Étiquettes » Paranoia


Crimson skies,

Time flies,

Tyranny tries,

Many hearts die.

Crystal soul,

No known goal,

Digging that hole,

Desolate, howl.

Chess pieces,

Filth and treaties,

Deaths head parties, 16 mots de plus


FMP - Artist Research: Toby Allen

Doing some further artist research into artists that have created illustrations for Mental Health awareness, I have come across artist Toby Allen. Toby is an alumni from Plymouth University, whom received a first class degree in illustration. 139 mots de plus


Paranoia at it's best

What do you do when you’ve met the love of your life, and months down the road, he tells you he had a one night stand before he met you? 524 mots de plus

Cray Thoughts

Anxiety for appointment

It’ll be the first appointment to my psychiatrist since my appointment at the Mayo Clinic and being in the hospital for the second time in three months. 240 mots de plus


Don’t look at the time

the sheets are rucked and damp

I’m a carcass

a hot sticky unpleasant carcass

don’t check the time

turn over and go back to sleep… 255 mots de plus

Poetic Thoughts

I Just Feel So Angry, All The Time.

Like I said in my last blog, I needed a break for a while. The break has helped me with dealing with people in a calm manner. 1 681 mots de plus


Reefer Madness

He was right now locked in a heady neighbourhood dispute, alone, in his room. Moments earlier, beneath the beginnings of a poolside creeping grapevine patio type deal, shielded from the moon-and-starlight, he had smoked a blunt. 1 127 mots de plus