Mots-clés » Nonchalance

Ducks, sprezzatura and the ultimate sophistication

Have you ever seen a duck on a pond?

It looks so serene, trotting out and about in the water without breaking a sweat. Cool, calm and collected. 717 mots de plus

Things I Want You To Know

A Zephyr Lost In Wilderness

Where hides the whiff, of that mystique
If not in sanctum, of the wild
Which plays a bout, of hide and seek
With the candor, of a vagrant child! 86 mots de plus



Woodwork class

was infused with

tedium and treachery.

Much time was spent

knocking nails into

cheap shoddy planks


the watchful glare of

the hirsute Rasputin. 74 mots de plus


« Whoever knows the true nature of darkness in the night shouldn’t, out of nonchalance, terminate the moon; then, people should remember the goodness of others before they hurt them. 6 mots de plus


Galaxy mail

I’m the only traveler on that path,
The way that the loan has not repaid
I’m looking forward to going back and forth,
The guards to bring them back… 93 mots de plus

Below Are The Words

Miles Davis, John Coltrane, So What?

If it weren’t for his furtive, occasionally darting eyes, Mile’s Davis’s 1959 performance of “So What?” (see below) might serve as an ideal video embodiment of the word… 302 mots de plus



I don’t find any difficulty in admitting that I wasted last 5 years of my life doing nothing. Was it a complete, colossal disposal of the arbitrary concept of time you may ask and I’d again say yes. 272 mots de plus