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Obama calls Libya his 'worst mistake'


© AFP/File | Since the downfall of Kadhafi, who was killed in a popular uprising, Libya descended into near-anarchy, ruled by rival militias vying for power while the Islamic State group has gained influence in the country… 339 mots de plus

UN Slams IDF after Interrogators Place Detainee at Shabbat Table of only French Speakers

(Photo Credit: Jewish Agency)

By Daily Freier Staff

Last Updated 4/8/2016 at 10:50 AM

New York, Turtle Bay: United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon reacted with undisguised anger to published reports alleging that the Israel Defense Force is using a new and potentially dangerous interrogation technique: placing detainees at a Sabbath table comprised… 249 mots de plus


Conversations with Nicolas Sarkozy

One of the perks of being an only child is that from a very young age my parents took me to many, many dinners, with many, many, people I did not know, where the conversations only made sense to grown ups. 1 212 mots de plus


President Obama Has Criticism for European Allies: David Cameron was distracted during Libya crisis, French president Nicolas Sarkozy of seeking to hog the spotlight

US president criticises Europe over failure to prevent ‘mess’ after Gaddafi fell and warns that special relationship comes with conditions

By Rowena Mason
The Guardian… 1 056 mots de plus

Apple-FBI Row Helps French National Assembly To Seeks to Penalise Smartphone Companies Blocking Terror Investigations


© Jewel Samad / AFP | An anti-government protester holds up his iPhone with a sign « No Entry » during a demonstration near the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York on February 23, 2016… 492 mots de plus

Trump and the Art of the Constitution

Trump and the Art of the Constitution

Donald Trump has run a campaign on « Making America Great Again », a campaign which begs the question what makes America great and what does it mean to be an American? 841 mots de plus

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