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My Condensed Life

So yes….I have still been working on pictures every day. This is an example of my condensed life so far….

I have a whole empty row of the small white box and maybe 3 or 4 of the multi colored box. 283 mots de plus



Palawan is an island province southwest of Luzon island in the Philippines. It’s a very popular tourist destination because of its beaches and paradise-like islands. 243 mots de plus


Other Resources

Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

A seemingly infinite number of resources exist on branding, and a similarly large number of small business resources exist. Once you narrow in your search on resources for small business branding (and of course eliminate those who want to offer you that service in exchange for a fee), a much, much smaller pool exists. 878 mots de plus


Yorkville Memories - John Jay Park - July 8, 2020

John Jay Park at Cherokee Place

What were your memories of John Jay Park?

Marty Dougherty of the greendougherty blog



Tidak terasa, saya sudah hampir sampai di penghujung masa-masa saya tinggal di Budapest. Dengan berakhirnya masa studi saya.

30 Juni 2020, saya resmi menyelesaikan thesis defense… 298 mots de plus


Day 190 of 366 days of 2020

190/366 Dead in here today, anyone wanna come in and say hi. We’re open!
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365 Days Of Elle