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70th General Assembly: West Should Launch New Dialogue with Russia

70th General Assembly Session:
Great Chance to Strenghen International Security

Guest Article by Andrei Akulov

Strategic Culture Foundation
September 15, 2015

If the meeting takes place, one can hardly expect a miracle – there will be a long and winding road ahead. 892 mots de plus

Western Politics

France to start European rebellion against USA - English

According to this far-reaching article from Russia’s Pravda newspaper, the political split of the European Union will take place because of the refugees.

Source: France to start European rebellion against USA – English… 143 mots de plus


François Hollande can't shake his status as the least popular president in French history

By most measures, François Hollande is the least popular leader in the history of modern France. Other recent presidents, despite having more time to disappoint the electorate, were more popular than Hollande at almost every stage of their tenure. 191 mots de plus

Nicolas #Sarkozy: Sarkozy Calls for Migrant Detention Centers in Serbia, Bulgaria

North African states willing to cooperate or « countries like Serbia and Bulgaria » could help address the migrant crisis by setting up detention centers on their territories, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said. 79 mots de plus

Nicolas #Sarkozy

Nicolas #Sarkozy: La Baule Sarkozy, Fillon and Juppé give the image of unity. A forced march

A few seconds. This is the time it takes the photographer to capture the shot. But to unite the three subjects to capture, is another matter. 236 mots de plus

Nicolas #Sarkozy

Nicolas #Sarkozy: Pictured at last

The arrival of Nicolas Sarkozy is scheduled for 15:30, only this time Alain Juppe is scheduled to sign his book on education in the city center. 165 mots de plus

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Nicolas #Sarkozy: Uninhibited The confidences of Nicolas Sarkozy

On the issue of migration, « the debate is not between the generous and permissive non-heart farms. It is between the statesmen and … anything. » For Nicolas Sarkozy, the « anything » is as much a Hollande « lamentable » that Marine Le Pen « inhuman ». 186 mots de plus

Nicolas #Sarkozy