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#Copeland, #Tories care SO little for your #NHS they can't even be bothered to pretend

You kind of expect a Tory politician to be arrogant. That – along with a colluding media machine – is probably why they often get away with it. 547 mots de plus

You call us "Far-Right, White Supremacists, Sexists, Bigots, Islamophobes" they're meaningless words

As you’ve probably seen over the last 2 days, a petition we wrote up last week was picked up by The Daily Mail and thus went viral. 1 979 mots de plus


Trump Administration Has To Respond To Hemp Petition

But it s a great tool for forcing the White House s hand on issues that the White House may not otherwise want to talk about, such as hemp reform. 17 mots de plus

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U.K. Parliament Argue To Resend Invite

Debates Rage On In U.K. Parliament to Resend Trump Invitation, Despite Previous Controversy

As a petition to resend invitation to the State visit, which is a formal event normally made by the Queen and given to heads of states across the globe. 386 mots de plus


'Blasphemy Laws' in Democracy - Petition to the Government of Canada

« Petition to the Government of Canada


  • It has been eight decades since the last conviction under Section 296, and thirty-five years since the last charge of blasphemous libel was laid;
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MPs discuss banning state visit as 'Stop Trump Coalition' hits UK streets

UK-wide Stop Trump Coalition rallies are being held as MPs debate a petition to halt the President’s state visit. Follow both events as they happen 110 mots de plus


Anti-Fur Protest at LFW

18/02/17 outside London Fashion Week

Every year the fur industry is responsible for the death of one billion rabbits and 50million other animals – including foxes, minks, dogs, cats, raccoons, chinchillas, seals and many more.

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