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Artist of the Week: The Millenium Interview

Music that falls more towards the pop end is something I usually avoid. It’s just something I never got fully into until now. That all changed when I heard our Artist of the Week, I first saw The Millenium play live at my college campus… 1 496 mots de plus

Artist Of The Week

Miley Cyrus - Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz

Miley Cyrus – Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz


Where we are, at any one given point, is an amalgamation of where we’ve been.  We are a construct of our family, our experiences, and our own peculiar inner monologue, which filters everything into a narrative by which we construct our own lives around.   843 mots de plus


Appreciating Tori Kelly

How refreshing it is to see a firm religious person like Tori Kelly – making her way in the music industry. I have appreciated Tori since Simon Cowell personally rejected her on the X Factor. 366 mots de plus

M.I.A. is Working with Skrillex on New Album

by Staff

Although details surrounding M.I.A. fifth studio album, which we think will be called MATAHDATAH, are scant we now have a clue as to who the rapper will be working with. 347 mots de plus


New Single : I'm Not A Pearl - Willam

« I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman » by Britney Spears is recarnate by Willam and is called « I’m Not A Pearl » from today on. 21 mots de plus


New Single : Tallest Girl / New Album : Do It For Love - Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon has a new Single about she is the « Tallest Girl »

Single is available at her upcoming Album « Do It For Love » 20 mots de plus



With a sound that’s full of youthful vitality and yet borne out of a bygone era, Corey Bowen is no ordinary proposition. An ode to late 1960’s psychadelic pop, Bowen’s first release combines oscillating guitar lines, laid-back drums and lilting organs. 125 mots de plus