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Dragon Quest XI Poised To Reach Lower End Of Square Enix's Unit Expectations

You’ve probably already heard about how well Dragon Quest XI has performed in Japan and to be honest it was a given. However, Square Enix has revealed that the game is only on track to reach the lower end of Square Enix’s unit expectations. 107 mots de plus


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rated By Australian Classification Board

One game that many of you are looking forward to dipping into and getting immersed with this winter is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo Switch. 57 mots de plus


Ep. 185: Adam's Future Switch Purchase

Adam’s been saving for a Nintendo Switch for some time.  He ALMOST has enough… what’s his plan of attack for purchasing day?!

Throw Down & Level Up! 43 mots de plus


Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Review

Among the many original concepts that found their home on the Nintendo DS, Ghost Trick is one of the most refreshing

In its waning months, most systems suffer from a nearly total lack of good releases, a drought caused by a safe attitude from game developers who witness as their target audience becomes so deeply interested in the system that is to come that they completely forget about the devices they have in hand. 1 667 mots de plus


Nintendo Switch Bending Problems Are Still A Thing


Earlier this year, there were English language reports of the Nintendo Switch warping and bending. Now, there are similar reports from Japan. … 210 mots de plus


Game Boy Adapter Mini PC Case

I didn’t realize how popular mini PC’s have gotten lately. Entire desktops with a Windows OS stuffed into a small case for a few hundred bucks, a bargain I would’ve jumped at a few times in the past. 79 mots de plus