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Urgent Calls Needed Now Through June 25th To Help Turn The CA Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act Into Law! - World Animal News

By Judie Mancuso –
June 15, 2018

SB 1249, the CA Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, is two steps away from the governor’s desk and becoming law in the fifth largest economy in the world. 231 mots de plus

Our World

Pass the PAST Act

In May, I attended the Knox County Schools Gifted and Talented Passion Project Evening. The event was a showcase of the wonderful ideas and experiments that a select group of 5th grade students spent an entire school year working on.   208 mots de plus

Animal Cruelty

Petition · Humane Society of Southwest Washington : Allow adopted animals their right to be able to return home ·

Note from me… As a volunteer at the shelter for many years…I know how the Humane Society can circle their wagons and their rules need to be changed for situations like this one. 507 mots de plus


Report from 6/11/18 NNA rally・

About a dozen of people (plus a doggy) got together for the 71st NNA rally.
There were some speak outs about Fukushima and SF Hunters Point problems. 1 136 mots de plus


Watch Petitions Committee grill Huw Irancca-Davies #SaveWILG

Dear Petitioner

 Your petition will be considered at our next meeting on Tuesday 19 June at 9.00am.

 I enclose a link to the Agenda and Public Papers for your consideration: 32 mots de plus


Lord, people learn about you in various ways.
In school children are taught to read.
Now, some children can get by
using hand-held devices that read aloud for them. 117 mots de plus