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Our Environment is in danger!

Global warming is a big deal, don’t stop caring for our environment!

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Coral Bleaching: Draining Life from the Sea

The estimated environmental and economic value of coral reefs is estimated at $375 billion per year, and over 25% of all marine life depends on coral reefs. 650 mots de plus


Pollution of Plastics

Texas is known for big things: big trucks, big cows, and big guns. Texas is also the second biggest state in the United States of America, housing 21.77 million people, and stretching across 268,596.46 square miles. 1 579 mots de plus

Leading Tips For Clean Indoor Air

Indoor air can make you unpleasant if it is not kept clean and healthy.

Clean indoor air is necessary for a delighted you and a delighted home. 381 mots de plus

Indoor Air

Escaping the Dull

In an urban landscape
Dust sodden blues
Rendered insincere
Dull, like the smoke-filled sky

I seek an escape
To the clear air
And verdant greens… 22 mots de plus


The New York Times Interview With Ms Ocean

A mermaid in a cab delivered her note, handwritten in wavering purple ink.
She chose a secret location on Long Island at midnight.
Strictly no pictures, no questions and I must come alone. 395 mots de plus