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I want to fight everyone I see. Whether with words or my fists. For no reason. I’m just so angry. Nothing has really happened today but I’m livid. 347 mots de plus


The Bullet journal is forming

so this bullet journal malarkey confused me, everyone does it differently, there’s no definitive method or guideline. I’m a person who likes to know the rules, likes guidance in how things should be done even if I bend those rules. 837 mots de plus

Mental Health

The World Is Dead

The entirety of the human population has woken up today to a deafening silence. Puzzled by the unusual nature of this stillness, authorities from around the globe have embarked on several diagnosis tasks in an attempt to determine what the hell is going on. 406 mots de plus

Another Two Weeks

Not long been back home from the doctors, got another sick note for two weeks and then I’m on holiday so no work for three weeks. 366 mots de plus



Today I was walking Pepper and came across a suspicious man who didn’t want to show his face sitting on the side of a Target. He said something to me, but I couldn’t hear him. 291 mots de plus

Rats - A Short Story

For a month, I had lain uneasily on my mattress in my apartment. I had long ago abandoned the bedroom – surrendered it – and I spent my nights in the middle of the living room. 604 mots de plus

Short Story