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A Review of Mario Tennis Aces

Depending on the card game, an ace can be the highest value card you get, or a low value, bottom of the barrel one. Much like the card it shares a name with, Mario Tennis Aces has meteoric highs, and dreadful lows in equal measure. 917 mots de plus

Mario Tennis Aces premiering at... EVO?

The Smash hit tennis game that doesn’t lob any victories your way.

The new Mario Tennis Aces game has undoubtedly been a success after its recent launch. 515 mots de plus

Video Games

Super Mario Odyssey (Switch): A Platformer of Epic Proportions (Detailed Review)

It may be safe to say that Nintendo is going through a renaissance of sorts as of late.It seems like just a few years ago everyone was on Nintendo’s ass for their refusal to innovate and going on and on about how much of a failure the Wii U was. 2 112 mots de plus


Capcom Planning More Nintendo Switch Titles

Capcom mentioned during their latest shareholders meeting that they will continue to support the Nintendo Switch with a variety of games. Nothing was specified by the company so we shall just have to wait for future announcements from them. 57 mots de plus


US: Little Dragons Cafe Coming To Nintendo Switch 24th August

Aksys Games, who are the publisher and co-developer of Little Dragons Cafe, has announced that the cute title will be released on the Nintendo Switch in North America on 24th August. 74 mots de plus


Fe for Nintendo Switch Review

This hauntingly beautiful exploration game follows the story of the creature Fe, through a wild and compelling forest inspired by the creator Zoink’s native Sweden. You’re entrenched in the untamed beauty in the handheld mode of the Nintendo Switch; immersed in the (un)natural sounds of the multi-coloured forest. 487 mots de plus


Buttons and Memories

This is an original song I wrote back in 2016 which I think deserves a spot in my wordpress. The song is inspired by different Nintendo game characters, their personalities, reminiscing childhood highlights and my view of life in general. 209 mots de plus