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Momentum for Left Unity with Benoît Hamon grows on French left.

Hearts Beating on French  Left as New Hope Rises.

A few weeks ago commentators were seriously contemplating that  the French Parti Socialiste would reduced to near electoral oblivion in the April May Presidential elections. 284 mots de plus

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Moi, François #Hollande,si j'avais su...

Un président ne devrait pas dire ça? Il y a un fossé entre dire et faire; et bien rassurez vous, notre président a fait ce saut en avant. 453 mots de plus

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Left Candidate Benoît Hamon Tops French Socialist 'Primary'.

Benoît Hamon: Tops Socialist ‘Primary’. 

On Saturday a a joint member of the Labour Party and the French Parti Socialiste, who had been a supporter of President François Hollande, told me that she’d voted for the left candidate Benoît Hamon. 666 mots de plus

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Gérard Filoche, standing in French Socialist 'Primary' to be Presidential Candiate... with 8 Others...,

From the Left, Gérard Filoche, Standing in French Socialist Primary.

9 candidates are bidding for Socialist primary (during the coming January) in France

RFI sums this up, 560 mots de plus

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France: President François Hollande Selflessly Decides Not to Face Humiliation.

Bye-Bye Hollande.

French President François Hollande said on Thursday he would not seek re-election next year, bowing to historically low approval ratings after a troubled term in power. 904 mots de plus

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Mitterrand's Election

Explain how Mitterrand and the Parti socialiste achieved presidential and governmental power in 1981.

After the presidential election of May 1981, François Mitterrand of the… 1 824 mots de plus


What is the usual turnout for primaries?

I have previously written about how the Australian Labor Party’s community preselection trials had turnout usually between 2-5% of the electorate. It prompted me to wonder whether it was the normal level of turnout for a primary or an anomaly. 1 083 mots de plus

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