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Paris Trip: Day 3 - Football And Sightseeing (English)

How you can be so tired after a long day of just walking around is a question I tonight ask myself. Today we went the farthest from the city centre we have so far, not that we really have been in the centre though. 312 mots de plus


Final Edit

Where it’s at.

Well it’s been a good old while since I last posted here. Commercial work has been taking precedent recently. But my efforts in getting this book ready to completion have been steadily ticking away. 591 mots de plus


Bienvenue à Paris!

I have been fortunate enough to spend the last few days in Paris. I’d never been before and I had such a wonderful time! Of course, I can’t really go anywhere without taking pictures so here’s a few that I took. 753 mots de plus


David Goldblatt Opens in Paris

PARIS—For the first time in France, the Centre Pompidou is staging a large-scale retrospective on South African photographer David Goldblatt.

The exhibition takes visitors through the entire output of the photographer (b. 645 mots de plus


Happy Days Diner, Paris - 5

You might wonder why when I visit cities I don’t immerse myself in the local culture and devote my digestive efforts solely to the indigenous cuisine. 473 mots de plus


How to Host the Perfect Parisian Dinner Party

It seems nowadays we are constantly being told that we must behave, act, eat and dress ourselves in a particular way in order to achieve the Parisian allure that is so admired and envied around the world. 439 mots de plus