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Portrait of Dusty

Jessie was a vendor from Chino Valley, Arizona, USA, with Buckaroo Bobbins. You may see and purchase the items they similar to the ones they were selling at the the… 20 mots de plus



It’s interesting to see what will surface up at low tide. Leaves, plastics, boxes, cigars, …… This canal is a migration channel for some fishes and tortoise. 19 mots de plus


“We’re on the Road to Nowhere”

After spending the day roaming through wide-open spaces at Big Bend National Park, we returned to our relic of an RV park at Stillwell Ranch–just outside the Persimmon Gap Visitor Center–to cool off under a revitalizing blast of AC running inside the Airstream. 573 mots de plus


They were previously squashed into a box, without light and space. Now with the new grass carpet, a little house on the prairie is possible. Excited about the new home with my Samsung S6.


Learning how to use a DSLR

For the month of April I made the decision to learn how to work a DSLR and like with all new things I was really excited! 640 mots de plus

Life Documents

Best and Worst of Shayyy

This class has gone by incredibly fast and I feel like there’s still a lot more I would love to learn and accomplish. As an inspiring photographer who dreams of making this passion a full-time gig, I’ve learned invaluable tools and techniques and have been inspired even further by many forms of photography.  327 mots de plus