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Petition to Light up Queens Park

By Lauren Fraser

A petition to install proper lighting in Glasgow’s Queens Park has reached almost 3,000 signatures.

A series of attacks in the area led for calls for increased safety precautions in the area, particularly through the installation of sufficient lighting throughout the park. 58 mots de plus

Scottish News


For those of you who were kind enough to sign and share my petition about A&E services for people with needs, here’s a wee response for someone who works for Shona Robison. 56 mots de plus


Hillary Clinton Slams New Law Banning Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome

While campaigning in Indiana over the weekend, pro-abortion Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made it clear she has no love for the new pro-life

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Cleveland Group Behind Area "Fight for 15" Petition Turns in Signatures

CLEVELAND – A $15/hour minimum wage in Cleveland is one step closer to possible action.

Raise Up Cleveland, a group backed by the Service Employees International Union, turned in more than 5,000 signatures on petitions Monday to Cleveland Council Clerk Pat Britt. 122 mots de plus



This week’s entry is short and not very sweet.

The number of refugee children on their own in Europe runs into the tens of thousands.  One figure I’ve seen puts the number of these children at 95,000. 256 mots de plus

Doing our bit

Statistics published by Young Minds, the mental health charity for children and young adults, state that the number of young people presented to A&E with a psychiatric condition has more than doubled since 2009. 664 mots de plus

Mental Health

Sign our Petition: Ban Ted Cruz from All Public Restrooms

Over the weekend, we started a petition to ban presidential candidate Ted Cruz from all public restrooms. We at The Annual feel this is best for the safety of our children and all innocent bathroom goers. 252 mots de plus