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Tee Boxes

I was sitting in a bar last week watching a basketball game.  I don’t have television at my house.  It’s more like a large screen computer with no news or local channels.  541 mots de plus


Philo Adds Cheddar, Tastemade and PeopleTV Channels to Internet-TV Skinny Bundles

It’s a trend: Philo is the latest internet pay-TV service to plug linear channels from digital-media companies into its low-cost « skinny » bundles.

Philo, whose backers include four big cable programmers, is adding three channels to its base packages — Cheddar Big News, Meredith’s PeopleTV, and Tastemade — available to all new and existing subscribers for no additional cost. 321 mots de plus


I only hope to forget

A memory ; a nugget of remembrance that etched itself in the present.

If only I could forget ; would I no longer be in chains? 102 mots de plus


Philo Internet-TV Startup Offers Pandora Premium Free for Three Months

Philo is teaming with music streamer Pandora in the hopes of luring more cord-cutters and cord-nevers to its skinny internet TV bundle — but it’s not clear how compelling the limited-time offer will really be. 413 mots de plus


Meet Philosopher Jones

Philosopher Jones, or Philo, is my 15yro long-hair black cat. 🖤 (Black cats are my favorite kind of cats, …probably because my first cat, Alfador, was a black cat…) 381 mots de plus


Sakramen Bahasa: Soal Kebenaran dan Tindak-Wicara Publik

»Sanctifica eos in veritate – kuduskanlah mereka dalam kebenaran« (Yoh 17:17).
»Et veritas liberabit vos – dan kebenaran akan memerdekakan kamu« (Yoh 8:32).

Kuduskanlah (sanctifica) berasal dari kata ‘sacer’. 886 mots de plus


Is April 17, 2018 Important to the War Hawks?

Previously I wrote about the occult speech that Christine Lagarde gave in 2014, and about how she provided misleading instructions for the calculation of the dates in her speech.   565 mots de plus

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