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Madonna: Lucky Star

When you think of 80s music and MTV videos, Madonna has to be there in the lineup. She set fashion trends: Little lace fingerless gloves, plastic and metal bangle bracelets, multiple necklaces, hair bows, layered crop shirts, leggings, granny boots, double-wrapped belts, huge earrings, big hair… she had everything. 96 mots de plus

Listen to Sia's New Track 'One Million Bullets'

By Amanda Wicks

Sia has released a new track, « One Million Bullets, » off her upcoming album This Is Acting today.

In the song, she confesses how much she’d be willing to take for her lover. 153 mots de plus


The Mute Shape of Exteriority: Jennifer Coates on Paul Gauguin

Man Ray, Untitled (Hat), 1933,  Photograph, 7 x 8.3 inches
Headdress Diagram

Freud wrote that hats are like sex organs – sometimes phallic, sometimes vaginal. If a man wears a brimmed hat with a sloping indentation that runs across the top (the Trilby hat, seen above in Man Ray’s 1933 photograph), he sports a symbol of female sexuality on his head. 918 mots de plus


Andrea Bocelli: My Christmas (Remastered)

Andrea Bocelli has a remastered version of his My Christmas album from 2009.

My Christmas (2015) – 14 songs, 54 min

Photo credit: My Christmas @ Amazon (album cover)


Guy Sebastian - Black And Blue (Video Premiere)

Just two weeks after Guy Sebastian released his brand new single, the singer has now unveiled the official video via his Facebook account. Check it out below:  35 mots de plus


Justin Bieber Buys Round of Shots and Makes Surprise Appearance with The Chainsmokers

By E. Parker

Justin Bieber crashed a bar popular with University of Southern California students the day after his absence at The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 232 mots de plus