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Travel: Paris 101

Last week someone emailed me asking about Paris, since this is their first time planning a trip to my beloved city, and outside of spending an hour or two giving them suggestions on best hotels, restaurants, and walking tours and such, I also sent them these interesting articles: 45 mots de plus


Travel Post #2- Paris

My husband and I decided we wanted to go somewhere outside of the country since we are close to so much being stationed in Europe right now. 2 337 mots de plus

Personal Lifestyle

10 Things That Will SURPRISE You About France

Hello! Today I will be discussing things that may surprise you when you visit France! But experiencing a different culture is what makes traveling so much fun, enjoy! 635 mots de plus


In screaming colors!

One upon the earth, a crazy little thing breathed oxygen. And this beautiful creation had a crazy little plan. You see, when the sun dipped into the sea, oh the stars were in for a ride. 348 mots de plus

50 reasons why I love Paris!

Hello Paris fans!

Everyone agrees with that: Paris, you love it or you hate it. For a moment, I was tired of Paris but now I realize that I would be very sad if I had to leave this city… That’s why I decided to list the 50 reasons why I love Paris, enjoy! 440 mots de plus