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Pattern Review - Neuemode 25027 (A wedding day rush)

This is part of a series of old makes from 2016 that were in my previous blog. This particular outfit was made in April 2016… 657 mots de plus

Pattern Review

Steve Reeves in "The Slave" (1962)

Today, we are pleased to feature two classic trailers and an overview of the 1962 Steve Reeves sword-and-sandal movie The Slave, also known as… 316 mots de plus

Film/video Footage

The Throne of Fire (1983)

The Throne of Fire (1983)

Directed by: Franco Prosperi

Cast: Sabrina SianiPietro TorrisiHarrison Muller

80ies Sword n’ sorcery cheesefest by the second-tier spaghetti genre film-maker Franco Prosperi. 269 mots de plus

Peplum from scratch

Everyone has those shirts they love and seem to have a lot of. But some can add up in price and become a little pricey. So let’s think about this for a second. 952 mots de plus


Pakistani Wedding fashion trends 2018

Hye lovlies

Today i would like to just talk a lil… yes lil 🙈 about the latest fashion trends in pakistan fashion followers.

well everything you wear is fashion today! 58 mots de plus

Wedding Outfits

Burgundy and Black

Burgundy and black are a fabulous pair and go together like love and marriage. Add velvet and voila! A regal look! I fell in love with burgundy as a young teenager and I’m still lovin’ it! 85 mots de plus