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Audio: Reality TV Hairball Shares Atheist Rape & Murder Fantasy

Popular human muskrat nest and « Duck Dynasty » star Phil Robertson this week regaled a Florida prayer breakfast with a scintillating parable sprung from the fertile swamp that is his wholesome Christian imagination.   19 mots de plus


A Nine Year-Old Boy in Texas Deserves a One-Year Supply of Ice Cream Sundaes

This story is one of those big bangs of lunacy, irony, and hilarity that deserves every picogram of mockery it has been getting

…Where to start. 428 mots de plus


The Scariest Words

The scariest words in the English language when you first wake up should be things like Fire! Earthquake! Apocalypse! What’s your name? How did you get in here? 820 mots de plus


A Letter to Sarah Silverman

Dear Sarah Silverman,

After you tweeted this *, away from my perspectives, beliefs, and belongings, I’ve got something to say I said in twitter. 432 mots de plus

Daybreak's Bitter Welcome

Looms in the air
A thick
Unwavering menace

And daybreak yields
Few songs of comfort
Its bitter welcome
Seeping slow
Into my desperate form… 30 mots de plus


Paranoia as Protest

“Paranoia is finding meaning where there is none. It’s a protest against insignificance.” – John Gray


#YATISRACE Starts Today!

TODAY! WEAR Blue, Snap-A-Selfie, Join The Race #YATISRACE  « We speak to make a difference… Young people YOU MATTER… Remember that. »  Join us on Twitter @ 23 mots de plus