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Is Joe the Biggest Faggot in the World?

by Matthew Gilligan

In this piece, I put forward the idea that Joe is the biggest faggot in the world. He is really really gay, is he not?


Nothing Like a Friend

When a small word appears in a song, innocent and straightforward, be alert to opportunity. Also watch out for Russian doll words: the tiny words that appear, then reappear, nestled within bigger, emotion-carrying words. 221 mots de plus

Sing Better English

Kizuru - Keep On Running (covering BroniKoni) | J-Rock

I’M STILL TRYING TO GET OVER HOW ADORABLE THIS IS. Back in 2014, a Russian Brony band called BroniKoni released a song called Keep On Running… 54 mots de plus

Solo Post

Jolly Llama sorbet pops!

Yum yum yum!!!! I tried the mango sorbet. GF, Non-GMO, and dairy free. 👍Very tasty and a smooth creamy texture. Only bummer is there are only four per box. 80kcal each.

From misery to happiness

Or, why I’m not ashamed of my love for the Proclaimers

It’s easy to forget that the Proclaimers had more than one song. Although ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ is indeed A Tune, it is one of very few songs by the Reid brothers that doesn’t make me want to stand on a table and sing at the top of my voice, and, in my opinion, does not deserve its position at the top of the Proclaimers’ most played list on Spotify. 945 mots de plus


Matt Wills - Wallflower

‘Wallflower’ is a piece of polished pop writing encased in a more broad, electronic soundscape. The single is taken from Wills’ upcoming debut album ‘Cigarettes & City Lights’  86 mots de plus