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Well it’s Sunday and I’m up by six. I don’t get very much sleep. First off, my puppies wake me up to go outside. Then there’s the nightmares that wake me up multiple times during the night. 189 mots de plus

Thought Process

sunday morning

I’m not sure what to expect today in terms of my psychosis.  yesterday i experienced a block of time when it was difficult to think.  It was hard to process my environment.   616 mots de plus

Tough Times

Tough day and night. J exhibited her first paranoia. She couldn’t find her down vest and assumed one of the contractors who have intermittently been in the house lately had taken it. 146 mots de plus

Alzheimer's Disease

Trusting My Gut

I used to be good at this.  I used to be able to walk away from people and situations that my gut told me were not right.  1 598 mots de plus


my symptoms are worse today

content warning: paranoia, psychosis, self-harm

worse than yesterday, it seems.  I think the correct way professionals describe it is disorganized thinking.  This oversimplifies it though.   901 mots de plus

Thieves of Night

Last night’s nightmare that woke me was about . . . raccoons? I guess Disney didn’t succeed after all in teaching me that those critters were adorable—sorry, Pocahontas, but your little masked sidekick is not welcome in my dreams—or my yard! 531 mots de plus


this friday afternoon--reading, writing, and stuff

I finished reading the one fantasy book.  It ended better than I expected.  I was getting kind of tired of all the different names and places for a while–that’s really not my thing. 598 mots de plus