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First of Many - Stephanie & Paul's Maui Couples Portraits

Looking for a little love and romance, Stephanie and Paul found their way to Maui where there’s an abundance of both in the air. Celebrating their one year anniversary, the glow emanating from them was one of pure joy and obvious adoration of one another. 142 mots de plus

Portraits of Stephanie Cao

From a photoshoot on November 4th, 2017, featuring Stephanie Cao and natural lighting with edits on Photoshop.


Faces in New and Old Places

Recently I found myself on the east side of Detroit to photograph artist James Oscar Lee. Amid dilapidated homes with caved-in roofs and boarded up windows is Lee’s studio and home—an old bank building with an ornate brick exterior. 465 mots de plus


Photography mixtape; Vol 2. First portraits

It’s been a about a month since I bought my camera, and it’s been great to indulge in a new hobby. I have been experimenting with many settings; namely shooting in RAW, white balance, aperture, shutter speed, and exposure compensation. 313 mots de plus


Stranger 25/100 – Jessica

I met our next stranger while she was taking a walk and getting out of the office for a while.

Meet Jessica.

Jessica graduated from University of North Florida two years ago and currently works as an HR Coordinator/Recruiter for a staffing firm. 280 mots de plus


Freedom of Self#2

I found myself in a love

distressed and stressed

that never rest,

yet a love nonetheless.

Summers come and go,

people, persons and time well spent… 35 mots de plus


Freedom of self #3

Behind a life of walls those who confines me,

I must learn to wait and apply

what real education does give and meant to receive… 11 mots de plus