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Good, can be good enough?

So today… today was in some way a good day. It’s not like anything particularly amazingly good happened or anything, it was more of just a generically good day. 745 mots de plus

Accepting my Inner Slob

I just lost another round of Compare Yourself to Someone Else: You’re sure to win this time!

Yesterday one of our condo board members was distributing new building keys, so I went to his unit. 164 mots de plus

Fiction: Legal Theft--Letters From The Capital (505 words)

“This is getting ridiculous.” Maggie yelled, crumpling a page of the letter into a ball and throwing it hard against the opposite wall.

“Well, he’s been threatened. 497 mots de plus


100 Word Story: Paranoia

This whole thing about taking the alleyway for short-cut was a huge mistake. The alley was pitch dark and reeked of rats. But what really unsettling was the constant… 74 mots de plus



I feel afraid. It feels like something is going to creep up on me. Like it’s waiting for the right moment.

Lately I haven’t been wanting to sleep. 47 mots de plus


Through our lifetime we go through many tensions and generating lots of emotional problems and so on. Keeping our exterior calm, no one knows the explosion inside ourselves. 9 mots de plus