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Saint-Denis Street

Passage du Grand Cerf

Rue Saint-Denis certainly is one of the most lively streets of Paris: whether it’s daytime or nighttime, you’ll never find yourself alone in this very characterful part of the capital city. 364 mots de plus

Pierre Paqueton

Où suis-je? No.5

Où suis-je?  No.5

Cette fois c’est probablement facile à diviner.  C’est un coin vivant mais c’est le croisement de quelles rues, et c’est quoi le nom du parc? 38 mots de plus

Ma Ville Des Curiosités

Eddie's white wonder

Eddie’s white wonder: this unusual hybrid is a cross between our native Western dogwood, Cornus nuttallii, and the Eastern North American species, Cornus florida. The large flowers open in early spring and have broad overlapping bracts (false petals) that are gleaming white and abundant. 207 mots de plus


LUMIERE ! Le cinéma inventé, the exhibition in Paris.

Hi everyone,

What a wonderful week in Paris we had ! The city was very sunny, as often here in april, perfect weather to visit ! 957 mots de plus


Curry, don't worry!

Back to some cooking after a few weeks of laziness! You can guess what was my work schedule like lately… pretty busy! I also had some vacation time, pictures will come soon too!

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