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A Let's Go Weekend! (with some Fantastic Beasts)


Today I continued to read more of Broken Dreams, but I spent a while playing Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu! There were new chapters for Seerking’s Asylum, Ashes to Flame and Mauling Snarks. 1 030 mots de plus



Sometimes I feel like
I’m living in a Pornucopia

My naked girlfriend
sitting on my lap
giving me her impression
of how a pogo stick works… 46 mots de plus


"Crazed and Stumbling Lunatic," huh???

Trump today labeled one of his critics,Tom Steyers as, “a crazed and stumbling lunatic.”  I can only imagine his handlers looking nervously at each other, seeing how anyone in his position should be aware of his own frailty and know that he could not accuse anyone else of being a, “crazed and stumbling lunatic.”  Just as in his early childhood, he has no one who will set limits and, mustering some respect say, “Mr. 244 mots de plus


I'm Pogo

One of the known serial killer in U.S history was “John Wayne Gacy”. Having committed a total of 33 murders, he was sentenced to serve 12 death sentences and 21 natural life sentences. 351 mots de plus


POGO: redruM

If you don’t know of the YouTube channel called, Pogo, then let this be the introduction you have been waiting for. This genius musician re-mixes the audio (such as sound effects and vocal snippets) from popular movies into new music compositions. 100 mots de plus


Pogo, Podiums, and Pharaohs

“Polyphiloprogenitive” was a good descriptor for Walt Kelly, the Pogo comic strip creator, poet, and political satirist, especially when it comes to language. It’s a term first credited to the poet T.S. 687 mots de plus

Fool Moon by Jim Butcher (Flash Impressions)

Happy Saturday!


I’m going to do my best Alex Jones impersonation and start with an apology: « I’m sorry 

but if I’ve been sucking Jim Butcher’s dick for the last several weeks… 1 556 mots de plus

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