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As predicted...and goes out like a lamb

As predicted, when I posted March comes in like a lion you just knew I would also post that March goes out like a lamb.  88 mots de plus


Perched on an Ancient Pillar

A rose-ringed parakeet is perched on an ancient pillar of Jami Mosque, Khambhat, India


2020 - 089/366 - Under The Bridge - Water works...

…(…a section of River Des Peres…)…

…(…which isn’t really much like a river….really…)…

…(…it’s more like…River Des Peres is to a river…)

…(…as a parking lot is to a prairie…)… 8 mots de plus


Playing the Blues

Hinckley Reservoir

This would be the first image I captured yesterday at Hinckley Reservoir. I love how the color palette changes as the sun approaches the horizon. 35 mots de plus


How do we know we're being looked at?

This year a new bird has taken up residence in a neighbour’s barn. He’s a « Little Owl », and, yes, that’s his common name. His scientific name is « Athene noctua ». 383 mots de plus

From The Dark Room

Technical Difficulties ~ Frank J. Tassone #writephoto

I had a lead on today’s assignment grading, until Frank brought me his replacement phone. “It’s not activating,” he said.

The cascade soon followed. Verizon’s website offered no workable options. 45 mots de plus