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One Photo

One photo

Frantically collected

From the poised and piled

As tornado warnings proceed

The sirens repeat

One photo

Treasured among smiles, scattered

Corners curled and tattered… 158 mots de plus


Monkey Around Play & Learn Centre

Just when we thought we couldn’t get ANOTHER Ottawa area membership for the kids… well, today we acquired another one at Monkey Around Play and Learn Centre! 554 mots de plus

Running to Remember

« Running can put you in touch with your feelings, some you may not realize you had. »

I have a great respect for people who help others in general. 883 mots de plus

Reflections on being a part of a natural disaster, 2018

On the 21st of September a Tornado struck Ottawa-Gatineau. I lived only 5 blocks away from where it hit in Gatineau, and was therefore a part of the event, if only on the periphery. 437 mots de plus


Simulacrum Press #19: The Book of Ruth, by Amanda Earl

Amanda Earl’s The Book of Ruth is an 8.5×8.5″ chapbook of 6 sheets of cardstock, printed on one side. With a simple cover and back of reflective gold coloured cardstock, the chapbook is bound with loose binder rings. 98 mots de plus

Democracy is not easy

Political nomination races and party leadership races are the most divisive events in the life of a political party activist and member. Many who take part in them, as a candidate or a supporter of a candidate live to tell their stories after, but a few drop off the political map and are never heard from again.  723 mots de plus


Ottawa Storm

Thinking of everyone affected by the three tornados and storm that thundered through the Ottawa-Gatineau area on Friday.

Grateful for the people who have worked through the aftermath of the storm, to look after others, respond to emergencies, assess and address the damage, share shelter, food and water, and keep lines of communication open. 66 mots de plus