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Phenomenology of being in-a-relationship

The phenomenology of “being in-a-relationship”

Why does a certain person look for a partner? Is it to suffer? to be hurt? Did someone look for a partner to have a miserable life with that person? 791 mots de plus

Girl on girl judgment: We should be raising each other up, not tearing each other down

Today I want to talk about capital-J Judgment.

It’s human nature to judge others. In a primitive sense, judgment is what keeps us alive.

But what purpose does judgment serve in, say, the People of Walmart? 688 mots de plus


Nothingness, Nihilism and Rocks

Having just finished watching an interesting video entitled ‘Our Greatest Delusion’, it’s got me thinking. Be warned, may contain philosophical nonsense.

My man Derek talks about how we as human beings have deluded ourselves into thinking that we will be an indefinite force throughout the universe and how that, on a cosmic scale, is completely absurd. 193 mots de plus

Fabriquer de l’espoir au bord du gouffre

Fabriquer de l’espoir au bord du gouffre
(à propos de l’oeuvre de Donna Haraway) par Isabelle Stengers.

Fragments …

« les mots exigent toute notre attention – pas question de protester que l’on est innocent de ce qu’ils convoient lorsqu’on les utilise. 877 mots de plus

Holy Spirit Personification

The Godhead tri-unity consists of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (HS)…the Godkind.  Before reading this, you might read “Godhead in Prehistory” and “Tri-unity of God”.  2 552 mots de plus


Very Nice Palatine Review

I always like to hear which character readers liked best, in this case its Philo. I have a particular soft spot for Philo as he is the character that I probably know best. 178 mots de plus


Love is the light. Hatred is the dim light. Fear is darkness.

I would like to continue explaining about love, hatred and darkness because I was inspired by one of the TEDxBangkok speakers. He traveled around the world, and become interested in politics and philosophy. 231 mots de plus