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Dream Journal: Febuary 14, 2016

Dream Journal, February 14, 2016

We are here to work. We are good workers. We do good works.

My wife, Cat G., and I are in a local Holiday Inn conference room. 795 mots de plus

Bottle of vodka for the woman of the house

Smirnoff Venezuela ‏@Smirnoff_Ve 32m32 minutes ago

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True Pot Confessions: Paranoia

We’ve all been there. You get high, you go out, and everywhere you go, everyone’s looking at you, they’re in on it, man, they know you’re blazing, and it’s wigging you out. 323 mots de plus


Something a little darker...

So, hands up, I hate things that are needlessly dark.

Mostly of the time it seems people just sell shock to mask any lack of originality or thought. 283 mots de plus


No One Sleeps

For the past days since Wednesday I have been at war with fatigue and find myself sleeping off and on throughout the day and night. I wish I could get a good solid sleep in, but hopefully not one where I oversleep. 639 mots de plus


They said I was ‘normal’

Sometimes I find it difficult to believe it when my doctors call me ‘normal’. They aren’t just referring to my survivorship challenges but also to my current physical health. 808 mots de plus

Coping After Cancer

Jack Daniel's 40% alcohol, it says so on the label

Jack Daniel’s Nederland

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Het blijft een mooie traditie: Het weekend inluiden met een goede vriend en een ijskoude Jack & cola.