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Visualiser la réalité

Il y a comme ce désir fou en nous qui veut que la transition entre le présent indicatif et le conditionnel ne fassent qu’un. .. 432 mots de plus


Why are you?

I am.

I need not be no other.

A friend recently commented on how adventurous and free my life seems to be.

This, I say, is the fruit of my labor. 199 mots de plus


Boundary Issues

It’s the obnoxious person at the party that no one invited.

It’s the silent terrorist plotting it’s next move.

It knows no boundaries,

Has no prejudices… 112 mots de plus


James Overview

Author and Date

Tradition generally holds that this letter was written by James, the brother of Jesus, who is also called James the Just, and sometimes identified as James, son of Alphaeus, and James the Less.1… 1 962 mots de plus

New Testament

Une tisane philo

Une occasion de faire un petit gâteau maison, une infusion de thym romarin verveine et c’est parti pour l’après midi. Différents sujets pour lancer l’échange, un bon moment tout simplement.

Spotlight Winery: Goldeneye

Spotlight Winery: Goldeneye

This piece originally ran as a column in the Ukiah Daily Journal newspaper on Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Goldeneye winery tasting room at 9200 Hwy 128 in Philo, the town between Boonville and Navarro, in the Anderson Valley, is set in a gorgeously warm and richly appointed building, surrounded by grounds of perfectly trimmed hedges, herb gardens, roses, full to bursting tall planter boxes, stone water fountains and comfortably inviting chairs in front, and wooden tables and chairs overlooking estate vineyards in back. 906 mots de plus

On Holiday

Every day is like Christmas to me.  Gifts. Love. Music. Appreciation. Gratitude.  Every morning when I am blessed with waking up,  I think of the people in my life and I feel as though I’ve been given a warm holiday for my heart. 252 mots de plus