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高橋秀一郎「破壊と幻想ー萩原恭次郎私論」(1978) chapters0-1

Takahashi Shuichiro (1937-1992). Born in Saitama, Honjo. Poet. Introduction and Chapter 1 of his personal survey of Hagiwara’s work. 246 mots de plus

My Home Was Never Broken.

It was 2016. I was so happy. I even weighed 4 kgs more than usual.

But, two days after my birthday that year, everything changed. My happiness left. 181 mots de plus

Night Thoughts


Since a young age, I have always been fascinated with Ancient Egypt and everything about it. Egyptology will always be one of my biggest loves throughout culture and mythology. 102 mots de plus


Initial Thoughts at the End of Year One

Initial Thoughts sent to my tutor about second year

Discussing via email is a handy resource to use when researching and exploring routes. It can help consolidate ideas and give us new directions in the ways we wish to work and proceed with development. 336 mots de plus


Note: AWS Certification

After ‘playing’ with AWS Cloud for sometime, I decided to take the AWS certification to validate my skills. The certification went well and I got certified as both cloud practitioner and solution architect – associate. 216 mots de plus


Choices Experiment - Day One

Here are the notes from my first day trying the Choices Experiment. I recorded as many choices as possible as they stood out to me, of course, there are probably some that escaped my attention. 165 mots de plus



My April into May has hit a few road bumps. If you follow me on social media, you might have seen the post about when I discovered all my S memo notes have disappeared. 643 mots de plus