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If It's Not One Thing...

I finally heard back from my dermatologist’s office. Apparently the thing on my leg is… well, they’re not sure. But they’re pretty sure that it’s not melanoma. 444 mots de plus

Mental Health- Getting Some Help

The junk we allow in our minds are often what leads us to experience some mental health issues. This has become a very common phenomenon, it is said 1 in 4 people are most likely to experience a mental health issue nowadays. 499 mots de plus


578. who are the brain police?

It’s 1966 and it seems only Frank Zappa and his Mothers realize just how freaky and weird things are about to get, and Frank never even did… 53 mots de plus

All Vinyl Apocalypse


Is there something about religion, especially Christianity here in North America, which warps reality, halts comprehension and communication, defeats logic, and fans the flames of paranoia? 775 mots de plus


The bed is lava

It’s hot. I’m tired. It’s 3:18am and I’m getting steadily more convinced that I’m dying.

I’m probably not. But you know how the more you thing about something the more it seems probable? 236 mots de plus

Life Problems

The Disillusioned Bird

It’s like constantly living in a dream. Except you can’t wake up, and you never know if what is in front of you is real or not. 1 043 mots de plus


Human Nature

People are liars, they deceive,
they bait with their warm smiles,
awaiting for the right moment
to snap you in half between their jaws.

Words are tools that he fears, 86 mots de plus