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Dead Man's Diary: Sarkozy's 2007 Presidential Election Campaign Funded by Gaddafi

« A further 3 million euros was purportedly transferred by a son of Gaddafi before the final 2 million was sent by Abdullah Sanussi, the then head of Libyan intelligence service.

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‘We cannot live among people who support Islamic law’ – Nicolas Sarkozy

Express, Sept. 26, 2016: (go to site for video)

An opinion poll carried out by the Montaigne Institute, a liberal think tank, revealed that 29 per cent of Muslims living in France were hardline – known as “ultras” in France – who believe the country should respect Islamic law. 156 mots de plus


Bokeep File No, Nicolas Sarkozy, not all French people share the same roots | Christelle Oyiri

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„Tout pour la France“ – In Frankreich läuft der Wahlkampf an

Charles de Gaulle, Mitbegründer der Fünften Französischen Republik, fragte einmal, wie man ein Land regieren solle, in dem es 246 verschiedene Sorten Käse gebe. Das Kandidatenfeld sieben Monate vor der ersten Runde der französischen Präsidentschaftswahlen im April 2017 ist ähnlich unübersichtlich und zersplittert – und ändert sich fast täglich. 1 120 mots de plus

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Ex-French President Questions “Global Warming”

Man alone is not responsible for climate change and the world has far bigger problems than “global warming,” said former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

“Climate has been changing for four billion years,” Sarkozy, who’s running for president again, … 180 mots de plus


Nicolas Sarkozy A Climate Change Sceptic

By Andrew Bolt ~

The writer is horrified, but French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy now thinks global warming is so clearly over-hyped that he no longer need disguise his scepticism: 171 mots de plus

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