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Pixel2017 – Episode 19 – Bishop

The theme for the day was Bishop, so my mind wandered to three things: the chess piece, the guy from Aliens, and the actual title of a « greater priest ». 89 mots de plus

Artistic Stuff

Q: How the f#0k do you pixel art?

I barely have a clue. I’ve had this infatuation of learning pixel art for the longest time now so that I can make my own assets for games. 895 mots de plus

Pixel2017 – Episode 18 – HiveJump

Today’s topic was also a contest – making a pixel art themed « HiveJump », which is also the name of a game that came out today where you kill lots of aliens in a sidescrolling pixel-arty co-op shooter. 257 mots de plus

Artistic Stuff

Quick Astrix

I did this quick little thang while listening to music. I had just felt like messing around a little. Even though it sucks, it was fun to get lost in art and music.


Pixel Art Drawing

I’m planning on posting my drawing here from time to time. This is the showcase my work as well as the improve my skills. I will include them in my Tumblr page Pixelartgallery.