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'I might have been Brazilian in another life,' says vocalist Rachel Beausoleil

For Ottawa singer Rachel Beausoleil, Portuguese is the last of the six languages that she’s learned to speak, picking it up just five years ago. And yet, she finds singing the bossa novas and sambas of Brazil in their original Portuguese couldn’t be more natural or satisfying. 826 mots de plus


Builder restores Colonial-style home of former mayor to original grandeur

Standing in the formal living room of a newly-renovated Colonial-style home, builder Shneur Bielak marvels at the roundabout way he became owner, renovator, and now seller, of the stately Glabar Park house once occupied by former Ottawa mayor and Minto Developments founder Lorry Greenberg. 1 009 mots de plus


Singin' the blues!

So apparently this past Monday was « Blue Monday, » the supposed most depressing day of the season. Although this is more myth than fact, a clever marketing ploy by the travel industry, some people legitimately struggle at this time of year. 430 mots de plus

Action on the South March Highlands

Written by Denise Deby.

Trees are again being cut down in Ottawa’s South March Highlands.

KNL is removing trees from 75-100 hectares of land in the Highlands, one of Ottawa’s most biodiverse areas, in preparation for construction. 203 mots de plus


Food and Drink Blog: Ottawa's Newest Smoothie Place

Are you tired of going to the same place for smoothies every week? Do you want to try something new and even more delicious? If the answer is yes, then Raw Pulp +Grind is the place for you. 519 mots de plus


January 19, 2017

Amazing – today was a perfect day. On my way to living the life of my dreams. I have had so many realizations; taking the time for reflection and visioning. 87 mots de plus