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Dust to dust.
Nothing matters, nobody matters.


Pokemon Go Dev Reveals There Were Only Two Engineers At Launch, Niantic Reads Subreddits To Find Bugs And More

During a convention called Animation on Display (AOD) in Santa Clara which took place recently there was a panel titled « Origins of Pokemon GO… 471 mots de plus


Talking about "Pokemania"

via Daily Prompt: Pattern

« Do you think having 3 different accounts in PoGO (bringing down a Gym and instantly making it Level 3) is the definition of ‘Pokemania?' » 486 mots de plus


A Paranoid Fantasy World Ready to Implode

In a paranoid fantasy system, the efforts to thwart the enemy seen to be outside become increasingly intense.  The greater the perceived threat, the greater need to “circle the wagons” and “hunker down” amongst those who you can trust.  364 mots de plus

Republican Party

We Have Met The Enemy...

Middlebury College, Vermont, March 2, 2017. Dr. Charles Murray, author of the classic treatise The Bell Curve and holder of an MIT doctorate, recently spoke at Middlebury College. 2 380 mots de plus


ESP8266 Pogo Jig Programming Board

We like the novel orientation of pogo pins that Wing Tang Wong used in this board design:

ESP8266 Pogo Jig Programming Board

Upcycles D1 Mini Wemos board to create a USB connected ESP8266 Pogo pin jig…

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