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Mona's maritime diary: 16

Paris, 6/11/2016, 16:52 hrs. Sunny, 7 degrees Celsius, Southwesterly wind
(6 miles per hour).

My view is a balcony overlooking the Seine. I step out in… 107 mots de plus


Flakes for some serious cereals!

This is just one of those places in Paris that you have to visit!
Flakes offers all kinds of cereals and more. It is one of my favorite spots for breakfast, lunch and even ‘gouter’. 118 mots de plus


Five Days of Pekoe: Yunnan Green

I went on holiday! I went back to Scotland for a week and picked up five Pekoe teas. PekoeTea is a small Edinburgh shop and you can find their tea at cafes all around the city. 153 mots de plus


Theatre: Cyrano

Northern Broadsides and the New Vic Theatre’s rendition of Cyrano is nothing to sniff at.

Stepping into the theatre, the set immediately caught my eye. Instead of moving parts, three huge canvases, adorned with Latin and celestial diagrams, dropped down from ceiling to floor. 280 mots de plus


Gigi Hadid- Out In Paris

Gigi Hadid- Out In Paris by tasharna featuring ripped jeans

A replica of Gigi Hadid’s outfit she wore while shopping in Paris. A white crop top, with a pair of white ripped jeans, a pair of black ankle boots and a green duster jacket. 57 mots de plus

A Door Knocker Scrapbook

The elaborate brass door knocker looks marooned on the glass door of this Saint-Germain boutique.  A solid door knocker needs a solid door, like these… 37 mots de plus