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"Turning in his grave"

For years…probably since I read my first Pogo book at about age 8…I have understood this expression as Walt Kelly did.  Let’s have an example. 228 mots de plus


POGO - Freemium Gaming!

After a month on the market, I’ve decided to recast my offer on POGO…as well as invoke poor man’s copyright law (under WordPress at the moment) through the use of a self publishing tool over said creation; etcetera. 820 mots de plus



fear does not a nation make

nor isolation a country great

as we move backward in time

we tread that very very fine line

all seems revulsion, rejection, disgust… 37 mots de plus

Writing Outta My Head

Gradmama2011 a reblogué votre sur SOMETIMES et a répondu comme suit:

Pogo's saying "We have met the enemy, and He is Us"--- in the comic strip by cartoonist Walt Kelly (1971) has long since been one of my favorite quotations...and I find it SO appropriate to our current situation. Thanks for allowing the reblog!   This blog is fresh and different in content and ideas; it reflects my own frame of mind in several ways.   I think my faithful followers will like this blog too!

Currently reading - Lessa: The Crimson Knight 

Finally managed to catch up with Lessa and oh gods, I forgot how amazing this webtoon really is! It’s probably one of the most underrated webtoons out there and it hardly gets the recognition it deserves. 200 mots de plus


So I spent a lot of time at the airport on Monday and Tuesday and I picked up quite a bit of new information. I learned that: 424 mots de plus