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Burn baby, burn

Four years ago, late July, my first summer in Amsterdam. A friend of mine texted me so that i would join her at a party that was going on at Noorderlicht. 471 mots de plus


A Place Beyond Belief - Visual Amsterdam

How many times did I visit Amsterdam? I lost the count of how many bikes I rented, exhibitions I’ve visited, and the huge amount of streets I’ve walked through. 387 mots de plus


The Economy of Appearances - Installation (Film)

‘In Mark Curran’s practice, projects unfold over time. (Since the late nineties) Curran has undertaken a cycle of long-term, ethnographically-informed multimedia research projects addressing the predatory context resulting from migrations and flows of global capital…in this major exhibition, … 126 mots de plus

Research Practice

Northern lights

The past month I sailed on the sv Noorderlicht (Dutch for Northern Lights). One of the images I really wanted to make was a picture with the Noorderlicht with the Aurora in the background. 98 mots de plus


A trash bin full of teabags

Flekke, Noorwegen

‘s Ochtends als ik naar ontbijt loop (of ren, meestal) is het licht. Als ik terug kom van dinner, is het licht. De eerste keer dat ik me dat realiseerde moest ik even still staan om het te beseffen. 625 mots de plus


Foto impressie - The Wild Life

Even een kleine foto impressie van het leven van een Wildernis Gids in spé: Omdat je er soms gewoon niet teveel woorden aan vuil moet maken. 98 mots de plus


Auroral display

One of the things the highest on the wish list of people who joined on this expedition (including the guide…), was seeing the Aurora borealis. As you can read… 269 mots de plus