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Faye, LRftop.

We planned this shoot but, only the location and not what is she going to wear or what kind of look am I going for. When we were taking the photos, we were not satisfied with the poses and angles. 144 mots de plus


Truly blessed.

How can I not thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful view from my window. 🙏🏿

Have a great day wherever you are too.

Elaine x

Apartment Living

DIY - Garden Angels

I had been seeing the garden angels on Pinterest and knew I needed to make some.

All you need is an old shutter, acrylic paint, sponge brush,  a few thin boards or paint stirrers for the neck and arms, a large plastic saucer plate, spray paint, screws, and jewelry and flowers if you want. 121 mots de plus


Baby, I'm sorry. (I'm not sorry)

Jamming out with cookie monster. Happy Saturday

Baby, fineness is the way to kill
Tell me how it feel, bet it’s such a bitter pill… 58 mots de plus


Yellow Warbler (Three Photographs)

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A warbler from the nature reserve I mentioned yesterday. I wonder how birds and other animals do in the severe and sudden storms. 49 mots de plus