Étiquettes » Nonchalance


Chalance is the quiver in your vivacious voice as you tell them you’re fine.
The trepid tear you battle as you proclaim that you don’t care anymore. 58 mots de plus

the one

the day i saw you sitting there
so nonchalantly, free of care,
it crossed my heart that you might be
my one and only, meant for me… 54 mots de plus



blooming with glee

freedom is near

how can’t you hear

the voice of the sea

folding into itself yet expanding over the horizon

it’s not just a dream it’s everything above real… 81 mots de plus


Minds Are Meant To Be Blown

As sex rules our lives (yes, it does! even if sometimes it’s called ‘love’), sexy is what we’re looking for even with the most sober clothes we’re supposed to be wearing. 17 mots de plus


The Mask Of Nonchalance

The end of college is nigh. This is going to be a short blog post.

As the 4 years draw to a close, a realisation sets in. 435 mots de plus



Nonchalance in the face of kind rejection is the better part

Of valor: not pressing the attack or retreating at speed

And screaming, neither arguing that the person turning… 124 mots de plus

Collateral Damage

We give a great deal of importance to love
– the heart is so romanticized –
and we put love in a box
that was made by the internet; 151 mots de plus