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Trinitarianism in Second Temple Judaism

I’m currently reading Alan Segal’s Two Powers in Heaven in which he argues that certain strains of Jewish theology during the Second Temple and Rabbinic periods believed in multiple divine figures — divine hypostases — which was perceived by some as violating the standard of traditional monotheism.  73 mots de plus


Carl Jung on Zosimos, Zoroaster, Philo the Jew and Thrice Greatest Hermes

Lecture VI 13th December, 1940

The treatise of Zosimos, which we began in the last lecture, is among the most difficult texts which are to be found in this kind of alchemistic literature. 4 027 mots de plus

Carl Jung

Short History Fact: Where Do We Get The Word "Bible"?

Bible is an English word coming from the Greek word Byblos which means « papyrus book. »

There was an ancient town called Byblos.  It was a Seaport on the Mediterranean and is now known as Jbail, located 20 miles north of present-day Beirut, Lebanon. 113 mots de plus

Keep Moving Forward

Happy New Year!

Officially, this week starts the Chinese New Year. 2015 is the year of the Sheep, or Ram, or Goat…depending on what part of Asia you come from. 322 mots de plus



Du 6 au 8 février 2015, les étudiants des universités de Montréal s’allient pour offrir un évènement de réflexion citoyenne bilingue et gratuit : Philopolis. … 204 mots de plus


Intimacy: When the Meaning of My Life Scares the Hell Out of Him

Currently I am reading « The Seven Levels of Intimacy » by Matthew Kelly. I’m on page 38 and already… »Ah now I get it! » is in my head, it’s hitting the clanging dinner bell of a ranch house in the middle of the Mid West. 485 mots de plus