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Landlord-Tenant Rights, Rules, Laws, Regulations and Advice.

Disclaimer: These tenant and landlord laws, rights, rules, regulations and advice are from Pennsylvania, New York, Nevada, Los Angeles, Washington State, Texas, Chicago, and a few other states in America! 48 742 mots de plus


#1063 - Humble

Thanksgiving is a time of the year when we watch football, eat copious amounts of food, and try to forget about the impending doom of winter that is inevitably coming our way. 870 mots de plus

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Assumptions People Make About Me, The Quiet Girl, That Aren't True At All

« She’s not very deep. »

That’s what I’ve heard people say about me. Okay, maybe I haven’t actually heard them say it, but I sure know that they are thinking it — and no, that is not me overthinking it. 740 mots de plus

RamTown Tuition Prize Shows Fordham’s Disconnect with Students

Debt free tuition is a right not an impossible trick shot

By Kyle Zarif

Staff Fordham Critic

Taking into account room and board, Fordham’s current tuition is $67,457. 605 mots de plus


The Switch-List

The success of the Nintendo Switch has been mentioned many times over the course of this year, thanks in large part to a stellar Year One library of games. 1 308 mots de plus

Gaming Talk

Why aren't we all in politcs already?

Last year I was at a conference. I was part of the organizing team and I had the chance to facilitate some sessions and some interesting discussions among the participants, that were all people (mostly students) under 30. 1 330 mots de plus