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Road House Turns 30

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the cinematic masterpiece Road House. A film about the world’s best bouncer — official job title: Cooler — hired to fix up a dive bar in Jasper, Missouri doesn’t sound like much. 3 139 mots de plus

Patrick Swayze

A Hero’s Journey…(or so I like to think)

I’m Jess and hopefully you’ll be here for the long haul because I’d like to try to be. If some of you have come from the Geeks of Nature audience thank you! 303 mots de plus


International audiences blown away by Kate Miller-Heidke: 9th place at Eurovision

Australian singer and all-round kookster Kate Miller-Heidke has placed ninth in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final.

Overnight in Tel Aviv, Israel, Kate took to the stage to perform her rousing, uplifting operatic pop song  146 mots de plus


Southern Charm Recap: 2018 - Less Hard On Craig

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for Southern Charm to come back. Like most of you, I’ve been scrounging through every news article and all the cast member’s instagrams for juicy tidbits over the last year. 1 913 mots de plus


A Shockingly Good Time with Nostalgia (Review of Detective Pikachu)

Author’s Note: OK…before I even get to the point of the movie I would just like to say, coming from a guy that grew up watching the series ever since it aired in the mid 90s and then not anticipating the worldwide impact that the franchise would have upon most of us (including myself), I would say that it’s safe to say that Pokémon has come a long way. 807 mots de plus


Hello, my name is Macy and I'm a polymath.

I’ve always had musings about starting a blog. I’ve played with it when I had an opinion about something like why people who think Ben Affleck is a good Batman are wrong or why I don’t understand why people think that giving teachers guns but not raises is a good idea. 733 mots de plus

Ben Affleck


Britney Spears has been all over the media lately, and it might seem to some people that 2007 is about to come back and repeat itself. 314 mots de plus

B Is Keeping Up