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Design Competition _ Group Task; Part II

So today, we had our second part from last Thursday’s ‘messy’ workshop. A lot less messier, we ‘played’ with type!

We basically aimed for a Poster which advertises ‘The Cass Show’. 148 mots de plus


DHM Partners With Jérémy Pailler For A Magical Take On Charles M Schulz's Halloween Classic

The holidays are a special time that bring family and friends together and evoke memories of our youth.  Halloween is a time of transformation.  From the weather, to the trees to the costumes we wear, and the shows we watch on TV, everything is changing.  396 mots de plus


Scientific posters needn't look like scientific posters

To allude to a StackExchange thread, The problem with scientific posters is that they look like scientific posters. Defining characteristics include a lack of whitespace, unattractive borders, poor colour use, and poor fonts use. 558 mots de plus



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Restraints not too tight
Enough give to let you wiggle… 47 mots de plus

Diva Leads

Perfume Advertisement

Our advert is conventional as it shows the product and it shows the audience of the product and the message its putting out with the product. 85 mots de plus


Cool Posters Thursday (10/19/2017): Iron Maiden

Big Iron Maiden fan.

I thought maybe this week we should put Eddie in the spotlight.

Here is the song that got me into them. 65 mots de plus


The Mist & 28 Days Later / posters

2 captivating posters for « The Mist« .

Thanks to Echosynthetic, who’s also a wonderful reviewer of various electronic music subgenres.

And one of my favourite movies ever, … 23 mots de plus

Non-review Posts & Movie GIFs