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The fantasy of a “Muslim vote” continues to haunt France

On April 8, the well-known French television show Salut les terriens turned sour when guests discussed the very sensitive topic of the so-called “French Muslim vote.” One panelist, journalist Sonia Mabrouk, argued that Muslims in France are constantly used by opportunists, from politicians to intellectuals, as a constituency to serve their own purposes. 999 mots de plus

La Fayette Revisited

Erin Blakemore, « France’s Famous High School Exam Will Soon Feature Its First Woman Author, » Smithsonian 21 March 2017:

…But the novella isn’t La Fayette’s most famous work. 74 mots de plus

Andrew Gallix

L'homme de l'ombre qui règne sur le parti #LR

Il flotte comme un parfum délétère sur le parti LR; Nicolas Sarkozy y règne dans l’ombre; les intrigues vont bon train pour entretenir les rancoeurs et délivrer les mauvais conseils qui font de la Droite française la plus bête du monde. 365 mots de plus

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The U.S will support the victims of crime

I was watching the U.S President Donald Trump`s much anticipated debut address to Congress on February 28. A speech that was big on rhetoric and I think investors will need to wait for any tax cuts and infrastructure investments. 683 mots de plus


Thomas Mulcair demands Liberals ‘come clean’ about Canada's alleged spying on French election

Thomas Mulcair is demanding the federal government explain what role Canada played in alleged spying on France’s 2012 presidential election.

“The very possibility that Canadian spy agencies have been involved in monitoring French politicians is so serious that it absolutely cries out for a clear and unambiguous answer from our government. 420 mots de plus


United States asked Canada to help spy on candidates during 2012 French election: WikiLeaks

Central Intelligence Agency documents released by WikiLeaks Thursday list Canada as one of several countries asked to assist the United States while they spied on the 2012 French presidential election. 393 mots de plus