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Cruising through Delhi...

The best time to drive in Delhi is at dawn or, even better, around 7am. By then the last of the trucks that cross the city during the night are halted at roadside restaurants with the drivers sipping scalding chai and eating desi-ghee parathas with Dal Tadka and Baigan-Bharta, and there is a short period before the traffic builds up. 921 mots de plus


A Plastic Love

Everyone loves the Ocean!   Just kidding… You love disposable plastic more.

We’ve all heard the stories of sea turtles eating plastic bags and balloons, mistaken for jellyfish, and dying as a result. 135 mots de plus

Johnson & Johnson's half-hearted switch from plastic to paper cotton buds isn't good enough : TreeHugger

Johnson & Johnson’s half-hearted switch from plastic to paper cotton buds isn’t good enough
Katherine Martinko (@feistyredhair)
February 17, 2017

It’s only happening in half the world. 728 mots de plus


Nature of Plastic Marine Pollution in the Subtropical Gyres

The abundance and distribution of plastic debris in the marine environment show patterns of near- and offshore generation, migration toward and accumulation in the subtropical gyres, fragmentation, and redistribution globally. 195 mots de plus


The EPA climate change

With Scott Pruitt now installed at the EPA, what is arguably one of the most successful government agencies ever—remember the dousing of the Cuyahoga River fire? 589 mots de plus



I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Sheffield council had ruled on Vernon Oak, the magnificent street tree I interviewed in my last blog post. 760 mots de plus


Pathogenic enteric viruses in louisiana oysters and environmental waters

Norovirus (NoV) and pathogenic enteroviruses are the major causes of gastroenteritis in humans worldwide, and are usually transmitted through direct or indirect exposure to raw or partially treated sewage. 330 mots de plus