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Endust for Electronics LCD and Plasma Pop Up Wipes 70 CT - 11506

Antistatic Cleaning Wipes, Premoistened, 70/canister specially Formulated To Safely Clean Lcd And Plasma Screens this Item Is Expected To Deliver In 4-10 Business Days.
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WTF? - Micro Totrod

As motoring enthusiasts, it can be reasonable to assume that our childhoods were spent yearning to get behind the wheel of our very own vehicle. Browsing through the classified adverts at the local newsagent was our prompt for future aspirations and optimistic fantasies. 317 mots de plus



Genre: Pop, R&B, Contemporary R&B

Menurut Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia kata “anti” mempunyai makna melawan atau menentang dan kata tersebut dipakai Rihanna untuk menamakan album kedelapannya setelah album terakhirnya yang berjudul “Unapologetic” dirilis taun 2012. 631 mots de plus


Brent Pella - So Alone (The Anti-Valentine’s Day Song)

Artist: Brent Pella
title: So Alone (The Anti-Valentine’s Day Song)
keywords: pop, comedy, video,

“Hate Valentine’s Day? Let’s be lonely together!”

Brent Pella might be alone, but he is totally cool with it.

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Single in the Sanctuary - A Prayer for the Lone Ones on Valentine's Day

God of the broken hearts And the lonely souls, On this day reserved for those « loved » Those who seem so « whole » Give us the peace of knowing we are complete. 32 mots de plus


It's Ok to be a Loner

The new music video from my band, ‘Emergency Test Lab’:

audio only on soundcloud:

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B.J. Snowden - Valentine's Day

artist: B.J. Snowden
title: Valentine’s Day
keywords: pop, alternative, singer songwriter
artist website: http://www.bjsnowdenmusic.com/

In case you came here in the hope to avoid the happening named Valentines day, you’ll be at the wrong address; Valentines day has infected us too! 224 mots de plus