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Commission: Mother-Daughter Portrait

I was contacted by a woman who wanted a portrait done for a friend who was getting married and had recently lost her mother. The portrait of the two of them together was to be displayed at her wedding and I was so touched to have a part in honoring the memory of someone who was very loved and will be terribly missed.


Portrait of Elana

Elena lived in Santa Barbara, California, USA. She was an assistant interior designer who worked for Hélène Aumont, the interior designer.

Elena’s favorite volleyball position was opposite. 34 mots de plus


Commission: "Ryan"

I met a woman at the Equestrian Festival awhile back and was asked to do a portrait from a photo she sent me. The reference photo had the man wearing a baseball hat, which didn’t really fit with the look we were going for, so I replaced the hat and removed the corral bars from the original photo as well. 43 mots de plus


Commission: Einstein

I met a couple at a local craft show who requested a portrait of Albert Einstein. This one was quite a challenge. For the hair, I needed to get the individual strands to show in order to get the realism I was going for, so I first sketched out the face and before beginning to shade I used a small metal point to « draw » in where the individual hair strands needed to be. 55 mots de plus


SKETCHBOOK: London's Senior Photos

We grabbed a few preliminary senior photos of my son London in the new Valley High School jerseys. The idea was to get him looking his most handsome, my concern, and to also look like a badass, his idea. 11 mots de plus

Life In Louisville

Event: Noir At The Bar Portraits

Noir At The Bar.

Or, as we like to say.

Noir @ The Bar.

I’ve written about it before. Once here (the first one in New Jersey!) Once here, … 651 mots de plus