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Pixel Art - Pyro

Here’s my 2nd pixel art! This one is named Pyro. Again, I hope you like it!

Once, there was a child named Pyro. He was just a normal boy, but at the age of 3, people started to notice something strange. 344 mots de plus

Pixel Art

Pixel Art - The Virus

Here’s my first pixel art! With each of my pixel arts, I will be writing a storyline to go with them. I hope you like it! 253 mots de plus

Pixel Art

My indie game development setup! (updated)

I am currently creating a new indie game from scratch using only #opensource application and my imagination.

COMPUTER: Toshiba Satellite A8 laptop (AMD A8-6410 CPU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics × 4, 4GB DDR3L memory / 750GB Hard Drive). 429 mots de plus

2d Art