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The Secret of the Girl in the Tree

You speak to me so soft

Whispering we share one soft heart,

The reason we need God,

The reason we were chosen to believe

I mold the incense into a cube… 84 mots de plus


Our eyes speak..

« I was listening 

But not to what their mouth was saying

But what their eyes were speaking. »

Eyes, though silent, say it with so many words. 188 mots de plus



This, of course, is the time of year when we celebrate the birth of Christ.  But who exactly is Christ?  And why is His birth so special? 665 mots de plus

Chicken Pie with Handmade Philo

Wow! What a revalation with this recipe I found! The philo crust is ridiculously easy and so so tasty! It’s been a while I haven’t posted but I’m back with the best chicken pie you can imagine. 752 mots de plus

Savory Pies

Not only among animals domesticated and reared by us but also among the other species there are those which appear to have self-restraint. When the Egyptian crocodile .

151 mots de plus

Finally Feels Like Fall

Every day, I see this tree in the street across from my office and all those crunchy leaves and have the urge to jump in… 348 mots de plus


Love Bell

Give me thy hand by the wind,

There arose love about thrushling,

And covers upon its body, darling,

We inhuman how would we know,

Those besmirched in sadness but, 30 mots de plus