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Here are the Christmas cards that my niece and nephew designed

In school my niece and nephew designed some Christmas cards, here are the pictures of their cards. They are selling the cards to raise funds for the school. 23 mots de plus


Recap on the last week 28th Nov - 4th December

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to weekly blog number 12!

Its officially December and the advent calendars are open and i am enjoying a cadburys daily chocolate and a make up item from my Tanya Burr advent calendar which i am loving so far. 634 mots de plus


The Line

Is there a

A List Of Everything

Sunday morning coming down

Here are some views from the front porch to what we awoke this morning. It is Dec. 4, after all and, I guess, we had to get some snow eventually. 9 mots de plus


Right now on IG

It’s a cool and rainy morning so I’m the only one sitting outside. #wetlanta


Fluid life

I was thinking of compiling a list of interesting night shots I captured during my trip holiday a month or so ago. I was playing around with the frame rate and the way I could essentially capture a snapshot of moving life. 135 mots de plus