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Er schuilt een Trumpje in ieder van ons.

’t Is een ongemakkelijke waarheid, die we doorgaans aardig weten te negeren en maskeren, maar soms steekt het venijnig ventje z’n lelijke kopje op en is er geen ontsnappen aan. 563 mots de plus

What Did We Learn From The French Republican Primaries?


Never assume anything.


Unlike the US Republican primaries, where it wasn’t until the media’s obsession with Donald Trump’s louder antics that a « favorite » was clear, the French Republican primaries looked like a one-on-one from the get-go. 882 mots de plus


Musharaxa Trump-ka France Lagu Naanayso Ee Garabka Midig Oo Ku Guulaystay Wareega 1aad Ee Doorashada Faransiiska

Musharaxa xisbiga Garabka Midig ee dalka Faransiiska Francois Fillon oo hore raysal wasaare uga noqday dalkiisa, ayaa si wayn ugu horeeya wareega hore ee doorashada dalka Faransiiska, 192 mots de plus

Warar Iyo Dhacdooyin

French president Francois Hollande and his premier both weigh presidential bids

France’s government spokesman is insisting that Socialist President Francois Hollande and his prime minister can’t compete against each other in an upcoming presidential primary – except if the second quits. 377 mots de plus


Nicolas Sarkozy (Zioninst Jew, Kike) concedes humiliating defeat in French right-wing primary (VERY VERY VERY GOOD!!!!)

PARIS (AFP) — Former president Nicolas Sarkozy conceded defeat in the first round of France’s right-wing presidential primary on Sunday, after placing third with more than half of polling stations reporting. 636 mots de plus

Daily News

Fillon proposes a new path for the French right

He was the outsider few predicted would win the first round of primary voting among France’s centre-right presidential candidates, but François Fillon has emerged as the new favourite who just might sweep the conservatives to power. 721 mots de plus