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4. Fired in the Forge

Jasmine followed her own shadow into the depths of Pompon Forest. It didn’t take long for the sun to disappear completely below the tree line, and the cold midwinter moon to rise in the night sky. 2 032 mots de plus


3. The Disappearing Villagers

Jasmine moved through the forest as quietly as she could. She wasn’t looking for trouble. She would deal with it if she found it. But if she could go her whole life without stabbing another dire wolf pup she would be happy. 1 516 mots de plus


2. Welcome To Pompon

Jasmine walked out of the Postknight Headquarters and into the leafy silence of Pompon forest. There was a fair way to go to get to the village. 1 412 mots de plus


1. Her Journey Begins

She hadn’t heard of any restrictions on girls signing up, but nonetheless, Jasmine felt nervous. All the postknights from her village had been boys, pigheaded and full of false bravado. 815 mots de plus


In search of the perfect rainbow pompom

Pompom making is often touted as a great craft for beginners, being fairly straightforward, quick and producing wonderfully squishable results. However, I have had several pompom-related dramas in recent years. 255 mots de plus


10 Things I Learned From Being a Team Player

In ninth grade I broke my dad’s heart when I decided to quit running track to join the JV pompon team. For those of you who aren’t from the Midwest, Pompon is a combination of cheer and dance with a focus of sharp movements and Rockettes style high kicks.  589 mots de plus