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we have met the conspirator and he is us

But as I traveled hither through the land,
I find the people strangely fantasized,
Possessed with rumors, full of idle dreams,
Not knowing what they fear, but full of fear. 744 mots de plus


Brian Warner aka Marilyn Manson is an art stealing hack – don’t buy any more of his records.

I am writing this because today I went to the funeral of one of Brian’s former band mates, Scott Mitchell Putesky aka Daisy Berkowitz. I was far from Scott’s best friend, or even a good friend.  1 509 mots de plus

Music Therapy

Trick the demon

Yesterday I wrote about us needing to seek silence. It is true. Those of us who are anxious probably need silence and meditation the most. The problem is that for us silence can release the demons. 197 mots de plus


Forgetting History: Antifa, Progressives, Fascists, and Their Common Thread

The recent rise in Antifa, and there penchant for violence, is a stark reminder that the great leftist lie perpetrated by the post war left lives on. 667 mots de plus



For the USA it all started with a dream and a mouse back in 1928, and since then the journey of animation industry over there has been no lesser than a fairy tale story. 769 mots de plus

That's More Like It

For a couple of years, some of my friends and I have been sharing music. We’re supposed to review/rate what gets shared with us then share those reviews with the group, but that doesn’t always happen. 946 mots de plus

General Music

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme could face cost increases

The Project on Government Oversight (POGO) has revealed that provisions of $700bn-worth defence authorisation bills could increase the risk of cost increases for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme. 271 mots de plus