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Coal consumption falls for second year in a row, says BP study

Global coal consumption in 2016 has dropped for the second consecutive year, with China and the US significantly reducing their reliance on the dirtiest of fossil fuels. 234 mots de plus


The Gulf of Mexico’s ‘Dead Zone’

The oxygen-poor “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico may be the biggest on record this year, nearly doubling in size to cover an area of ocean as large as Vermont, scientists at Louisiana State University estimate. 66 mots de plus


Mr. Trash Wheel

Photo: The Waterfront Partnership
Known as « Mr. Trash Wheel, » this floating device sucks up plastic from polluted harbors.

There’s an ongoing controversy about whether the energy spent on cleaning up trash in the ocean and other waterways should be devoted to eliminating trash at its source. 447 mots de plus

N.B. Conservation Council wants Climate Change Plan legislated sooner than later

On the heels of New Brunswick Auditor General Kim MacPherson recommending the provincial government’s climate change strategy be legislated, environmental groups are calling for the law to be enacted immediately, something the province isn’t ready to commit to just yet. 349 mots de plus



I don’t consider myself to be a tree-hugger in the true sense of the word.  I say that because I believe that saving the child rather than the gorilla was the right thing to do. 421 mots de plus


Computers and fever

From Paris to Bangkok we all noticed some climatic changes. In the last few years summer became more and more hot, while other seasons became really strange. 326 mots de plus