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Sunday walk photography

Today me and my boyfriend walked along nicea (İznik, Bursa, turkey) .

İt is an old roman town.
Some photos that I took today.

Old Turkish house.

Spring :)

Divine Mercy Pilgrimage

Dear All,
I am going to Poland for the Divine Mercy Pilgrimage with 50 people tomorrow(20 April). Please, remember me and the whole group in your prayers. 6 mots de plus


Sunset in the Evergreen State

Friday evening I saw an orange light dancing on the living room wall. I looked out the window to confirm the suspected source of this light. 139 mots de plus

See me!: Sunrise calling

Light is beautiful wherever you find it.

Peeking through trees and laceing green leaves.

Or kissing petals at morning’s first light.

The dew on petals the dew on grass shine like diamonds and are gone so fast. 82 mots de plus

A Mix of Sun & Clouds

The Florida sky never ceases to amaze me!