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La Défense - Paris

Last week, I went to Paris for 5 days to get a break from my everyday life. I have not been to Paris before, and have heard almost all of my friends, who have been there, telling that it’s a very beautiful and a romantic place – except one, who said it’s only a must visit to see some of the popular places, but that the city itself isn’t worth all the hype. 965 mots de plus


Kim Jones triumphs with his first show as Dior's creative director.

Can menswear be romantic and,well,optimistic? For his first show as Dior’s creative director, Kim Jones’ approach was an exemplary one albeit different from his predecessors.Gone were the subtle,dark elegance of Kriss Van Assche’s long tenure in Dior and the rigid tailoring of the now infamous Hedi Slimane jackets.The success of Jones’ show was based on inspiration and references directly from the Dior archives thus creating a new series of codes,a new Dior Homme,properly rechristened as Dior Men. 220 mots de plus

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City Lounge: Paris (Book Three, Chapter Fifteen: Thoughts in the Middle of the Night)

Chapter Fifteen: Thoughts in the Middle of the Night:

I couldn’t fall asleep right away. I stared at Simone as she slept. We’ve been out on the city for the whole day. 1 063 mots de plus


I’m going to... (Travel Update)

(Picture is from when I went to Florida)

In under around a week I’m going to Paris. I’m going to try to upload every other day when I’m there and probably not any art but instead me talking about things I did that day or other travel stuff. 394 mots de plus

Dot Goes to France

Hola! Dot here. Mom said I could write this post. It’s my first try so I hope it will be OK. Two years ago Mom and Dad came to Malaga to pick me up from my foster home and we drove a long way back to my forever home. 401 mots de plus


Montmartre Self Walking Tour

Even before I arrived in Paris, I already knew that I’ll fall for Montmartre. Sprawled in Paris 18th arr. the quaint ‘little village’ could easily be reached from three nearest Metro station depends on where you want to go. 1 071 mots de plus


Delacroix and the Louvre

Today we get a little artsy.  We have tickets to see the Eugene Delacroix exhibition at the Louvre, plus admission to the Eugene Delacroix museum. 798 mots de plus