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Day 97 : 23-May-1

Steps taken by AAP government in Delhi on 23-May-15:

  1. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet will hold a public meeting at Central Park in Connaught Place on Monday to mark a 100 days for the AAP government in Delhi.
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Pollution at the Pier: Surviving Your Swim in Santa Monica

‘Pollution at the Pier: Surviving Your Swim in Santa Monica’ is a project conceptualized by journalist Diana Crandall that explores the problems, progress and future of the fight for sustainability in the water around the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California. 24 mots de plus


We Are Killing Our Oceans.

What will we do when we destroy our oceans?  Will we let the 2.6 billion people who depend on it for their primary source of protein starve?   362 mots de plus


This Blue Marble

Forty-three years ago NASA completed the final Apollo mission, placing American astronauts on the surface of the moon for the last time. In honor of that program, our language still preserves the term “moonshot” to describe a venture of such technical daring and human significance that it transforms our world. 594 mots de plus


California Assembly votes to ban plastic microbeads - by Haya El Nasser May 22, 2015 12:41PM ET

The California State Assembly on Friday passed the nation’s toughest ban on plastic microbeads, the gritty synthetic particles used in a slew of personal care products as an exfoliant. 171 mots de plus


IMF: Fossil fuels subsidised by $10 million a minute -- The Guardian

It seems no matter how shocking and gargantuan the crimes and conspiracies of the 1% get, they always manage to ‘out do’ themselves.

The byline to this jaw-dropping story reads: « … 923 mots de plus