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Can This Man Oust Netanyahu?

Yair Lapid, Israel’s consummate centrist, explains why his party can unseat Israel’s prime minister. via NYT Opinion https://ift.tt/2CtyZ1Z


The territorial caliphate has been defeated. The ideological caliphate is alive and kicking.

— Julie Lenarz (@MsJulieLenarz) March 20, 2019



Literally every proposal the #democrats have is self interested…

A power grab (since they can’t win w/o cheating)

A vote grab (since Americans won’t vote for them) …

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Dear bullies: This is what you accomplished.

Dear dems: This is the loyalty you breed.

Dear America: I’m pretty sure everything is gonna be ok. 👍🏼

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Four more schools in Birmingham have stopped teaching about LGBT rights following complaints by some Muslim parents.https://t.co/dAQN6PAIHw

— Natasha Fatah (@NatashaFatah) March 20, 2019



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