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Studying Beethoven - Piano Sonata in Cm (Op. 13)

The Pathetique sonata (in Cm, Op. 13) is arguably Beethoven’s first great sonata; at least it was the first one to earn itself a nickname, one that Beethoven liked for a change. 3 746 mots de plus

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Studying Beethoven - Piano Sonata in F (Op.10)

Beethoven left his usual pattern once more when he composed his piano sonata in F (Op. 10); it is in three movements only and lacks a slow movement, usually the heart of the sonata and the crux that divides the large first movement from the lighter third and fourth movements. 2 344 mots de plus

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May 4 ~ This Day in Music History

•  1655 ~ Bartolomeo Cristofori, Italian instrument maker, inventor of the piano. He was credited with designing the first pianoforte, which he called « the harpsichord that plays soft and loud ». 224 mots de plus


Beethoven Analysis - Piano Sonata in Fm (WoO 47)


Beethoven, when making his second attempt to compose a piano sonata, wrote a more difficult and serious piece of music than he did when writing his first sonata. 2 521 mots de plus

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I meandri del Bukó hanno adottato un pianoforte e lo hanno rimesso in funzione per renderlo alla comunità di musicisti che vorranno farlo parlare e vorranno permettergli di addolcire l’atmosfera delle serate e nottate di Via Stanislao Bologna. 201 mots de plus

Recording Experiments – Session 3 – Piano

I spent my third session in the recording studio capturing recordings of an upright piano. To make the recordings, I used a variety of microphones and microphone positions to gain an understanding of how each of these affect the sound of the recording. 1 426 mots de plus

Recording Experiment