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Meet The Bling Ring's Katie Chang

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There’s a scene in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, the based-on-true-events retelling of the 10-month-long, $3 million burglarizing spree of L.A. 320 mots de plus


It wasn’t that elusive,
or that simple, really,
it was a blow in the frostbiting
winter, when someone you
adored didn’t pay heed
to what little you held solemnly. 32 mots de plus

Impeccable Poems

Taking It Light

Yes, I do the exact opposite of what so called experts suggest. I don’t plan. Life is less stressful and more fun that way.

No, I don’t have all the answers. 126 mots de plus

Rumor has it she needs my voice...

Follow her unwitting nonchalance
Replete with emotions that transcend my sight
Opening lines so carefully drawn
Spellbound by this drama of darkness and light
Torment my soul with tragic delight.
(Copyright 1997)

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The Unhappy Queen with a Porous Heart

Aggrievance III

In the years that passed,
The young girl’s smile disappeared
Then her words vanished,
Till she became barely perceptible,
Until one day she was to be found nowhere. 218 mots de plus



David’s studied nonchalance was a fine match for Margaret’s first tentative foray into the dangerous world of tango.



because i am no longer myself
in these weary days, marred, stifled
by the smoke and nonchalance whose
fidgeting hands worry less and less
about contaminants; restlessly, 31 mots de plus