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“Damn fracking,” mumbled McAllister. He stared at the red water in the little creek. “First they cause an earthquake, then they pollute the groundwater. Now something’s using my farm as a fast food highway.” 258 mots de plus

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CO2 emissions threaten ocean crisis

“Immediate and substantial reduction of CO2 emissions is required in order to prevent the massive and effectively irreversible impacts on ocean ecosystems and their services…. 25 mots de plus


Life in plastic, not so fantastic!

Like all of us, I was born in the plastic era. I was literally bombarded with plastic. All my toys, my records, my Polaroid, my pink straws and my scooby strings were plastic. 791 mots de plus


Nuclear Waste Sinks Into Pacific

Mistakes were made. Nuclear bomb testing in the South Pacific didn’t always produce a successful explosion. That was why they had to test them. The US cleaned up the areas by creating an enormous pile of radioactive debris, and then covering it with a concrete dome. 110 mots de plus


With Pollution Levels Dropping, is Small Particle Air Pollution Really Killing Americans?

By Steve Goreham – Re-Blogged From

Unnoticed by most citizens, last week the United States Senate introduced the “Secret Science Reform Act of 2015.” The act is aimed at the Environmental Protection Agency’s practice of refusing to disclose data from scientific studies that support new pollution regulations. 902 mots de plus

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The Ocean Rebellion

A deep sea lancetfish washed up alive on a Nags Head, North Carolina beach on Monday. WGHP Fox 8 reports that because it is an open ocean fish, lancetfish are rarely seen near shore. 208 mots de plus


What has happened to our states?

The country known for its rich flora and fauna up until a while ago seems to have surrendered itself completely to industrialization and modernization. It is obviously a global phenomenon and India is not the only country participating in the battle to establish itself as a leading nation. 390 mots de plus