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“We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us”

July 30, 2015

This quote is from the old comic Pogo, in a strip first printed in 1970. It is a reflection on the then-state of the environmental movement. 230 mots de plus

Competitive Intelligence

CM Podcast 10: It's the Eisner Awards part 2

It’s mid-week so it’s time to put up the 2nd part of our Eisner Awards nominees and winners

Listen and enjoy.

– Jim

Part 2: 8 mots de plus


all the news in wonderland

dt sweated in..said..

have you read the news letter little buddy..

no..i am not on the mailing list..


so whats the news in wonderland.. 564 mots de plus


A Little Inspiration

Artist Pogo splices together sounds from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland to create a magical, whimsical song…

Writing Life

Pogo waits...

…to see if any of that yummy rice will be shared.

Melbourne in my heart… and my coffee cup!

Who doesn’t like a bit of fun in their food? Most of us are thrilled to be served star shaped sunny-side eggs, pancakes shaped like our favourite cartoon characters… 602 mots de plus