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Paris, je t´aime

Paris! I have such a strange relationship with this city. The first time I visited I had just become a teenager. I loved it but then again I loved going anywhere as a child as long as it meant leaving the city and go somewhere outside the borders of Norway. 1 579 mots de plus


Une Chaussure à Paris par Al

Merci Al, en vacance en France.

Ami de Jason, Al se trouve face à face avec une chaussure sur la clôture.

le runner Nike, vert, singulier.


A Place to Revisit!

This post is written as a part of Indispire Edition # 175 – Share about any place that you would love to revisit. What makes the place special? 462 mots de plus

Personal Memoirs

Writing Wednesday: Parisa & Kristian ditch their "babysitters"

Welcome to another Writing Wednesday, everybody! Sorry for missing out on last week. I wasn’t in a great place, so I had to put this aside to get myself back. 1 422 mots de plus


Steps to Batobus

A unique set of stone steps down towards a Batobus stop, offering a vantage point over the river.

Learn more; www.eutouring.com/images_batobus.html



Friday, 11th December 2015We arrived in Paris at night and stayed with Severin and Wanda. We got in a bit later than expected as the flight from Dubai was delayed and then our bags were put into normal economy instead of business class. 234 mots de plus

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