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I think the most rough thing about mental illness is experiencing paranoia…

You have no idea what is reality and what is paranoia… sometimes you can fight it and be able to tell the reality of it all but other times you cannot. 279 mots de plus

Poem- Paranoia

Paranoia eating

eating away

trying so hard just to keep me away.

Fear of things

that I cannot accept,

fear that I can’t keep my fear in check. 178 mots de plus

William Coad


Having hallucinations,

is speaking without being spoken to.

Having hallucinations becomes,

still life with anti-psychotics,

still life with apathy.

Becomes still life alone,

becomes still. 82 mots de plus

Mental Illness

The No-Go Rooms.

When the new girl arrived back at the house that evening, longing to put her feet up after traipsing for miles around labyrinthine displays of designer clothing, she was told that Janet was very distressed and too frightened to see her. 1 464 mots de plus