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Indonesia 2015/2016: Selamat Natal & Tahun Baru

Just a five-hour flight straight from boring Adelaide, and there we go! We’re spending Christmas and New Year in Indonesia. You know, this country made up of thousands of islands in the South-East Asia. 3 365 mots de plus


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I first told my parents, back when I was a youthful 23, that I liked to spend the majority of my time nude. In all honesty they was not very surprised, and quite happily accepted that I spent most of my… 373 mots de plus


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State’s population have tried nudism at least once, and an equal amount are prepared to give it a try.156

109. Naturist holidays are a substantial element of the tourist trade in many nations. 688 mots de plus


Seventeen years ago I became the third generation of my family to develope a particularly agressive form of breast cancer, my mother having died at age 51.Following two lots of operation within 4 weeks, ending with a radical mastectomy on one side, I subsequently went onto drug for 5 years which in itself has created other problems that will survive for the rest of my entire life. Fully being a long term naturist, now over 50 years, I was fortunate in not having any issues with body confidence thus was able to move forward. About 18 months after surgery, finding that there was really little in the way of appealing, comfortable lingerie and swimwear for women in my scenario, (thats of course when I must wear it) , I got so frustrated, especially when a young lady in a department store, when asked if they stocked mastectomy lingerie, eyed me up and down, then explained, no but she understood what I could wear and quickly offered me what I'd call a blunderbus. On talking to my step-daughter, ( in fact I was hopping mad) we determined to do something about the specific situation. After 9 months research and training as fitters, we set up a business, furnishing and fitting lingerie and swimwear to women who had had surgery. My stepdaughter still runs the business and also breast cancer practices at hospitals. We've done discussions on the theme around the country and my life was featured in magazines, newspapers and on television. Both my step-daughter and her husband are naturists too and I am certain that without the body assurance that naturism gives you, none of the above could have been attained. I hope by writting this article it might give some other lady the self-confidence to deal with breast cancer or other personal dilemmas.)

Being a long term naturist, now more than 50 years, I was lucky in not having any issues with body confidence so was able to move forward. 133 mots de plus