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[Pokemon Go] Version 0.35.0 / 1.5.0

Pokemon Go 0.35.0 Android / 1.5.0 iOS

Pokemon Go has release a minor update to it’s previous version on 22nd August 2016.

The new update was released to implement Pokemon Appraisal feature whereby the respective leaders, Blanche, Candela, Spark will be appraising the Pokemon that you have selected for you. 481 mots de plus

August 25, 1913: We Have Met the Enemy

Starting his career as an anonymous young storyboard artist for Walt Disney Productions on Donald Duck cartoons and other shorts, the cartoonist who would later be compared to everyone from Lewis Carroll and James Joyce to Aesop and Uncle Remus moved to the animation department in 1939. 219 mots de plus

Wretched Richard's Almanac

I'll Have A Sense of Humor, Shaken - Not Stirred

The Telegraph newspaper is a quality publication, a shiny pearl in a polluted sea of plasticine publications. Dry Brittish wit and (usually) fact-confirmed news stories make it one of the very few sources a person can depend on to get closest to truth. 458 mots de plus


Winding down

It’s around 10:30pm and I’m in bed winding down and resting my back. Today was a very active day. As usual I biked to group, spent 3 hours there and rode back home. 204 mots de plus

Real Life

Pogo was right; public's trust in today's media is all but extinct

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin makes a salient point in writing that American journalism is collapsing before our eyes. But his is not a new thought. 764 mots de plus

Pokemon Gym Hype Time!

Pokemon Gym Hype Time!~

Yes! It’s been awhile since Pokemon Go has been release in Singapore! And i am pretty sure most of the Singapore players have already gotten at least a strong Pokemon or two! 1 171 mots de plus

[Pokemon GO] Personal List of Hotspots, Banned and Must-Catch List

Personal journal for PoGO. Just to keep a record of some stuff, in case I need to counter-check one of these days :3

Nice Pokemon Spots… 674 mots de plus