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Peace and reconciliation

(I took the picture of this street graffiti couple of years ago in the streets of Athens)

If peace is defined by quietness, tranquility, harmony, then reconciliation (restoring a friendly relation) is to be seen as a new conciliation, an action of mediating between disputing people or groups, which is the current state of the world.   300 mots de plus


we did not inherit the original sin! Kierkegaard on Adam and Eve!

painting by Albrecht Durer.

Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) is a Danish philosopher who is widely considered to be the founder of existentialism. Believing in free will, Kierkegaard thinks that anguish or angst is what motivates any free action, or as he calls it a “leap”. 190 mots de plus


How many pairs of shoes does a person need?

Same question goes for shirts, jeans, sweaters, make up products, cars, houses, food, drinks, partying and the list is very long. In other words, when too much is too much? 215 mots de plus


The Joker, or how to watch a movie through concepts

The Joker is a magnificent movie in all its aspects. Joachim Phoenix simply nailed it. But most importantly, it is a movie that can change your perception on life and on society. 406 mots de plus


Die Büchse der Pandora oder eine kurze Psychoanalyse der Digitalisierung.

Das seelische Motiv hinter all der Digitalisierung ist das der absoluten Sicherheit, der Auslöschung von Irritation und Angst durch absolutes Wissen, der Kraft der todsicheren Analyse. 598 mots de plus


Vài suy niệm

Một con người trên tàu vũ trụ. Các biểu tượng bằng vật thể bay lơ lửng. Thế giới của năng lực biểu tượng của con người có như thế hay không? 257 mots de plus


Vài suy nghĩ buồn cuối ngày

  • Thầy cô giáo ra đầu đề cho học sinh: Em hãy làm một việc vĩ đại, hay một việc phi thường hay một sự nghiệp lớn lao.
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