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September 21, 2018, Autumnal Equinox: Al-Hamme, by David Shulman

Once there was just the firing zone, largely fictive. It spreads over thousands of acres in the northern Jordan Valley, and it’s been in place, on paper and plastic-wrapped military maps, for maybe forty years. 1 539 mots de plus


Maha Arabic Lesson - How To State Your Marital Status

In this lesson, the wonderful Maha instructs us on the ways to state your marital status. We learn how to tell someone if we are married or single or divorced or even engaged. 58 mots de plus


israeli (apartheid state) Army Kills One Palestinian, Injures 90, In Gaza

Israeli Army Kills One Palestinian, Injures 90, In Gaza


24 Sep

11:46 PM

Israeli soldiers killed, Monday, one Palestinian and injured 90 others, during a protest in northern Gaza, especially at the shore where many boats attempted to sail and challenge the ongoing Israeli siege on the coastal region. 193 mots de plus


People surviving because death has not enough space to take them all

“I am sorry, Shatila has no stars level. People are surviving because death has not enough space to take all of them. It is a joke but still reflecting some kind of bitterness of life which poor refugees are suffering from. 1 001 mots de plus

«إسرائيل» عاجزة عن خوض الحرب والضفة والجليل هدف هجوم محتمل

سبتمبر 24, 2018

محمد صادق الحسيني

تواصل الأوساط العسكرية والأمنية والصحافية الإسرائيلية البحث والنقاش حول تراجع قوة الردع الإسرائيلية، وبالتالي تراجع قدرة الجيش الإسرائيلي، بمختلف صنوف أسلحته الجوية والبحرية والبرية، عن مواجهة «الأخطار التي تهدد الدولة»، كما يسميها المحللون والباحثون الإسرائيليون.


A Yom Kippur Martyrology Service for Gaza

This Yom Kippur Martyrology ritual was written by Tzedek Chicago rabbinic intern May Ye and myself and was used in observance in our Yom Kippur service last week. 1 244 mots de plus


‘Preventing Palestine’: A must read history of failed peacemaking


Seth Anziska’s « Preventing Palestine: A Political History from Camp David to Oslo » is a deeply insightful and profoundly disturbing book that traces the tortuous path of Middle East peacemaking during the past four decades.

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