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Alek Lee / Sfarot / Antinote

Sfarot chugs about like a Klezmer take on Iko Iko. Full of odd, eerie chiming, and sung by a vaguely creepy children`s choir. Kinda Village Of The Damned meets Razzy`s I Hate Hate. 150 mots de plus

Dr Rob

Le Baroque des Lumières

Chefs-d’œuvre des églises parisiennes au XVIIIe siècle

(Petit Palais, Paris, 21 March-16 July 2017)

Spare a thought for French history painters of the 18th century. 2 045 mots de plus


Haiku-A-Day #1158

Soft sunlit rooftops

The city holding its breath

Quiet Sunday streets


2017 WARDROBE ESSENTIAL: The T-Shirt Trend

We all love to know what goes around in the world in terms of fashion. The recent edition of the New York Fashion Week revealed some trendsetting clothes that we would love to accommodate in our personal wardrobes . 238 mots de plus