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Take it up, Take it in

This is one of many « this is how I spent my time in Canada » posts that will hopefully materialise in the few couple of weeks. 303 mots de plus



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Refashion Runway Week 2: Gingham peplum top

I know it’s still early to submit this – the results of the first week’s vote aren’t in yet, and I still don’t know if I’m still in the Refashion Runway contest. 806 mots de plus


Things like peplum

Things like peplum,

however they may be,

string a common thread,

that i guarantee.


This post may confuse,

intrigue, or abuse,

Please bear with the vision, 328 mots de plus



Généralités :

Titre anglais : Pompeii

Titre français : Pompéi

Genre : Péplum, action, aventure

Date de sortie : 21 février 2014 (Québec)

Acteurs principaux : 448 mots de plus

Critiques De Films

Hercules In The Haunted World aka Ercole Al Centro Della Terra (1961)

Director: Mario Bava
Screenwriter:  Mario Bava
Soundtrack: Armando Torvajoli
Starring: Reg Park, Christopher Lee, Leonora Ruffo, George Ardisson, Ida Galli
Country: Italy
Run Time: 1Hr 28Mins… 726 mots de plus

Film Review