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Arms Is Light On Content But Overflowing With Fun

It’s pretty rare that Nintendo releases a game that isn’t part of an established franchise. Earlier this year, they put out 1 2 Switch, a minigame collection that I didn’t play, but before that, the last new IP out of Nintendo that I can think of is Splatoon. 1 607 mots de plus

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Exit 158. Staring at this picture on my wall.

I’m really late this week.  It’s summer, I’m not working, and my routine is all off.  And I don’t really have anything on my mind to write about. 315 mots de plus

Conan O'Brien & Will Arnett Played ARMS In The Latest "Clueless Gamer" Segment

Conan O’Brien’s show has a segment called « Clueless Gamer », featuring video games. So far, Nintendo games have been largely absent from the segment, but the latest installment of « Clueless Gamer » made an exception. 45 mots de plus


A Hey! Pikmin Demo Is Available In The European 3DS eShop

Nintendo of Europe has given players a chance to try out Hey! Pikmin with a demo that’s now available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. European 3DS owners can put their Red and Rock Pikmin to the test by downloading the demo today. 37 mots de plus