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Soutien à Boris Faure

Je tiens à exprimer toute ma solidarité à Boris Faure, premier secrétaire fédéral de la Fédération des Français de l’Étranger du Parti socialiste, suite à l’agression dont il a été victime. 114 mots de plus

Former French Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls, quits Socialists, is humiliated by Macron, and faces Challenge over Electoral Fraud.

Valls, Humiliated by Macron, Now Faces Charge of Electoral Fraud.

Former French prime minister Manuel Valls said Tuesday he was leaving the Socialist Party, with a source adding that he would now be allied to President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist group.

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The End of the French Socialists?

The End of the Socialist Party? Not so sure….

The French Socialist Party (PS) is still in the throes of its historic rout in this year’s Presidential and Legislative elections. 344 mots de plus

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Going Public: What Reinventing Paris Can Teach London

That the Internet is in the process of transforming many sectors is by now a truism, but this fact does not make the phenomenon any less real; moreover, the depth of the potential for what is ultimately just a series of networked computers to improve everyday lived experience cannot be underestimated. 433 mots de plus

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Six considerations on the French elections

  1. The exhaustion of traditional parties.

The absence of both mainstream political parties that have dominated French political life for the last decades from the 2nd round of the elections mirror the current period of rapid political reshuffling, of disintegration of old categories and schemes of understanding, and of great uncertainty and volatility, across the West. 1 462 mots de plus