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Bharat Standard Norms

Bharat Standard Norms

  • Introduced in the year 2000, the Bharat norms are emission control standards put in place by the government to keep a check on air pollution.
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‘Blue Dog’ is not a game

A  number of  ‘blue dogs’ are  roaming  in the streets of Navi Mumbai.

Read more: Who’s a Blue Boy? Indian Dogs Tinted by Polluted River


Two Drawings: 'The Horrors of Industrial Pollution' and 'Another Sucker Falls Victim to the Blind Beggar Woman'

Is there anything worse than industrial pollution? I mean, other than falling victim to the blind beggar woman. Both happen daily. But, is one worse than the other? 13 mots de plus

August 22: I is for Ironbridge.

Ironbridge: the name says it. All those glorious structures like the Forth Bridge, Sydney Harbour, the Howrah, the Golden Gate and the bridge at Victoria Falls, owe their ancestry to this iron bridge over the Severn in Shropshire. 250 mots de plus

Daily Reflections

Climate Change and Pollution Go Hand in Hand with Capitalism

The whole time I was growing up I never went to someone else’s house and saw someone’s child hooked up to a breathing machine getting medication so they could breath.  1 418 mots de plus


Biomass Now A Greater Source Of Pollution Than Cars

By Paul Homewood

h/t Conrad Jones

Earlier this year, DEFRA published a report by the Air Quality Expert Group into the impacts of biomass on air quality. 366 mots de plus

Climate Change

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