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Dogwood 52 2017 Week 49

Blue Hour

The blue hour is…

…a period of twilight in the morning and in the evening, during the civil and nautical twilight phases, when the Sun is at a significant depth below the horizon and when the residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade.

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Chinatown, Singapore 2014 (Part One)

Back in 2014, I was starting to incorporate more people into my travel photography and also include more street photography in my travels. Singapore was one area I consciously did this, including a day spent exploring their Chinatown. 60 mots de plus


Weekly Photo Challenge - Ascend

When I saw the subject of this week’s WPC, I was immediately reminded of our recent trip to Switzerland and our incredible train journey to Jungfrau Joch, the glacier at the top of Europe. 117 mots de plus