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the litany

Everything’s fine.

this phrase is probably the most prevalent set of words in my life. i force them to run through my head for hours each day. 962 mots de plus


A Day With Schizophrenia

I love a good deal. I shop at thrift stores, love sweepstakes, raffles, and anything free. I wait in lines at conferences and fairs to get free pens, hats, canvas bags, and writing tablets. 419 mots de plus


The Gift Horse

You can’t understand why the gift horse has come to you with those presents tied to its side. Surely there must be some mistake?

Is the horse a Trojan one? 397 mots de plus

Short Stories


I’ve never been terribly comfortable in large crowds and often feel enclosed or a sort of mild claustrophobia when in the city on a busy day. 320 mots de plus

The Case Against Matt DeHart | Newsweek

This is such a scary mess that I just don’t know what to say. The whole article is lengthy but it’ll blow your mind.

« After doing a full run-up, the ER doctors concluded DeHart had suffered an acute psychotic break, “most consistent with drug-induced psychosis such as secondary to amphetamines, cocaine or other stimulants.” But DeHart denied ever willingly taking drugs, and he had been in the custody of law enforcement for 16 hours before his trip to the hospital.

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Big Brother

Nude Photos

I’ve noticed that blogs can go down after the author publishes a nude photo.  I wonder if this one will too?

Something is telling me I’m a coward for not coming back for ?several days. 337 mots de plus



23 March 2015

The evening after meeting Carol for what turned out to be lunch, followed later by a phone conversation about a house, Sarah (a.k.a., … 1 467 mots de plus