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20 Something: Living Alone Gets Weird Sometimes

So, I came home from work today, and I was in a fabulous mood because after work I had decided to check out the nearest library because I hadn’t done that yet, and I am so excited because it is awesome! 625 mots de plus

20 Something

Let The Paranoia Begin!

If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. That has been said to me more times than I can remember.
So when I started to pursue this surgery, I thought of everything that could go wrong, but not one thing that could go right. 831 mots de plus

Weight Loss Surgery

Signed off

A year after my operation and I was back at the Derby Royal Hospital (now immortalised by the  BBC in ‘Superhospital’) for an x-ray and a chat with one of the consulting team. 695 mots de plus

Argentine Tango

Late Night Ramblings of a Girl who's struggling to cope. Again.

I’ve been doing pretty well with my depression and anxiety. I know I’m doing well because I myself feel brilliant. I feel like a completely different person. 517 mots de plus


That paranoid voice inside your head

Paranoia is a very interesting thing to have to deal with; most people would instantly think that if you mentioned paranoia that you thought that someone or something was out to get you, or that you thought you were being watched or spied upon by someone. 577 mots de plus

Mental Health

Bunny Fear

No other animal had ever inspired in me so much fear; not the neighbor’s dog that chased me into the house when I was three; not the horse that threw me, blackening both my kindergarten eyes; not the hand-sized spider that crawled up my leg when I was turned the neglected compost pile behind my house. 621 mots de plus


Placer votre argent en offshore : Êtes-vous paranoïaque ?

Il ne faut pas être négatif, mais avec la situation économique actuelle, il est compréhensible que les perspectives des gens sur leur avenir soient plutôt sombres. 15 mots de plus