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Day five: 30 to fitness

Day five of thirty days to fitness
Challenge yourself to try something new or wacky, think outside the box!
Let’s go pogo jumping!
Happy Friday everyone! 7 mots de plus

Health Visitor

August 27

As Pogo would say, « A caterpiggle! »

a stripey fellow, bright little wiggle,

but imprudent to sun in this herbal green spot:

he almost ended up in my old stockpot.

August countdown.


August 25, 1913: We Have Met the Enemy

Starting his career as an anonymous young storyboard artist for Walt Disney Productions on Donald Duck cartoons and other shorts, the cartoonist who would later be compared to everyone from Lewis Carroll and James Joyce to Aesop and Uncle Remus moved to the animation department in 1939. 219 mots de plus

Wretched Richard's Almanac

In Focus: Video Art

Remixing videos can be done in a multitude of ways, and the aesthetic which is produced is dependent on the individual artist.

Israeli Musician Ophir Kutiel (known as Kutiman) experimented with YouTube videos in his project… 266 mots de plus

Send help...!

The boys cuddle up to trap legs…

“We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us”

July 30, 2015

This quote is from the old comic Pogo, in a strip first printed in 1970. It is a reflection on the then-state of the environmental movement. 230 mots de plus

Competitive Intelligence

CM Podcast 10: It's the Eisner Awards part 2

It’s mid-week so it’s time to put up the 2nd part of our Eisner Awards nominees and winners

Listen and enjoy.

– Jim

Part 2: 8 mots de plus