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Pokemon Fan Art - 2 Dratini Evolution

All of the above pixel art was done by yours truly Sullivan the Inky.


Colour Development

Today I started to make the basic wall plans of the area that my sprites and characters will be put into. While it was easier to map out the wall and floor space, it was allot harder to figure out the colour scheme. 30 mots de plus

Exhibition Project

Lion Development

As I want to have quite a nostalgic and old school style of art that makes it very obvious that it is a video game, I am drawing all the sprites in the game in a pixel art style. 167 mots de plus

Exhibition Project

Pixel2017 – Episode 55 – Simpsons

The theme for the day is « Simpsons ». For all the many times Bart told people to « eat his shorts », I don’t think I’ve ever really seen it happen. 33 mots de plus

Artistic Stuff