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» Paris is always a good idea. »

– Audrey Hepburn

Ask anyone who has lived in Paris as a student or otherwise and they will tell you that Paris is a dream.

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France: Macron to hold crisis meeting on Yellow Vest protests

French President Emmanuel Macron is set to meet trade unions and employers’ organisations, in a bid to defuse weeks of unrest in Paris and other cities. 643 mots de plus

De ultieme shoproute in Parijs

Iedere keer dat ik naar Parijs ga, ga ik stiekem ook wel een beetje om te shoppen. Zelfs de standaard ketens vind ik leuker in Parijs (misschien omdat ik dan meer in shop-stemming ben, maar ze zullen vast ook een iets andere collectie hebben). 890 mots de plus


Review: Lisette's Paris Notebook by Catherine Bateson

Title: Lisette’s Paris Notebook

Author: Catherine Bateson

Genre: YA Contemporary

Publisher: Allen & Unwin 

Publication date: January 2017

Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis from good reads: 

What do you wear to Paris? 737 mots de plus


Love | Paris

Picture of love and support for the citizens of this great city during this difficult time.


Paris in Four Days—A Louvre-ly Last Day with Art and Family!

Our last and final day, before heading home tomorrow, was a full one—and pleasant from morning till night!

Good Morning from our room at the  Hotel Prince de Conti ! 2 279 mots de plus

Lonely in Paris

5 am: he’s shivering, cold seeping into his bones, teeth shattering, he turns up the volume on the radio – it’s playing that song everyone hums, everyone knows. 748 mots de plus