Mots-clés » Nonchalance


The blackout of hearts

In etherealities of the conscience

The in-bred darkness

Of the eye-lid that sleeps at twilight

Like one of the three monkeys… 23 mots de plus



Two old friends enjoying the Japanese Friendship Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

two old friends
waiting for a thunderclap—
studied nonchalance

~~ ~~ ~~

short on time…
49 mots de plus


week 336 ~ as the circle completes itself

as the circle completes itself
loose dreams tied up with hopeful string
unravel and the smell of spring
is silently knocked off the shelf
what one never believed one’s self… 23 mots de plus


My Grandma's Fragrant Treasures (Part 5)

Greetings and salutations and blah, blah, blah. Let’s get smelly!

1. Parfums Guy Laroche Fidji:

Just what is it with older people and collecting miniature perfumes? 442 mots de plus

My Grandma's Fragrant Treasures

XV. Nihilist (PRP-1)

::Rooftop continued::

Josh: So you’re saying that you were like that in past?

Martanda: Yeah. Back in past.

Josh: And not now anymore?

Martanda: Hell no. 999 mots de plus


XIII. drawing room discussion

He went mad in the summer of ’97, reported Ayesha (*making rings of smoke*). At least so they said, “he lost his sanity… the boy’s no good, we’ve lost him”. 1 119 mots de plus