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Photoshop: My Smart Flare Action Explained | Fstoppers

It’s been a little while so I reasoned some new free Photoshop Actions were in order! As you may recall, I create Actions based on simple processes I find myself doing regularly in my retouching workflow, mostly in the interest of convenience and efficiency. 35 mots de plus


New Interactive Tool Leads Auto Mode Users out of Photographic Darkness | Fstoppers

If you’ve been practicing photography professionally for any amount of time or even if you’re an advanced amateur, you’ve been asked by friends, family, or strangers if you could teach them how to use their camera. 96 mots de plus


My 10 Favorite Films for Creative Inspiration | Fstoppers

Sometimes, when creativity and inspiration leave us, we have to immerse ourselves in the creativity of another to regain them both. What follows are my ten favorite movies I constantly find myself returning to when in need of inspiration. 32 mots de plus


Dans les couloirs du métro...

Prendre le métro. Capturer des instants qui peuvent paraître insignifiants au premier abord. Instants qui racontent une, mille histoires. Instantanés furtifs du temps qui coule, de la vie qui s’emballe ou de celle qui prend son temps. 49 mots de plus

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When We Fail: 4 Tips to Recover from Failure as a Photographer — Cole's Classroom

When We Fail: 4 Tips to Recover from Failure as a Photographer It happens to all of us. It can be painful. Maybe even embarrassing. It’s definitely not something we love to talk about… but we should.

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Apple's iPhone Photography Tips for Shooting in Portrait Mode | Fstoppers

Apple just released some quick tips from professional photographers for shooting in Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus. For those that thought you’d find some tricks in the Tips app on your iPhone, you thought wrong. 50 mots de plus