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Shakespearean puppets and cellphone thrillers: National Arts Centre announces 2015-2016 season

A tale of two big names in Canada’s theatre world begins in the rural neighbourhood of the Goulds in St. John’s, N.L.

It’s a story that played out on the National Arts Centre (NAC) stage on Tuesday – but not as a part of the regular season. 748 mots de plus


Two Syrian-Canadian students feeling ‘betrayed’ by government’s expanded ISIS mission

Canadian fighter jets could be days away from bombing targets in Syria, but opposition leaders Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau aren’t the only ones against the federal government’s plan to expand its ISIS mission. 328 mots de plus


Flying into a glass wall: Bird deaths in downtown Ottawa proving to be no joking matter

Ever look out your office window, thinking it would be nice to switch places with the birds soaring past?

When you learn how many times our feathered friends have flown into glass buildings in the downtown, your opinion might change. 388 mots de plus


As demand for mental health services grows, funding stagnates

Mental health service providers in the Ottawa region say they are struggling to cope in the face of continued provincial funding freezes.

The largest of them, Royal Mental Health Centre, announced job cuts and other reductions Monday to eliminate a $4.2 million shortfall. 512 mots de plus

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Ottawa's traffic hell, or at least traffic heck

For Gina Beaudoin, a staff member at Carleton University, living in Embrun means an arduous 52-kilometre commute to and from work.

Without traffic, a one-way trip takes about 40 minutes on the highway, but during rush hour it can take more than an hour and a half. 788 mots de plus

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