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Let’s talk about perspective:
Subject today is the Horizons album by the prog-rock group Greatest Show on Earth. +my perspective will tell you the album contains a hidden message warning people that the earth is truly flat after all and will explain (in that speech pattern of his where every vowel is « i ») between interjections of « HA HA HA » from the album in question how the album art fits his suspicions of the nature of our world. 339 mots de plus

40% alcohol the Deadly Force in Jameson whiskey

Jameson UK ‏@Jameson_UK 1h1 hour ago

Not sure if anyone’s realised, but ‘May the 4th’ sounds like ‘May the Force’ from Star Wars. #MayThe4thBeWithYou



Hi, I hope I did not disturb you. I just want to ask you some things.

I want to know if I am undergoing depression. 867 mots de plus


Anxiety: Imaginary Conversations

It has been awhile since I’ve written a post about anxiety. Anxiety is something I deal with everyday, believe it or not, and it is very difficult. 784 mots de plus

"Burn The Witch"

Sunday during church I paid even less attention than usual, constantly refreshing my feed at /r/radiohead. As the day went by, the band slowly faded out their website and then deleted all their social media history. 507 mots de plus


Inner Psychopath

They laugh at me


I can feel their eyes

So much distain

Where does it come from

They don’t even realize

That in killing my spirit… 174 mots de plus