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Fluffy grey balls

In the Netherlands I’ve spent a lot of time taking pictures of Sanderling. These small grey fluffy balls running up and down with the waves on the beaches of the Netherlands in autumn and winter. 106 mots de plus


Missing birds

Polar Bears, dead seals, Glaucous and Ivory Gulls belong together. The bears find and kill the seals and then the gulls move in to feed on the left overs. 160 mots de plus


MOVIE: Ending on a high

Sometimes it’s very easy to find Polar Bears, sometimes it takes a bit longer… This time we managed to find a bear in the ice on our first ice day, but it was not interested in us at all. 165 mots de plus


Min nya träningskamrat - Polar M430

Är det bra eller dåligt för motivationen att skaffa en pulsklocka egentligen? Den frågan har slagit mig många gånger. Har tidigare endast haft en cykeldator parad med pulsbälte och kadenssensor mm att fästa på cykelstyret, men aldrig förr ägt eller ens prövat en pulsklocka. 709 mots de plus

Arctic Researcher Interview

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Your Background?

One could think that there’s nothing more different than a bustling Indian metropolis and a Finnish city located only kilometres away from the Arctic Circle. 412 mots de plus