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Hillary Clinton's E-mail From Sid "France's client & Qaddafi's gold" - Unclassified (FOIA)

PDF FILE HERE: C05779612

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. *2014-20439 Doc No. C05779612 Date: 12/31/2015


To: Saturday, April 2, 201 1 10:44 PM Subject: H: France’s client & Q’s gold. 643 mots de plus


Decisions regarding the primary elections in the US are upon us. Whether orientated towards the Democratic or Republican party we are in a position to seriously influence the direction of our government. 2 105 mots de plus

World Politics

Keith Spicer: Age is the issue du jour in French politics

“Old age is a shipwreck,” deplored Charles de Gaulle. France’s geriatric ship of state now sways wildly onto the rocks: a poll in the mass-market daily Le Parisien says 88 per cent of French voters want younger politicians. 586 mots de plus


Will Lagarde Join Tharman in the Exclusive Club of Finance Ministers with Criminal Records?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Bernard Tapie

Christine Lagarde IMF Head


In 2012 I discovered that the Finance Minister had pledged a US$ 4 billion loan commitment backed by our reserves to support a new lending facility for the IMF. 2 425 mots de plus


What the French election results mean for the 2017 presidential race

François Hollande’s chances have improved, Nicolas Sarkozy earned breathing space but not much, and Marine Le Pen’s Front National is struggling in cities 932 mots de plus


France has united to give the far-right National Front yet another a painful defeat

At this time last week, the far-right National Front was riding high as « the first party of France, » as it called itself. After all, it had just secured the largest share of votes for regional council seats, with 28% of the vote nationwide, and placed first in six of the country’s 13 regions. 427 mots de plus

Marine Le Pen Lost a Battle But May Win the War in France

Supporters of France’s far-right Front National (FN) must have been almost able to taste victory before it was snatched away from them in the second round of regional elections yesterday. 469 mots de plus