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Voonik Brand Launch - Belle Fille

When we talk about western wear not many brands can come close to Belle Fille in terms of their products that are trendy and are aligned to the trends in the International fashion world. 75 mots de plus



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bhn crepe buble fit to l besar

Adding a peplum - a sewist's lemonade

This is another top I whipped up when I realized I had nothing to wear for Me Made May. When deciding what length to make this iteration of my trusty McCalls 7195, I forgot two things: the original uses a ribbing band on the bottom, adding two inches; and that view C is basically a crop top and I should never, ever use it. 470 mots de plus

Trend Fesyen Hari Raya 2016

Hari ini baru 18hb Mei 2016, lebih kurang 2 minggu lagi akan masuk bulan Ramadan. Meriah sungguh kali ini, ramai yang dah mula shopping untuk hari raya. 57 mots de plus

The Best Color Combo

I know I have been obsessed with Old Navy recently but I can’t help it! I just find the best deals and and some of the cutest clothes, especially basics. 220 mots de plus


Black Peplum Affair

I am having so many mixed feelings right about now – i am not sure if i should scream, cry, do a happy dance, keep quiet or do all the above. 302 mots de plus


Client ready

Hi Lovvs…

Earlier this year I have stated that I will not be making clothes for anyone,except myself…well…I tried for a while but I realised that I was being selfish with a talent that God gave me so here is an announcement…I officially make custom clothes for myself and for other people as well,there…I said it…LOL. 70 mots de plus