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When Pokemon Go came out a couple of years ago, I, like half of civilized society, was amped to relive my childhood through my phone. After a few weeks, tracking was removed and, being an adult that works up to 12 hours a day, had to let it go. 113 mots de plus


Eleventh Hour

Making money in Pokemon GO is more difficult than it is in the real world. 387 mots de plus


Pokemon Go: The Silph Road Travelers Card

Back in January, The Silph Road introduced some nerdy little digital passports for the Pokemon Go comunity, called Traveler Cards.  You can create your card with your in-game character details, adding some personalized details such as Avatars based on your community contributions (reporting nests or research for The Silph Road), and selecting your fave 6 Pokemon.  238 mots de plus


Don's Undoing, Part I

Don is a proud Valor player, being the first in I-Town to reach Level 40. He was easily the most powerful and the most fortunate player in Team Omega from mid-December to mid-January. 880 mots de plus


The Kids' Pursuits

In contrast to the self-glorifying ambitions of most of the adults, the kids went all over to chase down every possible raid to improve their teams. 693 mots de plus


Balancing Acts: Peace and Pogo

by Tom Beutel

Search me, God, and know my heart;

    test me and know my anxious thoughts.

See if there is any offensive way in me, 854 mots de plus