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Watching penguins can be hilarious. Their behaviour can be really funny, maybe because they do resemble us…

In this case, we spent quite a while watching a couple of penguins. 185 mots de plus


Greenland in winter day 10: exotic sounding street names

Greenlandic topographic names.

They look so cute and exotic, unpronounceable and mysterious.

The Greenlandic language (or at least the Western one, which is the official one in Greenland) is spoken by only about 50.000 people on the planet. 158 mots de plus


Not Arctic, as in polar bears, but Antarctica, as in...

Here it is, the post you’ve all been waiting for… the one with penguins.

It’s the first question most people ask, so here we are – nice shots of Rothera wildlife. 726 mots de plus

Antarctic Peninsula

The small human

Everything in Antarctica is huge. The mountains, the icebergs, even the birds are larger as the ones at home. The only thing that is not huge is humans. 47 mots de plus


Greenland in winter days 6-7: Braving my fear of dogs

Dogs are an essential part of the Inuit culture and life; and as I am absolutely frightened by them, I have to challenge myself a lot these days. 428 mots de plus


Antarctica in black and white

Antarctica is often called ‘the White continent’, an apt name as most of it is permanently covered in snow or ice. However, one doesn’t really do the continent justice by just calling it white. 66 mots de plus