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I Used to be a Missionary

(But I’m not, anymore.)

In a six-floor walk-up chambre de bonne in Paris, in 2011,

I was very far from heaven.

That’s how it starts, more or less. 6 mots de plus

A few days in Europe

I’m just home from a few days away with my friend E. (Well I was when I started writing this blog – as usual it’s taken me a while to get round to finishing it 😝.) We took a flight to Brussels on the Tuesday morning and went to stay with her husband’s aunt. 728 mots de plus


Notre Dame Cathedral , Jul19 update!

On a nice sunny day in my neck of the woods, and in eternal Paris let me bring you some update on the re construction of the… 982 mots de plus


'Portrait of Clémentine de Boubers, Baronne Renouard de Bussierre' (1854) by Hermann Winterhalter @ Sotheby’s Paris

Portrait of Clémentine de Boubers, Baronne Renouard de Bussierre (1854), by Hermann Winterhalter, @ Sotheby’s Paris

The aformentioned auction featured a portrait of Mélanie de Pourtalès’s sister-in-law, Clémentine de Boubers, Baronne Paul Renouard de Bussierre (1829-1861), by the hand of Hermann Winterhalter. 298 mots de plus

Catalogue Updates

Paris, je t'aime: Our Family Getaway: Day 2 (Part 1): Tour Eiffel and A Very Parisian Picnic

Today was going to be an exciting and long day! We had lined up not 1 but 3 major sights to take in today. We’d start off with a morning visit to the Tour Eiffel at opening, have a picnic later at the nearby Champ de Mars. 1 340 mots de plus


The Custom of the Country, Edith Wharton (1913)

Ralph Marvell: You know nothing of this society you’re in; of its antecedents, its rules, its conventions; and it’s my affair to look after you, and warn you when you’re on the wrong track. 1 705 mots de plus

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