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Absurd Taxinomia

Will Self on his intention for writing his book Shark said he wanted to write Jaws without the Shark, which i took to mean using descriptive, prose to skirt around an object or situation in mind, somewhat like a riddle. 567 mots de plus


From Choctaws to the world

While there may be no direct link to our Clan, some clan members may have benefited from an unusual act of kindness during the 19th century. 191 mots de plus


June 16th

Partial Success in Treating Starthistle

3:00 p.m. The field at lower Pleasant Valley (mile 1.2) where the Utah Conservation Corps and the city watershed officials have done Starthistle abatement (May 17th, May 21st, October 16th) has both succeeded and failed. 931 mots de plus


The QUEEN has Arrived: Selena Gomez x Coach!

We’ve been waiting for this since it was announced last December. Here’s a first for this collaboration. Scroll below for a BTS video.

When you’re almost ready but not quite.

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SHUT UP! Brooklyn Beckham Makes us Swoon

Our love for the Beckham’s is getting stronger. Brooklyn have grown so fast and we cant wait to see more of him!


Such stories are real!!!!

I am literally a worm of detective and crime series. Though my mother doesn’t allow me to watch crime series as I am such a damn imaginative girl. 125 mots de plus