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Is April 17, 2018 Important to the War Hawks?

Previously I wrote about the occult speech that Christine Lagarde gave in 2014, and about how she provided misleading instructions for the calculation of the dates in her speech.   565 mots de plus

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New Anthology - Parris


I hope you are all having a lovely Easter break. My latest anthology – Parris is available either directly from me, or via Amazon. (The link is below.) 70 mots de plus


Review: Jesus Christ Superstar

What ‘da buzz about JC?
Jesus Christ Superstar
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics by Tim Rice
Canberra Philharmonic Society, Erindale Theatre
Directed by Jim McMullen… 1 042 mots de plus


Week 3 - Philo's Introduction to Antony & Cleopatra

In Act 1, Scene 1 of Shakespeare’s tragic love story, Antony & Cleopatra, the scene is set by the Roman soldier Philo. Rather than proclaiming and praising these lovers, however, Philo’s introduction brings the audience to see Antony as a weak-minded general who has deserted the duties he was once passionate about and Cleopatra as a foul temptress. 740 mots de plus


Dying yet you are still alive.

« You live as though you are already dying. »

A life lived in lies , afraid to show what lurks behind closed doors, is a life worth hating. 851 mots de plus


Review: Arius: Heresy and Tradition

by Rowan Williams

Date: January 2014

Being faithful to church teachings does not mean merely chanting former slogans, but critically receiving the church’s witness and faithfully putting it into a new context in response to a new crisis.   1 487 mots de plus

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Hedi Slimane joins Céline as Artistic, Creative and Image director

Hedi Slimane has been named as new artistic, creative & image director of Celine by LVMH this morning.   Hedi will take over from Phoebe Philo, who announced her resignation last December, starting February 1st.   187 mots de plus