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Amazon Sells Guide Books on How To Make Sex Slaves

Amazon is an amazing website.  You can usually find whatever you want or need and quickly purchase items to be dropped off at your doorstep.  They have thousands of books available to buy for your tablets or to own as a paperback or hardcover copy. 399 mots de plus


Petition to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

There is currently a petition calling on the UN Secretary General to help Zimbabwean citizens fight injustice, corruption and poverty. Click here for more information and to sign the petition. 9 mots de plus

Citizens Move Zimbabwe

Stream of Consciousness Internet Adventure

Reddit is one of my favorite sites to help me pass the time. I admit, it’s even my top source for news updates, and also my go-to website for general internet exploration. 338 mots de plus

Assignment Post

Avaaz sous attaque : « ce qui prouve bien que nous faisons exactement ce qu’il faut! » — vraiment?

Dans un courriel daté d’aujourd’hui, 28 août 2016, l’organisme Avaaz indique avoir essuyé une nouvelle cyberattaque sophistiquée.

« Nous sommes pris pour cible, attaqués en justice, calomniés », indique l’organisme dans ce plus récent courriel. 572 mots de plus

La Guerre Psychologique

This One is for Caleb

In one of my earlier blog entries, I made a statement that I would not use my book’s blog as a platform for animal rights or to concentrate on condemning animal abuse. 1 030 mots de plus

A worthy petition

Clark County douchebags are trying to avoid paying up after they put an innocent man in prison for 19 years.  Please add your voice to mine and… 7 mots de plus


Show your support ... 

It makes me happy to see that places like Asda are making it a little easier for people with invisible disabilities to use their toilet facilities without being judged because there is no obvious physical impairment. 98 mots de plus

Crohns Disease