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questa casa non è un albergo

Thanks Lily Clic for taking my portraits at Linas Tattoo Convention this weekend. 8 mots de plus


Types of Wedding Photography

If you are facing the busy days of wedding ceremony planning, it is critical to be prepared and know just what you want. From the marriage outfit to the reception, there is a lot to consider causeing this to be day a wish become a reality. 301 mots de plus


Mandala's photoshoot: First round

¡Empezamos la semana con muchísimas ganas de ver el lado bonito de la vida! ¿Qué mejor que bailarines haciendo lo que más les gusta? ¡Me encanta el resultado de la sesión realizada con la escuela de baile de… 189 mots de plus


February Face Off

This month has been about making faces using color pencil and ink. For it was a February when I first started making portraits in this style.  26 mots de plus


Muse Farewell

I made her portrait and discovered I knew nothing about light.

So I decided to learn and in that discovery, became an artist.

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