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An eventful evening

After sailing around in Spitsbergen waters for many years I start to know where to find certain things. This trip we had a few boys on board who were mainly interested in whales. 170 mots de plus


Birds of prey

On Spitsbergen there are no birds of prey. No raptors, falcons or even owls. I often get the question why not, there is enough for them to eat near bird cliffs (at least for part of the season). 163 mots de plus


Fog and ice

Fog and ice often come together, unfortunately. When the sun is shining and/or southerly winds bring warmer air to the pack ice, the air gets cooled down by the ice. 120 mots de plus


a walk in Peterborough Museum

This one was a museum in which I had a lot of fun, it’s such an entrhalling space for my insatiable curiosity. Have a look at this photos I took for you.

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Bli motiverad av pulsklockan!

Vissa tycker att det går bra att använda pulsklockor som hjälpmedel i sin träning, andra blir snarare stressade av den. Det finns antagligen inget som är rätt eller fel, utan precis som så mycket annat är det olika från person till person vad man föredrar. 670 mots de plus

For Him| Issey Miyake Fragrances: For the Adventure-Seeking Man

The 2015 EXPEDITION series features three limited edition colognes for men by Issey Miyake, a fashion and perfume designer from Japan.

Travel to places yet discovered whether by day or by night, by land or by sea, via a sensorial experience created for the adventure-seeking man. 190 mots de plus


Lost birds

If you want to see a lot of different bird species, don’t come to Spitsbergen. On a typical tour we see around 25 different species and if we try really hard that might be increased to 30. 82 mots de plus