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Claustral Canyon, Blue Mountains.

Photograph by Carsten Peter
Cascades of mammoth ferns flourish in the humid air trapped between the narrow walls of Claustral Canyon.
First explored in 1963, the formation was named for its claustrophobia-inducing passages and ranks among the region’s most visited canyons.
via Buzzfeed Australia.

The Witches Garden, Mitta Valley.

Contributors: EricGrundhauser, Dylan, candibrae
Journey though the green hills and cold, clear streams of the Mitta Valley long enough, and you’ll come across a tranquil haven with a misleadingly sinister name. 202 mots de plus

Lusting for love

Her lustrous lips lingered and then moved longingly down his chiseled chest and adored abs. Her tongue tangled with tassels of hair, entrancing him. Licking lovingly and lustfully, leaving him lost for words. 95 mots de plus

{No. 343} Rainy Day Shopping Cart

We should do the right thing, rain or shine, even when nobody is watching. It is a character building exercise. I disagree with whoever made that decision to leave a shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot on a rainy day.


#rain #character


Trip retrospective #9 - a weekend in Prague

I am currently in America (long story and I will do a couple of posts about my trip soon) which has put me a bit behind with this series of posts. 705 mots de plus


Ocean Travels, Albany, Western Australia.

Photographer: Lex Porebski
by GasgasLex · · From Snapped: Water

It used to be a method of travel to get from one country to another but today ships are used for pleasure cruises rather then getting from A to B. 39 mots de plus

Green Fairy Tale Houses, Scandinavia.

Scandinavians are serious about their green roofs. They’ve had them for a while now and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere.
They even have a competition every year to determine the best green roof project in Scandinavia by the Scandinavian Green Roof Association! 94 mots de plus