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Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change.[1] Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy… 32 mots de plus


Greenpeace gives Apple a B- grade in its 'Guide to Greener Electronics'

»To identify which companies are starting on this transformation, we are re-launching the Guide to Greener Electronics, » Gary Cook writes for Greenpeace. « We spent the last two years looking at the sector from top to bottom, evaluating the efforts of 17 of the largest smartphone, tablet, and PC producers. 223 mots de plus


London puts new hybrid electric black cabs on roads ahead of larger rollout ...

« London is starting up a pilot test of its electric black cabs (via Engadget), otherwise known as the TX5, after first revealing the vehicles back in 2015. 95 mots de plus


2 million Americans are drinking high levels of arsenic in their well water

In patches all over the US, an ancient layer of sediment in the Earth’s crust is rich in arsenic, a chemical element toxic to humans. And some 2 million people drawing water from private wells in the US may be getting exposed to it in levels above the legal limit, according to research published Wednesday (Oct 18) in… 525 mots de plus

Happy Diwali 

My eyes are full of tears as I write this. No, nobody died. It’s just that the blockheads who live on the second floor have been performing some fucking yagna for the last few centuries. 765 mots de plus


Are we underestimating microplastic contamination in aquatic environments?

Plastic debris, specifically microplastic in the aquatic environment, is an escalating environmental crisis. Efforts at national scales to reduce or ban microplastics in personal care products are starting to pay off, but this will not affect those materials already in the environment or those that result from unregulated products and materials. 160 mots de plus


Spatial variability in the concentrations of metals in beached microplastics

Heavy metals and microplastics have been considered as threats to the marine environment and the interactions between these two pollutants are poorly understood. This study investigates the interactions between metals adsorbed in pellets collected randomly from 19 beaches along the coast of São Paulo State in southeastern Brazil, comparing these levels with those in virgin pellets. 114 mots de plus