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Scientists say they've found 'most polluted bird'

Cooper’s hawk in Vancouver area tainted with flame-retardant chemicals

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FRISCO — Better living through chemistry may — or may not — be an apt motto for people. 370 mots de plus


Day 68 : 24-Apr-15

Steps taken by AAP government in Delhi on 24-Apr-15:

  1. The Delhi government in a new directive has asked all government departments under its purview to display boards of the anti-corruption hotline, 1031, inside their offices.
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Hello Styrofoam, Goodbye Environment

Styrofoam is a lightweight material consisting of about 95% air that is used frequently in commercial product, shipping businesses, and household items such as cups and plates.   103 mots de plus


Motive for this Blog

I chose this topic because it is a very important issue in today’s society. Pollution is worse today than it has ever been in the entire history of Earths creation.   67 mots de plus



Hey guys and welcome to my blog!  I made this blog to open your eyes to the atrocities occurring all over the world due to pollution and to help teach you how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I hope you guys enjoy.


chai jing's "under the dome": investigating china's air pollution

If you haven’t seen Chai Jing’s documentary on China’s air pollution problems, here’s the first ten minutes with subtitles. To view subtitles start the video and then click the icon to the right of the clock in lower right hand corner of the screen. 22 mots de plus