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The tile set in production

I’ve done a little bit more of my pixel tile set still finding doing pixel art relaxing please be sure to comment any constructive criticism of my work and if you enjoy leave a like :) any way hope you enjoy the progress so far.


The start of my pixel picture!

Messing about on a program called pyxel edit (a very good program for pixel art ) I found making this rather calming ! might make a tile set out of this I did look at references for these main inspiration was Stardew valley (a very good game for relaxing) thinking of making a big pixel picture!


Amiga Game Graphic and Music - Holy Warrior - W.I.P. [2017]

As many might already have understood, am trying to get back in both graphic work and music work (possibly also coding albeit simple); and when i did stumble… 418 mots de plus