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Mini Hama framed art pieces - Pixel Art Gallery

Mini Hama Beads. They’re 1/4 the size of regular perler/hama beads and a huge pain in the butt to work with. On the upside, they flatten enough that you can put them into frames! 173 mots de plus

HUGE Bead sprites! GlaDos and Alis

Giant Bead Sprites. These are 2 more of the largest sprites I’ve done. I did a giant megaman a while ago for a video game shop and I’m pretty sure that was the largest I’ve done. 119 mots de plus

Games to Look Out For: Eitr

Imagine a game that is a couple parts Dark Souls with a dash of Skyrim but with the same level of gorgeous pixel art as games like Hyper Light Drifter, Fez, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. 123 mots de plus

Video Games

Tutorial de Pixel Art para iniciantes III Dithering ou Pontilhado em objetos esfericos

No tutorial de hoje ensinarei como utilizar a técnica de dithering ou pontilhado em objetos esféricos.
Antes de iniciarmos, quero falar sobre dois elementos importantes na criação de pixel art, sombra e luz. 918 mots de plus


What happened if you created every possible 10x10 Pixels image

Since I am thinking a lot about Pixel-Art at the moment I came up with the idea of creating all images that are possible with a 10 times 10 pixel image. 394 mots de plus


5th Grade Pixel Art

I got this idea from another teacher here in MCPS and tweaked and changed it a little bit. I really wanted to incorporate the students’ chrome books here in the art room – and it ended up being so so fun! 175 mots de plus

5th Grade