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Social Media Bullies

I promise I’ll get back into this blog very soon. I’ve been focused on some other writing projects and things went a little sideways  in my life, but that’s no excuse. 260 mots de plus


It Started With Pai

Hey friends, It’s the first time I’ve really had my own space and consistent WiFi in a month to write a blog post.

I’m currently sitting in my hotel room in Bangkok waiting to take a shuttle bus to the airport to take my flight home. 630 mots de plus


Nobody likes the black sheep

I do my own thing with my own mind

My own blood doesn’t talk to me

Only during social gatherings… 316 mots de plus


Volunteering has no religion

This is a blog I have been wanting to do for a while and since this week is National Volunteer Week (yes, it’s a thing), I figure why not do it now. 1 386 mots de plus



Written by Jacob Ibrag

The Doctor looks at the patient and then glares

back at the nurse, ‘why is she still here? Nothings wrong with… 120 mots de plus



Aunty Dana’s Op Shop is looking for volunteers!!

Volunteers will
  • Help to raise funds for important community work, including Gender Minorities Aotearoa, The Gender Centre, and community funding grants for other groups and prganisations that work to support takataapui, transgender, and intersex people…
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a little night cha cha

I suppose it started when I was about three. When I started taking dance. And, of course, when you’re three you perform. For all. Right there in the living room. 1 018 mots de plus