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"Deck us all with Boston Charlie"

Walt Kelly was the author and artist behind the Pogo comic strip, which was launched in 1948 and retired in 1975 – and which, in those intervening years, blasted American behavior and attitude related to littering and politics (sometimes interchangeably). 198 mots de plus

First blog post - Pokèmon Go Dad

Hello, I’m a Pokèmon Go player, a father to a son and a husband to a wife. This first blog is my day 152nd day of playing Pokèmon Go. 372 mots de plus


Today's Lesson

I couldn’t help myself with blogging about something that has struck me as funny for months. It’s definitely a « HA HA » moment. If you put a male or female demon as your gender you should probably make sure you know what is what before putting it on your profile for all to see. 41 mots de plus


Cybrrrrrrrrrr Monday

Still no snow here in the Duke City as the Thanksgiving weekend lurches to an overstuffed close. But it’s cold out there — 29 degrees as of java time — and there’s white stuff in the forecast, if not yet on the ground. 181 mots de plus

Deep Political Thought

How to join our mission

If there is a Terror Tyrant affecting your experience on Pogo.com, tell us about it.

All informants and mission members remain anonymous.

If you have a story to share, we will publish it. 192 mots de plus



After watching the Terror Tyrants demonize, harass and destroy countless innocent individuals, a small group formed this mission. We hope you will join our efforts. How wonderful would life be if peace, joy and love were allowed to flourish in an environment meant for fun and enjoyment. 9 mots de plus


Data and Picard do the Pogo!

Currently I’m writing on my next blog post, which will feature my personal Top10 guest stars in Star Trek – The Next Generation.

While doing my research I stumbled again over this amazing gem of the internet I saw some weeks ago and I just have to share it with you in case you missed it. 80 mots de plus

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