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Love Bell

Give me thy hand by the wind,

There arose love about thrushling,

And covers upon its body, darling,

We inhuman how would we know,

Those besmirched in sadness but, 30 mots de plus


Hold the Phone

I was talking to a student today about medical futility and the ethical dilemmas that sometime crop up in caring for patients in the hospital.  Sometimes patients are so sick that it appears there is no cure, no fix.   676 mots de plus


Don't do drugs, kids!

It’s really hard to understand why and how we, as humans, function. Now I’m not talking about all the science, like psychology and biology, but in general, from the viewpoint of an overly philosophical sixteen-year-old. 935 mots de plus



One philosophical dilemma that I believe is overlooked is the acknowledgement and understanding of the complexity of human interaction with the world in time and space. 513 mots de plus


Is Jesus Real? Philo and the Christ Myth

There is a popular argument going around these days “Jesus never existed and we can prove it.”

At the time of Jesus, a Jewish writer named Philo lived in Alexandria, a large city on the coast of Egypt. 696 mots de plus