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a concerned fish

« please keep our reefs free of human waste »
-a concerned fish-


It’s not a secret. It’s more an ignored fact, that the poor are the ones who suffer the most from climate change. Climate change that is mostly created by wealthier countries. 353 mots de plus


My Wife Rocks the Airwaves for Local, Public Water Control

X 2.6.16

I used to be on the regional news fairly regularly.  I served a short stint on the Green Bay City Council before fatherhood inspired me to walk away. 467 mots de plus

Anywhere But Here

What to do when pollution levels suddenly spike in Shenyang? Get the heck out of town! From The Dispatch.


Falling use of power by families

Between 2005 and 2013, electricity use by dwellings fell from 3800 kWh to 3300, a drop of 12%. The same government statistics showed that for gas, the figure dropped from 17,700 kWh to 12,400, a drop of 30%.  174 mots de plus

Shale Gas

National Green Tribunal triggers rethink on traditional cremation

The National Green Tribunal has directed the Union Environment Ministry and the Delhi government to initiate programmes to provide alternative modes of cremation of human remains, saying the traditional method of burning wood emitted hazardous pollutants in the environment. 126 mots de plus


Mag 304

Adolphe Valette

I invade your gangways,
your exhalations spiraling
like the plumes of a revenant’s cape.
Obstreperous parades foul the streets.
Buildings tangled together
in a sooty, deafening grave. 77 mots de plus