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HOORSEES: Major League of Pain EP.

On Friday 18th October, Parisian band Hoorsees will be releasing their EP, Major League of Pain. This EP is made up of 6 songs to comfort you, make you feel alright with feeling low and providing a form of guidance when everything has gone a bit awry. 740 mots de plus

Week In Review - End Of Term Already And Feeling Jetset!

With the slightly longer summer holidays this year to adjust the calendar for the school year, the first term became quite a short one at just 7 weeks. 1 919 mots de plus


One more Deus

A Madam contacted me today asking for 2.5 hours of « babysitting » at a restaurant at Porte de Gentilly: SIX KIDS (most of them 3 years old), for TEN euros per hour. 34 mots de plus


Disney's Sequoia Lodge Review

Hi there fellow Disney lovers and travellers and welcome to my review of Disney’s Sequoia Lodge at Disneyland Paris. Many of you will already know that myself (Flis) and my aunt went to Disneyland Paris again in September. 963 mots de plus


[France] "Riot police blast firefighters with water cannons during Paris protests..."

« French riot police have turned water cannons on some of the thousands of firefighters who are marching through Paris to demand better resources in order to tackle the increasing number of forest fires each year.  39 mots de plus