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Quartier perdu, Patrick Mondiano

– 189 rue de la Pompe

Tous les jours pendant huit mois, je montais et descendais la station Rue de la Pompe, sans presque jamais prendre la rue qui lui donne son nom. 132 mots de plus


Welcome to Exploring The Magic

Welcome to Exploring The Magic, here I will share my Disneyland Paris experiences, from staying in the Hotels, to exploring the parks. I will also be sharing any news from Disney, whether that is from the Disneyland Paris park or Disneyworld in Florida, to any other news or rumours. 41 mots de plus

Madagascar Day 28 - A Day at the Museum.

Our plan for today was to visit the Louvre. We had no real requirements except to see the Mona Lisa. There’s a ton of other things to see of course and we had a few things on the list but the first and most important was to see Ms. 796 mots de plus


Paris, je t'aime

For ten days and nine nights we have wandered Paris streets, smelling cheese, pastries, piss, sausages, flowers, falafel; hearing French babies giggle with glee while their mothers wiped cream from their faces; scanning menus; stopping for wine while waiting for the rain to pass; searching out chocolate, and art, and music; drinking in afternoons and evenings and falling asleep on a bed squeezed tight to the window, so that as we slept, our feet pressed against the glass. 473 mots de plus



Hello! It’s been a minute or 2 since I last posted. Today I’m at YVR killing time before I head through security.

Because I’m headed back to Paris for a week! 25 mots de plus


Gilets Jaunes Protests Show No Signs of Weakening on Week 27

The French Yellow Vest movement has taken to the streets for the 27th week in a row and shows no signs of weakening as immense numbers turned out to continue the protests against President Emmanual Macron and his neoliberal policies. 630 mots de plus