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Cam has been saying this quite often and it couldn’t ring any truer from our side: we’re spoonfeeding those expletives every time.

While Team Omega does all the reconnaissance and information-gathering, Team Alpha swoops in upon discovering our hard work. 2 192 mots de plus


Psychic Intel

The new year had come and Groudon was making its presence felt alongside a few select Hoenn Pokemon when I last officially raided with Syn. Naturally, he would not stop talking. 1 474 mots de plus


Earth Day and Pogo

By Eilene Lyon

Today we celebrate Earth Day, an international event that takes place in nearly 200 countries around the globe, involving roughly a billion participants. 521 mots de plus


What Happened to Sunday Evening TV?

It suddenly dawned on me last week. I get about 50 channels on cable, but on a Sunday evening, once the prime of prime time, I could find nothing to watch. 342 mots de plus


The Anti-Meta Meta Player

I hope it’s okay to ramble about myself again.

Call it a defense, or perceive it as a means to be defiant in some ways, but I’m not too crazed about the metagame. 1 122 mots de plus


The TV show musings of a child grown up

No matter how angry or powerless (i.e. when adults took hold of the TV remote and unfairly switched channels to watch some boring program where boring people put on boring dresses and sat and spoke of boring things) we sometimes felt when we were children, those days would perhaps be one of the happiest days of our lives. 1 351 mots de plus


History: Pogo, The Comic Strip

I have been doing a considerable amount of digging in online newspapers of late.  In trying to find the obituaries (I use those as confirmation of dates of death on ancestry searches where there are no available death certificates), I have oftentimes ended up on the « funny page » of the newspapers and have stopped to look at what was considered comic strip worthy for that time.  321 mots de plus

Personal History / My Own Words