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I don’t find any difficulty in admitting that I wasted last 5 years of my life doing nothing. Was it a complete, colossal disposal of the arbitrary concept of time you may ask and I’d again say yes. 272 mots de plus

Too Cool for School

Why’s everyone so reticent?

Emotionless and medicined?

It seems their souls got jettisoned,

and husks got left behind.

The fashion is to play it cool, 54 mots de plus





Silence was what you said when the walls of Jericho fell
and you watched with pain and heard them tell

to everyone on the streets the sacred secrets… 196 mots de plus



Relax, cross your front paws, look at the cell phone as if you don’t care how the photo turns out.

Nothing is cooler than nonchalance.

–Darth Vader

My Boyfriend says...

My boyfriend says that I spend too much time alone, and that worries him. It sometimes keeps him awake at night . And I tell him that it shouldn’t bother him, for I was never a social butterfly. 307 mots de plus


#Style: 5 Ways to Rock a Dress With Sneakers!


I’ve been incredulous to the idea of pairing sneakers with a dress mostly because I hadn’t found a trial worthy one, but then I finally did on Cassie Davies’ blog, and it sure gave me inspiration to churn out this post: 5 Ways to pair your sneakers with a Dress. 229 mots de plus


New Phone? Nahh!

Because with the present one I am enjoying a nonchalance that will be taken away, once I get a new smart phone.

On a glorious day called 27 October, 2014 I got my first phone (No, I don’t have a good memory, I have got the receipt because duh!

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