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in a matter of this

alternative of the mind

and mood as its own swing

galaxy as its own roar

and those of the  curve

and a curb so close… 47 mots de plus


15/03/17: I bought a new book!

If you don’t already know, I absolutely love old things, vintage things, because I feel like they romanticise things in life because of the way that they are worn but still loved. 187 mots de plus

'Regal Hearts' Review.

I am all about fiction- I love reading it, and I also love writing it. Unfortunately, as a Christian, teenage girl; good, clean fiction isn’t always so easy to find. 657 mots de plus

in a move of inches

as if the war of the mind

and thus of the eyes

are so far apart

and what it was the dance

and meant as it was the having… 46 mots de plus