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Peplum Dress

Who doesn’t love something Peplum? A Peplum top, skirt or dress is loved by many including me. It hides our tummy and covers a multitude of rolls 😂 (on the fat side of life). 26 mots de plus



Oh Noelle. I just love this pattern so much!! First, you can’t miss with a hi-low skirt. Second, how many layers of tulle do you want to add? 284 mots de plus

Dear Small Child I Need to Take Pictures Of

My daughter, she is a force to be reckoned with. I have to tell myself daily this is a good thing that will serve her very well as she grows. 404 mots de plus

Đầm Marc Jacobs Peplum sang trọng

Đầm Marc Jacobs kiểu Peplum mặc rất sang. Thích hợp đi tiệc. Đầm size S. Giá 500k

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