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Dark Day

January 20, 2017. The day everything will change.

Many Americans naively believe it’s the day everything will start to get better for them. They believe that the American economy will begin to improve as their countrymen turn to buying products made exclusively in the USA, resulting in more jobs for them, better livelihoods, and a better & stronger economy. 720 mots de plus


Freaky Friday - Finding Dulce Base

Welcome to 2017 Freaky Fridays. I took a break over the holidays. Now I’m back with tales of an underground base that is uneasily shared between aliens and humans complete with a Hall of Horrors that were gentic testing results between earth life (including humans) and alien life. 2 500 mots de plus

Fear and Paranoia

I heard it over the speakers.

I’m sure that I did.

It was only my name, but it frightened me. I’ve never heard anyone say it like that before, each syllable carefully and slowly pronounced. 304 mots de plus


Letters to Euturpe #43 - Paranoia, Mystery, Suspense


There’s something there.
Just beyond my sight.
Something dark.
Something hidden in the night.
It will come to get me.
I know it will get me. 129 mots de plus

Paranoia, paranoia, echoes in the wind,

paranoia, paranoia, visits like an old friend,

gently knocking, always knocking ’till you let him in.

Paranoia, paranoia, are you even real?

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