of tabloid celebrity and professional tough guy — wants to be president again. 964 mots de plus


Sweating Your Way to Investment Success

There are many ways to make money in the financial markets, but if this was such an easy endeavor, then everybody would be trading while drinking umbrella drinks on their private islands. 621 mots de plus

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If you get tired of the US election gong show: French campaign is under way

I notice Alain Juppe and Nicolas Sarkozy were going at it in their primary-election presidential debate.

Nice to know we’ll have another fun presidential election to follow after this American one is done with — complete with its own xenophobic/isolationist/protectionist/half-crazed candidate (Marine Le Pen).

Explosive new book says Francois Hollande believes France has a 'problem with Islam'

France has a « problem with Islam » and there is « too much » unwanted immigration, Francois Hollande has acknowledged in an explosive new book in which the Socialist president controversially claims that « the veiled woman of today » will tomorrow become France’s national icon, Marianne. 517 mots de plus


Patrick Buisson sur Hollande-Sarkozy : attention, ça déménage!

Toujours extrait de « Valeurs actuelles » :

« Contrairement à Nicolas Sarkozy, je ne pense pas que les idées ne sont que des leviers d’ambition, et qu’il est loisible d’en changer dès lors qu’on change de stratégie » 503 mots de plus

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