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Parks under threat.

With local councils under threats from budget cuts our parks are in danger. Reduced funding and threats of spaces being sold off are real. These spaces can not be got back once sold as real estate. 52 mots de plus


The Mixons

Sharon Mixon initiated the petition. She and her husband, Currie, are at odds with their immediate neighbors:

Sharon Mixon and her sister, Donna Burford (a Fairway Ridge Drive resident), proceeded regardless.

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Donna Burford

A Petition for a Full Pardon, Re-Instatement, and Restitution for Former Lt Col Terry Lakin

Please read and then sign the petition on WhiteHouse.gov for an officer who stood up for his oath to the U.S. Constitution, his prime-directive as a Commissioned Officer in the military – to support and defend the U.S. 351 mots de plus

U.S. Constitution

Petition urging Trump to release tax returns gets 100,000 signatures

A WhiteHouse.gov petition urging President Donald TrumpDonald TrumpWomen’s march crowd too big to walk to White House: organizers Women’s march takes over DC Democrats and the…


Petition launched calling on Donald Trump to abandon plans to defund the NEA and NEH

Recent reports suggest President Donald Trump will defund the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Without the NEA and NEH, artists and educators could be left without crucial government grants for their projects. 143 mots de plus


Trump's Tax Return Petition on WHITEHOUSE.GOV Website 

​Just after Trump was sworn in, every petition on the Whitehouse.gov website was stripped.

Eighteen hours after the « installment » ceremony, thete were five petitions posted. 337 mots de plus

Donald Trump