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Vintage French Advertising Art Poster Halle aux Chapeau

Vintage French Advertising Art Poster Halle aux Chapeau
Halle aux Chapeaux
Les plus Elegants pour
Hommes Dames & Enfants
Depuis 3F60
17, Rue de Bellville, Paris… 7 mots de plus



Do what you can with what you have

I should have listened

Maybe there’s another way maybe

I have blended three snaps of paste up posters I saw close to Bristol harbour and used the words for a short poem….. Enjoy….. Mitch

Mitch Hicks

Art for Book Lovers...

My home overflows with books…this art work would be a great accompaniment to my collection.

Posted by She Cleans 6 mots de plus


The Clouds are Missing

The clouds are missing
And the blue sky drips over the horizon
I try to hang missing posters
High enough for the birds to see… 76 mots de plus


Wicked Butterfly

The surface of his ass

looked like a ripe mango.

He flinched when he saw me raise my crop.

The hairs on his backside looked as prickly as a thistle. 110 mots de plus

Diva Leads

LA LA LAND - New poster

Here’s a new poster for La La Land. Out on December 16.