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Author’s Note: Hilaria has a thing about leaving with a bang…


Pokémon Go Plus Review

So, since I got back into the game and learned about this device, I thought I might as well get this little thing.

So after a few days using this device, I thought I’d write my experience about it. 574 mots de plus


We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us…

How many more times must this be breaking news? A disgruntled former student, who was identified as a threat, took an AR-15 into his old school, opened fire, and killed seventeen.  640 mots de plus

What Church Is Supposed To Be

Love Is

Love is

Seeing your face in a fresh morning light

A bowl and two spoons with Angel Delight

Knowing there’s days when we kiss and don’t fight. 136 mots de plus


"The Cheapening of the Comics" by Bill Watterson


This is the text of a speech Calvin’s real-life dad gave back in 1989.

Yes, almost 30 years ago. Before CIDU even existed. 27 mots de plus

Comics - comic relief

Not the Billy Crystal-Whoopie Goldberg-Robin Williams version (that Comic Relief is in mixed case), but as in comic STRIPS.

Count me in as a big believer in the power of cartoon characters to brighten even a gloomy day.   198 mots de plus

Comic Relief

Trump as an Instrument of the Good???

The evangelical Christian support of Trump has been a sore point for me, given my background in fundamentalist Christianity and a continued emphasis in personal faith.  403 mots de plus

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