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Project 7 Starts Sexual Consent Petition

The western world is currently suffering from a distinct lack of education surrounding what does and does not constitute consent in a sexual situation.

We are seeing an increasing number of universities offering courses on sexual consent to their freshers.

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Kuwait Municipality: Ban the Bag Kuwait

Hello homo sapiens!

This is from a friend and I hope you guys support it as well.

I just signed the petition, “Kuwait Municipality: Ban the Bag Kuwait!” I think this is important.

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Just About Anything

Government response to “Put the final Brexit deal to a referendum with revoking Article 50 as an option.”

Earlier this year, before Theresa May went to the polls and blew up any hope of British politics actually functioning for the next few years, a leaked report suggested that the EU would be willing to revoke Article 50 if the UK asked very nicely. 686 mots de plus


Principal responds as petition to extend early lunch period collects hundreds of signatures

Students who only had 15 minutes to each lunch are being given a little more time to eat.

But parents say it’s still not enough. 609 mots de plus