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give good//get good: have your climate change, and eat it too

Unless you have a vendetta against polar bears or are actually ignorant enough to think global warming just isn’t a thing, we’re pretty much all aware that the glaciers are melting, there is a massive hole growing in our ozone layer, weather patterns are changing and destroying necessary food sources around the world. 261 mots de plus

Renewed Life

Used Motor Oil Recycling

Did you know motor oil doesn’t wear out? It just gets dirty. Which means it can be recycled and reused in several ways. 116 mots de plus

Keeping It Wheel

A Big Dent to the Beetle

By Denise Kim

Once often ranked among the most dependable car brands, Volkswagen is now struggling to stay competitive following the fallout from its most recent scandal that has already led to the… 559 mots de plus

Government And Regulation

California To Phase Out Microbeads In Health, Beauty Products

SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Thursday requiring California to phase out the use of microscopic exfoliating beads in personal care products sold in the state starting in 2020 to protect fish and wildlife. 470 mots de plus


West-Coast Salmon and Urban Runoff

Every time it rains, a cocktail of petroleum products, pesticides, and other chemicals  flows from city streets and subdivisions into streams and rivers.  New research suggests… 35 mots de plus


Food chain: fracking could poison groundwater, soil, crops, grazing land and livestock

In the Scottish Farmer Gordon Davidson reports that Professor Robert Jackson, described by Scottish Water as one of country’s leading independent experts in waste water management, has cast doubt on the gas extraction industry’s safety claims, citing years of evidence from the US that many hydrocarbon wells, sooner or later, will threaten groundwater with noxious leaks. 571 mots de plus


When Microplastic Is Not Plastic: The Ingestion of Artificial Cellulose Fibers by Macrofauna Living in Seagrass Macrophytodetritus

Dead leaves of the Neptune grass, Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile, in the Mediterranean coastal zone, are colonized by an abundant “detritivorous” invertebrate community that is heavily predated by fishes. 128 mots de plus