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Weekend Reading -- 11/21/15

There are a lot of reasons to despair these days, but I am trying to hang on to the good things and give thanks for the countless blessings in my life that I take for granted every day. 166 mots de plus


Il Piano Mirroring al Pim Off che svela chi siamo.

Sarà un anno denso di eventi di qualità per i fedeli e futuri frequentatori del Teatro Pim Off. Il 2 ottobre c’è stata una speciale serata per la celebrazione del decimo anniversario del teatro e per la presentazione della programmazione del 2015. 300 mots de plus

Vandali e liberismo

Danneggiati i pianoforti delle stazioni di Milano, Napoli, Cagliari. Erano stati messi per far vedere che siamo un popolo che ama la musica; il risultato, dicono i media, è stato mostrare che siamo un popolo di vandali. 172 mots de plus

Post In Italiano

Santa Songs 2015 Tickets on Sale

Tickets have gone on sale for the 2015 edition of “Santa Songs: A Christmas Cabaret.”   Daniel Johnson’s one-man show celebrating the heritage of that embodiment of holiday spirit we know as Father Christmas, Old St. 43 mots de plus

Chicagoland Cabaret

Works for solo piano

Helmut Lachenmann: Guero [score/audiorecording], Echo Andante [score/audiorecording]

George Crumb: Makrokosmos Volume I-II, Celestial Mechanics, Gnomic Variations

Mark André: Un-Fini III


On Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing Dover Books on Music

Here’s what they say, “When taking a ferry to France Norfolkline provides an excellent service between dover and Dunkirk. The ferry crossing takes approximately 2 hours to and from France and onboard you will experience award winning levels of service whilst benefiting from some of the best fares of any ferry service currently operating to France. 287 mots de plus

TJ's Household Haiku Challenge - Piano

I loved the picture prompt from TJ this week.  The idea of an abandoned, broken piano in an abandoned, forbidding old prison was rather sad but was also a rather more optimistic metaphor for life in general sometimes … 32 mots de plus