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The Great Country Rock Trade: Richie Furay for Graham Nash

On January 22,1969, the Montreal Expos traded Donn Clendenon and Jesus Alou to the Houston Astros for Rusty Staub. It was just a rather routine swap of Major League Baseball stars. 1 472 mots de plus

General Music Interest

Having fun with Pokémon Go at ICON

I went to the con with married friends (that’s a perk of marriage) because my husbun had to work and my car is on sabbatical. Us wifeys got to talk Pokémon Go in the car, somewhat to the annoyance of Mr I Quit Playing. 394 mots de plus

Geek Event

Tyranny or Freedom? Special 4th of July Message

In recognition of the Fourth of July, I’m reposting last year’s blog. Having received great feedback then, perhaps it will inspire you now, too.

May you enjoy the spirit of freedom! 801 mots de plus

Fear And Anxiety

Garden Party

in honor of ol’ Walt Kelly

We are dancing on a dingbat 

in the fury of a gale

while a wiley alligator 

winds a kitestring on his tail, 170 mots de plus


Trip to America

I’m legit! Tauros and Solrock are mine! 625 mots de plus


Have We Been Bamboozled?

Before I deactivated my Facebook account last month, I ventured into a discussion of truth.  One astute individual noted, “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. 331 mots de plus