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weather of moment

sat in the dark

pour your tea

and think about what should be

right about the day


and moments ahead

what is the birds flying by thinking on a soggy day… 45 mots de plus


What is motivation

Motivation’ is derived from the word « motive. Motive refers to the needs, wants drives, imptlses within goals. Moivation may the people to action, to accomplish desired manner. 164 mots de plus


November Quote of the Month

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song of the day Randy Crawford "wrap u Up"

dug this song back in 1989. her voice

is truly something else

and she is vastly underrrated in america.

in europe she is treated and thought of as Musical royality… 65 mots de plus


one of those days

felt like you walked into a day

of where things are a signal on a road

of going wrong

folks talking sideways

and eyes all sideways… 48 mots de plus


In 2013 things were different from what it would be in 2014, but this I did not know in 2013, which was also a year of discoveries. 457 mots de plus