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The End of My Spanglish Familia...Sí o No...

Have I shown you warmth? Have I given you kind words? Why am I freaking out right now and wanting to shut down my blog or at least make all 401 posts private and shut everyone out? 95 mots de plus


I hate double standards (but I'm really good at them)

So, I have a tendency of having last minute plans, and by tendency, I mean it happens all the time. I’ll call up my husband when I get off work and tell him I’m going to my mom’s, and be there for the next 6 hours, or I’ll end up at a friend’s, or I’ll bring someone home without letting anyone know, but if it happens to me… 360 mots de plus


When an Older Sister Preys on a Mother's Mental Illness

It’s easy for Christine Baranov to take advantage of her own mother.  Her mother has Parkinson’s, dementia, untreated depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It’s easy for Christine Baranov to make this poor 77-year-old woman afraid, then paranoid, of other family members.  201 mots de plus

Christine Baranov


Her catholic harness
In the lamp-lit corner
A black habit
Praying for what
I’ll never know


Ask E. Jean: I'm Concerned About the State of the World, Post-Prison

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DEAR MISS E. JEAN: The state incarcerated me in 1998 for nonviolent property offenses. I’ll be released from custody shortly, but I’m feeling anxious. 268 mots de plus

Story Idea Wednesday

In keeping with my mission to be a giver, I’m starting a fresh series today, which should appear each Wednesday for my writer friends. What I’m seeking to do is have you, should the mood strike, write a few lines for the story in the comments (following the theme laid out), with each subsequent reply picking up and carrying froth from that. 222 mots de plus



She spent her days in darkness,
Her nights were filled with fear;
The rays of the sun she avoided
From the sight of the cloud- she hid; 33 mots de plus