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Pianoforte~by Paul F. Lenzi


“Keys #2″
Painting by Debra Hurd

every road
a keyboard
every step
giving either
a sweet note
or sour note
tandem tones… 82 mots de plus


The first sun

« Il primo sole » (The first sun) is my latest piano single.
Planning more of these releases in future!
Available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more!

Vincenzo Salvia


L’ultimo giorno di scuola.

Potrebbe a buon diritto entrare tra gli Arcani Maggiori dei tarocchi da tanti significati che guadagna agli occhi dello studente liceale. 810 mots de plus


Of Practice, Perseverance, and Carnegie Hall

« My fingers, » said Elizabeth, « do not move over this instrument in the masterly manner which I see so many women’s do. They have not the same force or rapidity, and do not produce the same expression.

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From God-Haunted Lunatic