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Stop trying to make me have a trama!

I get that metal health professionals have to ask questions and find out why I am how I am. This will help me get better. Some I have to flat out say ‘I popped out of the womb anxious’. 110 mots de plus

Mental Health


Well, since you keep answering to it, I guess I am talking about you. . . you idiot.

Alzheimers/Dementia: My Grandmother’s descent into madness (Part 2)

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Not long after their reunion, my grandfather died from complications related to his prostrate cancer. I went with my mother to break the news to grandma and she completely brushed off the news. 361 mots de plus


Alzheimers/Dementia: My Grandmother’s descent into madness (Part 1)

The obvious signs surfaced approximately 2 year ago when she tried to convince everyone that grandpa had taken his things and left her forever. After a close inspection, it was obvious that my grandpa had not left permanently because all he took was a suitcase to visit his brother. 355 mots de plus



Argh. I’m feeling lonely. Why? I’m never alone, I crave some alone time.

Probably why I feel lonely is that I feel a bit like I’m on my own in the way that I think. 145 mots de plus

Mental Health


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Tanner had often considered creating a pamphlet of his own, writing and distributing it anonymously. It would be a manual of sorts, offering advice on how to recognise the troublemakers, those challenging the system, but more importantly those who haven’t yet but who might. 108 mots de plus


This is the life and times of a nobody named, Maria

I am no one to write home about.  When you look at me, I am no different to anyone else, an average Josephine getting by.  I don’t think I’m ugly – need to lose a stone however. 142 mots de plus