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My Bipolar Family Tree (Daily Word Prompt is Roots)

My family tree is beautiful, strong and large with many bipolar roots stemming and growing beneath my family tree on both sides, forming my bipolar tree of life. 793 mots de plus

Bipolar DIsorder

"Something is Out to Get Me!" No, You're Just Paranoid.

Panic attacks and worry aren’t the only thing anxiety can bring. What about paranoia?

Now, I am paranoid. I don’t run around with a tin foil hat yelling, « THE MONSTER’S ARE COMING! 543 mots de plus


Psychomotor Agitation

I don’t want locomotiary substitution
Or remote intransitory convolution
Only one precise solution is the key
Substitutiary locomotion it must be
-Eglantine Price

I can’t sit still.

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Mental Illness

Strange Coincidences

I am up far too late given an early morning appointment, so I will make this short, maybe adding to it later or writing followup entries.   95 mots de plus




Friends, you’re happy to say, you don’t lack–
Although some of your friends are on crack,
their acts endlessly vile.
Go ahead: chat and smile– 14 mots de plus