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Live,Love and Learn

She dreams and waits for her tale to be filled with joy

Joys of a little baby that lits up as a light when it plays with its toy… 183 mots de plus



You don’t see what I see

You see the pretty girl with long hair and a predisposition to be nice to everyone
I see a broken face with dark thoughts and a history of sadness… 144 mots de plus


Doors of town's main stationery shop closed: owner Agnes explains why

Interview held on January 18, 2017, just before the shop closed.

Q:  How long have you been running this shop?

 Agnes:  At this location … 21 years. 1 344 mots de plus


Exploring Help through Ales

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The craft beer craze is big in the USA. Cities have embraced different levels of enthusiasm about craft beers, although Portland (OR) and Minneapolis (MN) are commonly listed. 55 mots de plus

Exploring Series

Spring Thoughts

lie with me morning
until spring returns
years from now


Greatest powers

I lay in my bed at 11:21 PM trying to finish this blog post—just as I have been trying for the past nine days. I’m having great difficulties in determining how to get my message across without the interplay of my own emotions. 349 mots de plus

Coffee Blog : life is short 

I saw this quote on my coffee cup and it made me realise how true the quote is. I know it’s done for promotional and Branding purposes but that quote is so true and real.

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