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Pokemon Go Facts/Tricks/Strategies

Pokemon Go Facts/Tricks/Strategies

  1. Easychu (Get a Pikachu as your first Pokemon): When you first start the game Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander will be around you begging you to capture them first. 
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Pokemon Go Wishlist

First and foremost they has to be trading (From what I’ve been reading it looks like it might be available around the release of Sun and Moon). 366 mots de plus


Pokemon: Go! Tips and Tricks

While I am far from being a Pokemon Master, I have picked up a few tricks over the last few days. Most are pretty common knowledge, or rather obvious, but could be useful for those that are just getting started. 1 166 mots de plus

Pokemon Go

I feel like I need to start this post off by informing you that I have previously never been a Pokemon fan.  That being said, I’ve barely done anything else for the last 10 days.   1 324 mots de plus


Let's Go!!!...Pokemon Go

First let me first say, I do not have Pokemon Go as my phone was purchased three years ago and PoGo is not compatible, and I hate my life everyday for it.  731 mots de plus


Go Go PoGo.

Whether you’re in the Northern hemisphere or the Southern hemisphere chances are invisible monsters have made (or will soon make) contact with you.

Now, if the above sentence has confused you, or you’re now considering whether or not I am mad (and hence a large number of people), let’s talk a little about what is going on with all those crowds of people in the parks, on the piers, and patrolling the streets with their eyes glued to their phones… 540 mots de plus


Pokémon GO, the things some people say...

I’ve put this post on our Facebook page, so if you’ve liked us there you may have already seen it. This is about somethings I have read in comments over Pokémon GO on Facebook videos, so bare with it. 260 mots de plus