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you are the crisp winter air as it kisses my face,
with welcoming arms that are like a forest i could get lost in
and still feel safe. 13 mots de plus


Ich liege am Strand
mit Sonnenbrand.
Die Hitze ist unaushaltbar,
so wie es zuhause nie war.
Ich kann meine Haut eincremen und isolieren
und dennoch werden UV-Strahlen ihren Weg passieren. 84 mots de plus


space cadet

i drove you to the beach at 8:30pm to get an ice-cream after you broke my heart. you never felt good enough.


Mare sei sempre qua

A urlare la tua voce a chi vuole ascoltare.

Il mondo fuori continua a girare

Nel suo purgatorio di mediocrita

Ma tu rimani sempre qua… 30 mots de plus


My body and soul, my mind, all rebels
At the thought of working on a week-end
— Damned change of schedule !

* * *

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i once had a boy.
he knew how to say sorry.
made me feel safe and needed.
laughed with me and held me.
he could dot his ‘i’s and cross his ‘t’s. 7 mots de plus

Le Viel Homme

Le Viel Homme

Qu’il était beau le vieil homme
C’était à chaque fois la gaité
A la campagne d’aller le visiter
Il avait une grande maison bleue… 430 mots de plus