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It’s interesting to see what will surface up at low tide. Leaves, plastics, boxes, cigars, …… This canal is a migration channel for some fishes and tortoise. 19 mots de plus


Building Bricks From Trash

A trash compactor has been developed that turns trash into bricks. It is a self-contained and self-powered (if necessary) unit where;

« Trash is collected locally, then washed, shredded, melted, and molded through an automated process.

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TTC clarifies air quality in subway system is 'safe' following report on high pollution levels

The TTC is clarifying information surrounding a report earlier this week on subway pollution levels, which has led to some employees in « work refusal » situations. 573 mots de plus


Taste of Science tonight

Tonight at the San Francisco Taste of Science Festival, I’ll be giving a talk on « The effects of pollution on organism signaling and human health » 24 mots de plus

Exxon Fined $20 Million For Emissions From Texas Plant

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BAYTOWN, Texas (AP) — A judge has ordered Exxon Mobil to pay a penalty of nearly $20 million for releasing 10 million pounds of pollutants into the air over the course of eight years from a complex it operates east of Houston. 106 mots de plus


Green Spaces In Your City - Why They Are So Important?

It is now estimated that half of the population live in cities. This metropolitan lifestyle so many brits are now living appears to be the norm, however there are cons to the ever-growing population in urban areas. 867 mots de plus



The rain splatters the street, reminding me for some dark reason of blood. One arm of my umbrella flops around uselessly like a broken limb, as I try to avoid the growing puddles in my path. 209 mots de plus