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Tulkarem: how long will pollution from Israel's chemical plants be tolerated?

A reader writes: “I worked in Tulkarem where this factory is located and know at first hand its toxic effects on people living around there, particularly on children”. 243 mots de plus

Vested Interests

con sum er train ing

take the trees and cut them
burn them and you press them
blast into the Earth and
dig dig dig dig dig dig
Haul the ore haul the gold… 104 mots de plus


Food and Agriculture

Increase in Food production and its Impact on the Environment and Food Safety: 

In the United States, we are fortunate to have an abundant supply of food. 876 mots de plus


Hosting the Winter Olympics in Beijing is a terrible idea

Inspectors from the Olympic Committee just wrapped up their evaluation of Beijing, one of two cities vying to host the Winter Olympics in 2022. Chances are looking pretty good for the Chinese capital, which held the Summer Olympics in 2008. 561 mots de plus

Hydroxyl radicals - friend or foe?

A free radical can be defined as an atom with at least one unpaired electron (most electrons comes in pairs). Free radicals such as the halogen atom are very reactive due to the unpaired electron. 747 mots de plus

Antarctica is warmer than New York right now

Argentina’s Esperanza peninsula, just on the tip of northern Antarctica, has reached well over 60 degrees Fahrenheit making it the warmest days ever recorded on Antarctica’s continent. 196 mots de plus


Glow in the dark tampons identify sewage pollution in rivers

Image Credit: Wall Street OTC

Tampons may not be an obvious scientific tool, but engineers from the University of Sheffield have been using them to identify where waste water from baths, washing machines, sinks and showers is polluting our rivers and streams. 608 mots de plus