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Galactic Pot Healer - Philip K Dick (1969)

Joe Fernwright is a pot healer – as was his his father before him – in a future totalitarian dystopia although his services are somewhat redundant since no one makes or breaks ceramics any more. 691 mots de plus


The time my mum escaped from the 'loony bin'

I should probably start this post by saying the only reason I’ve called it the ‘loony bin’ was because when I was a child, that was what I thought it was. 838 mots de plus

Dobel tequila 35% ethyl alcohol.

Maestro Dobel ‏@dobeltequila 6h6 hours ago

A first-of-its-kind collaboration with @Hodinkee that brings together the art of the timepiece and premium tequila.


Hey Soul Sister!

So one thing about me is that I have always been a bit of a loner, I know of a good number of people and I would call some people pals but I don’t feel that I have many friends at all. 632 mots de plus


The pearl in my oyster. 

So I’ve finally gotten around to making that appointment to see the orthopaedic tomorrow because the pain in my leg is getting worse. I can’t even sleep well because of the radiating pain and also I think enough procrastination has been done. 307 mots de plus