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Something simple

You may be what I may know,

I may see what I may show,

I may well dream what you are

And may never be on par, 69 mots de plus



Writing exercise—haiku in French. I shouldn’t do this, but what the hell…

Crépuscule, le froid,

denté et griffé—os blanc

le cerisier.

Uitdaging: Nuwe digters hier is jou kans!

(jammer vir « and » ons werk nog daaraan)

Om gedigte te skryf is iets wat almal kan doen, daar is nie n regte of verkeerde manier nie. 440 mots de plus


Fissures amoureuses

Dans les bars du soir,

Leurs doigts s’enlisent

Dans l’encre et le papier.

Une danse sourde et poétique 

Se dessine au creux de leurs reins. 87 mots de plus



I am a pilgrim,

Your soul is my holy land.

I journey here often,

Seeking a deeper understanding:

Of who you are,

Of where your heart has been. 21 mots de plus



Count the numerous paths I have never taken;

They reflect in the glass of a tainted window

Or is it in my eyes that I see them broken? 127 mots de plus


Italian guitar sway

Red wine on my lips,

I drank modestly

in deep indulging sips.

My hips


In a teasing


for your feasting

in any way

you find pleasing