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Super Bheem’s Third instalment of television film is due for Summer 2017 on Pogo

After the success of the first two TV films, ‘Main Hun Super Bheem’ and ‘Super Bheem Trayodash Ki Kahani’, Super Bheem is gearing up for presenting the third television movie on Pogo in October 2017. 457 mots de plus

Press Release

Medals for everyone (except Wookies, for some reason)


  • Han Solo (celebration)
  • Luke Skywalker (celebration)
  • Princess Leia (celebration)

Camera: Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

I will likely redo this photo if I can think of a way to use a more appropriate background.

2010s Toys

Pokemon Go - 24 days after launch 

For me, the interest had waned significantly because the game got so laborious, the levelling up became an exponential journey and the rare pokemons became so hard to track. 91 mots de plus


[Pokemon GO] Which Vaporeon to Power-Up?

This post might be a little late, but the topic is nonetheless crucial to every PoGOer. By now, most of you should already have your own criteria or « feel » of which Pokemon to keep, which to raise (level up with Stardust) and which to throw in the bin (Prof Willow’s trash can). 1 792 mots de plus


2016 Race #5: Kitchener Kids With Cancer 5K, Kitchener, ON

Date: August 28th, 2016
Gun Time: 20:58
Chip Time: 20:56
Placing Overall: 2nd out of 379
Placing in Age Group: 1st out of 33 (M40-49) 1 033 mots de plus


[Pokemon Go] Buddy System Announced

We’re pretty sure you are all excited to have a Pokemon walking right beside you as you venture around the world capturing even more Pokemon! 198 mots de plus


[Pokemon Go] Version 0.35.0 / 1.5.0

Pokemon Go 0.35.0 Android / 1.5.0 iOS

Pokemon Go has release a minor update to it’s previous version on 22nd August 2016.

The new update was released to implement Pokemon Appraisal feature whereby the respective leaders, Blanche, Candela, Spark will be appraising the Pokemon that you have selected for you. 481 mots de plus