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Eyelet: A fabric with a higher purpose

Eyelet fabric – – Not only does it look great but when summer reaches its boiling point, eyelet has a higher purpose. Its lovely holes keep you cool! 483 mots de plus

it's on: our annual dress sale!

i don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s no feeling like buying a new dress. i’d like to think that i have a purpose for my shopping, but it’s the opposite when it comes to dresses: i buy a dress and have to find a special occasion to wear it! 206 mots de plus

How to .... Dress with confidence

If only you could wave a magic wand and get rid of those bits of your body that you don’t like.  Yes, we all have them, the body issues that make us not want to walk out the door in the morning.   346 mots de plus

Quirky Summers!

Morning my readers! So now you have been officially introduced with my two lovely angels. We are here to vividly color your life.

I have been surfing around many prints in these summers, YELLOW is hands down my favorite. 101 mots de plus


Mesh Peplum Top and a Maxi Skirt

The peplum craze continues! I hope this cut never goes out of style because it is slowly but surely taking over my closet…in a good way! 332 mots de plus

Outfit Of The Day


I don’t know what it is about leather that instantly changes your vibe. The second I put this leather peplum bustier on I could hear Beyonce sing in my head, « driver roll up the partition please ».   79 mots de plus


Curvy Girl Style: Fuchsia Mermaid Skirt

Happy Monday Bellas!

Let’s kick off the week with some Curvy Girl Style (CGS). You already know that we love love love color her at Purelove. 58 mots de plus