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Weirdness all the way up to 11

Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted life has been keeping me busy and was doing OK up till today.

All started this morning when I was watching how the universe was made ( great show very informative). 349 mots de plus

Shadow Traveler

Creeping obscure

Surreptitiously vile

A shadow of bile

Taking me to slaughter

Crushing my head

In pestle and mortar

Mental mutilation

Heart in a vice… 85 mots de plus

BEDA Day 2 - What your child thinks when you look through their phone. 

You know what kind of impression you give off when you go through your child’s phone? The « I don’t trust you to have sensible judgement » one. 145 mots de plus




I have been trying to write for most of the day but I have been coming up empty. It all started while reading my blogs a few weeks ago and came across a blog entry about a psychotic episode. 1 183 mots de plus



Mine fødder bliver altid 

lidt tungere i den her by 

jeg sænker blikket og

hæver skuldrene i den her by

hver vibration er en invitation… 7 mots de plus


Bit of background on 'L'

‘L’ is a young boxing friend of mine, he is a very talented fighter, having won three regional titles, he also has issues with anxiety and paranoia. 650 mots de plus

Am I imagining it?

Am I imagining it?
That is a question I have been asking myself a lot recently and its all to do with someone I work with. 785 mots de plus

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