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We can't be friends

The Macy’s mall on state street seemingly had

a lot of Israeli immigrant workers, peddling

makeup and perfume in scarlet smocks.

///One of these ladies, holding nail paint, 173 mots de plus

Mark Winter & Ric Cole Interview Transcript

Mark Winter and Ric Cole were members of the International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party. Mark studied at Liverpool University and Ric studied at Bedford College. Ric later became a full-time student organiser for the SWP. 13 827 mots de plus


Journalist dead after being shot by Israeli troops while covering border demonstration: Gaza officials

GAZA, Palestinian Territory — A Palestinian journalist who was shot by Israeli troops while covering a demonstration on the Gaza-Israel border earlier this month died of his wounds on Wednesday, the Gaza Health Ministry announced. 375 mots de plus


Facts on the Ground

People often ask me why the Israel-Palestine issue has gone on unresolved for so long. Before I can even get out a word, there is no shortage of people who want to interject and offer their own analysis. 742 mots de plus


Israeli Military Target Civilians - Caught On Camera

In this shocking piece of video provided by the Israeli human rights organisation, B’Tselem, we can see how Zionist troops deliberately target Palestinians, even if they have only stones to throw in defence. 120 mots de plus


Israeli Death Squad Murders Palestinian Academic In Malaysia

Assassins from an Israeli spy agency gunned down a Palestinian academic from the University of Kuala Lumpur in cold blood on the streets of Malaysia last weekend, according to the murdered man’s family.

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Sick in the head: ‘That will teach them’: israeli soldiers gloat & cheer as they shoot Palestinian protesters

‘That will teach them’: Israeli soldiers gloat & cheer as they shoot Palestinian protesters


Disturbing footage from the West Bank published by an Israeli human rights group shows IDF soldiers discussing how to improve land shots on unarmed Palestinian protesters and cheering as they hit them with rubber bullets. 589 mots de plus