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The Paranoid Traveler

My phobias follow me no matter where I go. As someone who strongly enjoys travel, it is sometimes hard for me to merely relax on an adventure when so many things could go wrong! 474 mots de plus


an argument with logic and not feeling too good

so i’m thinking my blog sucks and my poetry sucks but i still want to keep posting my sucky poetry. i am thinking every time i post a new . 116 mots de plus

The coffee cup and the cameras!

Sister left for India today.

11:00 pm

I was taking my shoes off, ready to retire to bed, when I saw a coffee cup in my rubbish bin. 701 mots de plus

The Fuckups

Paranoid or Proactive?

« It’s not about whether you’re thinking is based in reality or not, or delusional or not, I don’t care. What I care about is how much distress those thoughts are causing you, that’s my focus. 442 mots de plus


Gmail is Watching You

I’ve known for a long time they were monitoring my emails.

It started a few years back when my sister and I were exchanging updates on our ongoing projects. 806 mots de plus



Walking down memory lane, I remember a novel I read 9 years ago – Paranoia by Joseph Finder. It sounds like a nice name you would want your eldest son to bear but don’t dab. 621 mots de plus


Bird Brain

Negative thoughts flock around my head,

Flap their wings about my quiet hours,

They shit on my good mood,

Chirping and chattering they,

Peck at my skull, 88 mots de plus