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during spring’s kindred

when autumn

you will not know
me for I will be
reckless in blue



Olympus #1 in Japan

The Olympus Rep, Yodobashi Camera – Yokohama, Japan

Speaking of Olympus and micro 4/3, today’s post has a vague connection to yesterday’s post about Kirk Tuck moving back to micro 4/3. 299 mots de plus


The things I want to say to my ex

I’m still reeling after the weekend. I’ve been waking up all week and remembering after a few seconds that we’re not together and it feels like there’s a weight inside my stomach. 1 295 mots de plus

Learning From Grandparents In A Grand Style

The Life of any grandparent has a genuine lesson for our youths today. God has blessed them with long life to enjoy on earth.If you love your grandparents find out about some interesting things to learn from them… 1 398 mots de plus



Written by Jacob Ibrag

Black marble rolling on uneven

pavement. She follows as it gains speed, rolling

over gum indentations and aged concrete. Nowhere

else she’d rather exist, focusing on distraction rather… 38 mots de plus


Sipping Moscato 

Lingering conversations

drizzle around sipping moscato

Deep into political debates

Analyzing the yin and the yang

Interpreting Shakespeare

Rolling eyes over reality TV

As we sit enduring the thunder… 45 mots de plus