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Amber Heard - #AmberHeard (Mera) has started to test filming in the upcomi... #Chapecoense

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Its cold outside, and a bit inside.. too tight to put the heating on yet :)

If there`s a way to go through being diagnosed with young onset parkinsons (yes Ive given it a small « p » it doesnt deserve a capital in my book) and everything in between till now and get most things wrong, then I`m youre man. 226 mots de plus

other, another.....symbolically real or really symbolic: A Wounded Dialogue

This is an experimental post with a dialogue with the other and the other is simply nowhere or now-here, or whatever form it takes. A response to what is to be imagined, a collation of comments in argumentativeness with a piece that gets created with the answers coming prior to the questions. 707 mots de plus


In a world full of paranoia unreliable news stories will be created and believed

Crazy energy circulating in this world makes it so important that one only believe sources that are really credible and well supported by hard facts and solid investigations.  149 mots de plus